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White flowy tank SOLD to @fabicase

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White flowy tank SOLD to @fabicase

Longer on the sides. Tied the straps because it was too long but they can be untied.
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softball_loverI absolutely LOVE this!!! Could we make a deal?
Jan 21 08:34PM
melaneeshale@softball_lover Thanks! I can lower it if you really like it!
Jan 22 12:50AM
softball_loverWhat's the best you could do?
Jan 22 04:48AM
kristihLove! Will you please post the measurements?
Jan 22 10:44AM
softball_loverI have to have this. How low can u go
Jan 22 11:52AM
melaneeshale@softball_lover Great! I'll go down to $12
Jan 22 03:45PM
melaneeshale@kristih Not sure what the exact measurements are! I'll try to post tomorrow!
Jan 22 03:46PM
softball_loverI really like this top. Ill let h know by tomorrow evening.
Jan 22 04:26PM
lexialcala@melaneeshale can I see in hanger? I love this and would love to buy :)
Jan 22 04:34PM
cait_p1104Do you have Paypal?
Jan 22 07:56PM
melaneeshale@lexialcala I'll post a better pic on Friday!
Jan 23 10:12PM
melaneeshale@cait_p1104 I do but you pay through PoshMark
Jan 23 10:12PM
tmai1@melaneeshale would you still take $12 if I bought it now?
Jan 24 08:42AM
tngarrettIs this really one size fits all?
Jan 25 07:45PM
me1Show the back
Jan 25 08:11PM
fabicase@melaneeshale can you change the price to $12? I will purchase now, please let me know! Thank you!
Jan 25 08:14PM
amandat0711ill buy for $15 right now
Jan 26 11:34AM
fabicase@melaneeshale just checking to see if you still wanted to sell this. I'm interested in purchasing.
Jan 27 12:03PM
melaneeshale@fabicase yes!sorry for the delay! I won't go lower than $15 though!
Jan 27 12:26PM
melaneeshale@tngarrett yes! it's big on me that's why I had to tie the straps but they can be undone.
Jan 27 12:27PM
fabicase@melaneeshale can you change price and I will purchase now? 😊
Jan 27 12:27PM
melaneeshale@fabicase done!!!
Jan 27 03:19PM
fabicase@melaneeshale thanks girl!! Love your taste in clothes!
Jan 27 03:22PM
melaneeshale@fabicase thanks love! I'll mail it out tomorrow!!! Xo
Jan 27 03:47PM
jamieloveThis is so cute! I wish I got it before it was sold....
Feb 12 04:18PM
Apr 02 09:24AM

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