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Tieks. Bright pink, fabulous.

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Tieks. Bright pink, fabulous.

Tieks in bright pink. Soft leather, sassy awesomeness. Worn once. Comes with box & dust bag.
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amyrdh@girlsnyder are these a true 10?
Jan 08 05:12PM
girlsnyder@amyrdh yes they are. They so fun!
Jan 08 05:26PM
girlsnyder@amyrdh THEY ARE. Heh.
Jan 08 05:27PM
girlsnyder@katef Thank you again for the shares. It's been so busy!
Jan 11 11:24AM
ashleykbell@meesha83 OMG ❤️🎀
Jan 22 05:55PM
meesha83@ashleykbell sooo me!!! Lol... And so way too big lol
Jan 22 06:01PM
ashleykbell@meesha83 I know 😭
Jan 22 06:01PM
Jan 23 07:59PM
emmylalalaWish they were a 7 :(
Jan 25 08:18PM
lovelylupuslady@girlsnyder are you firm on your price or are you open to negotiations?
Jan 26 09:12PM
girlsnyder@lovelylupuslady on some things I'm very flexible. These however are brand new. I just paid $200 for them. Price is firm.
Jan 27 12:55PM
lovelylupuslady@girlsnyder I just thought I would ask and I'm sure they are worth it
Jan 27 01:01PM
inanciI wish these were size 6
Jan 27 04:49PM
denisebarrI wish they were a 6 too!!! These are the most comfortable shoes ever!!!
Feb 06 09:03AM
megmariet@girlsnyder I LOVE THESE wish they were my size!!
Feb 09 11:26AM
kassi23Omg!! I am obsessed with these!!
Feb 13 06:16PM
kassi23Do you have the little pouch and pant clips that come with them?
Feb 13 06:29PM
jaymeobAdorable! Love them I am a 9 9 1/2 these to big for me???
Feb 18 05:08AM
girlsnyder@kassi23 I have everything that came with them but these didn't come with "pant clips". Box, pouch & flower band.
Feb 18 06:30AM
girlsnyder@kassi23 oh. Maybe I do have clips. I'll look.
Feb 18 06:32AM
jaymeobDo you take PP? I am interested but Im in between sizes?!?
Feb 18 07:42AM
girlsnyder@jaymeob I wear a 91/2 in most shoes & these fit great. I can't tell you if they will fit you. Sorry.
Feb 18 07:55AM
jaymeob@girlsnyder I no I just bought 9 1/2 Tory burch flats!!! And these shoes don't have half sizes :/ so I'm in a pickle lol do I buy these 10s or do I get a 9!!!
Feb 18 07:58AM
kassi23Ok, that's cool. The little clear clips were just a bonus. Just wanted to check. I got permission from my hubby to get these since I've been drooling over them for like a week or more! Yay!!
Feb 18 08:13AM
girlsnyder@kassi23 I'll check the box... If they came with the shoes, I probably have them. Thanks for shopping!! I'll ship tomorrow.
Feb 18 08:22AM
kassi23I'm so bummed that you cancelled the order :( Did you realize how amazing they were?
Feb 20 05:26AM
girlsnyder@kassi23 I'm so sorry! I can't find one of the shoes. I've just moved & it's got to be on a box or tucked somewhere. I looked in eBay to see if there were any more I could point you to... When I find it, I'll tag you. I am so so sorry.
Feb 20 06:02AM
jessiem@kassi23 just wanted to let you know that I just put up a pair of black sized 10 tieks if you are still looking for some :)
Mar 28 06:03AM
artmamaDo you still have these for sale? Thanks!
Apr 04 10:33PM
taram2507If u find these and the original buyer isn't interested, let me know!
Mar 15 06:41PM
taram2507I have some size 10 red tieks for sale if anyone is interested! I hope u don't mind me advertising on this listing! Just trying to reach some tieks lovers because I know these shoes don't show up on here often ;)
Feb 16 05:02PM
loubouaddictDo you still have the red 10 @taram2507?
Mar 09 12:11PM
taram2507@loubouaddict no I'm sorry they sold
Mar 09 12:13PM

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