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7FAM booties & VS capris!

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7FAM booties & VS capris!

Worn twice, leather and elastic peep toe booties! Surprisingly super comfy! Heel is 5 inches. Can add more photos if needed! price dropped 8/6
Seller Discount: 15% off 2+ Bundle
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kt_cramer@thersvpgallery @chuy85 interested?!
Jan 06 01:30PM
jjnya09How tall is the heel?
Jan 07 01:02AM
kt_cramer@jjnya09 5 inches of fierceness!
Jan 07 07:31AM
jjnya09Very pretty but to high for me! Thx for responding.
Jan 07 07:56AM
kt_cramer@danap0115 interested??
Jan 12 10:11AM
danap0115I love these!!!! But they are too big :(
Jan 12 02:35PM
bactor23sgirl@kt_cramer hot!
Jan 14 04:16PM
amberreneeSo cute!
Jan 24 10:40AM
nemonBeautiful ... Wish it was my size!
Jan 24 06:26PM
adored26I wear a 9 but scared they may be too big...
Jan 26 04:58PM
kt_cramer@adored26 eek 😁i dont know what to say! But i think i am a 9.5 always now. But at least you are like stuck in there lol your foot is totally secure in those straps! Haha
Jan 26 05:00PM
jamie08I love your closet!!! Do you ever trade?
Jan 26 11:27PM
kt_cramer@jamie08 thank you!! I don't do trades, just bundles :)
Jan 26 11:29PM
jsullyI own these and they are made from the softest leather I have ever felt. Great shoes!!
Jan 29 08:49AM
astrofchanelleCheck out my closet! Lots of new items. Clothes, wallets, shoes, jewelry, etc. 😊
Jan 30 03:29PM
kt_cramer@astrofchanelle please don't spam on my closet, thank you! :)
Jan 30 03:29PM
astrofchanelleI like ur shoes
Jan 30 03:32PM
kt_cramer@astrofchanelle thank you :) i offer bundles if you like (or are same size! lol)
Jan 30 03:34PM
astrofchanelleI'm same size!
Jan 30 03:35PM
kt_cramer@astofchanelle omg finally! haha i haven't found many size 9-10 girls on here! lol
Jan 30 03:43PM
deryaguvenCheck out my closet please! I'm new on here!! 😊
Jan 30 03:44PM
brittany88If only it was my size. I wear a size 7.5 :(
Jan 30 04:17PM
kylarea@kt_cramer what's the best price you can do? I love these!!
Feb 01 12:12PM
kt_cramer@kylarea make me an offer! would you buy today? i can run home & grab them to mail out :)
Feb 01 12:13PM
kylarea@kt_cramer do you have more pictures? The bottoms please and on the right shoe, right side under the black elastic it looks like the leather is torn, can you take a close up picture please?
Feb 01 12:14PM
kt_cramer@kylarea headed home now for lunch so give me like 20 min
Feb 01 12:17PM
kylarea@kt_cramer perfect! Just tag me.
Feb 01 12:18PM
kt_cramer@kylarea just changed up the photos!
Feb 01 12:45PM
kylarea@kt_cramer thank you! Any stains on the leather?
Feb 01 12:47PM
kt_cramer@kylarea nope 😊i only wore them out to dinner twice- i can hardly walk in heels lol so used them for "sitting" situations
Feb 01 12:48PM
kylarea@kt_cramer hahahahha I know what you mean I have a bad knee but torture myself with heels. Thanks for all the pics I will get back to you. What is your bottom line?
Feb 01 12:49PM
kt_cramer@kylarea $115 😊should i take them back to work with me??
Feb 01 12:51PM
kylarea@kt_cramer I'm going to think about them. I hate to spend that much on shoes and they not fit or not be worn... That's why I'm ok here selling I buy everything!!!
Feb 01 12:53PM
kt_cramer@kylarea totally! I bought some boots on here that dont fit! I need to resell them asap lol😜
Feb 01 12:58PM
kt_cramer@puddin82 i have these
Feb 05 12:19PM
epiphany7Why sooo high $$$$
Feb 07 08:52PM
jewelm05Do these run narrow or would they for a wider foot?
Feb 09 03:20PM
kt_cramer@jewelm05 i have a wide foot & these babies fit! 😊
Feb 09 03:22PM
kt_cramer@jewelm05 want me to try them on? I did just get a pedi lol
Feb 09 06:36PM
jewelm05No, it's okay! I love them but would hate to get them and have them not fit :( plus, I don't know how I would do with a 5" heel! Very pretty shoes though!
Feb 09 07:48PM
kt_cramer@cailaray interested?!
Feb 10 08:46PM
kt_cramer@tatumturner @starglo interested?!
Feb 10 09:10PM
stargloI would be but I'm an 8! I was just admiring!
Feb 10 09:56PM
sterlinglife3I wish these were size 7!!!!
Feb 13 07:09AM
kt_cramer@sassywear interested?!
Feb 15 03:54PM
roachlamberUgh! Just my size but idk if I could do a 5in heel due to having a knee of a 90 year old but I love love LOVE these!!
Feb 16 05:20PM
kt_cramer@roachlamber haha well you never know till you try! or be like me & wear them to events where you are sitting lol
Feb 16 05:23PM
roachlamber@kt_cramer I know but I would hate to spend this kinda cash just to "try" ya know... More than likely if these are still here when my tax check comes in ill prolly HAVE to buy these... They are just ADORABLE!! We will see!
Feb 17 06:21PM
kt_cramer@arianamirazimi interested? 😊
Feb 18 01:38PM
arianamirazimiVery! But I can't go any higher than 45 unfortunately. Great shoes though!
Feb 18 01:42PM
jennastruttCute! Wish they were my size!
Feb 22 12:23PM
Feb 27 03:36PM
e_veLove these, can you post a picture with them on, I am usually a 9 but been fitting in 9 1/2 lately, are they tight for you if you are usually a 10?
Feb 28 09:12PM
kt_cramer@e_ve well I should update this, I've only been fitting inton9.5 for about a year now. Kinda crazy
Feb 28 09:22PM
kt_cramer@e_ve let me know if you like, I can ship out tmwr!!
Feb 28 09:36PM
kt_cramer@lindsayloves interested?! 🎀
Mar 11 06:58AM
kt_cramer@stephisanchez interested?!
Mar 19 09:37PM
kt_cramer@tianachaneln interested?!
Mar 19 09:37PM
kt_cramer@reanette interested?
Mar 20 04:15PM
lcirrintanoCan you post a picture of them on??
Mar 21 05:14PM
kt_cramer@lcirrintano sorry had ppl over last night! Ill take one tonight after work! 🎀
Mar 22 08:01AM
kt_cramer@nikkinyc19 interested?!
Mar 30 09:35PM
nikkinyc19@kt_cramer they are cute! I wear a 5.5 so these would be too big. :)
Mar 30 09:38PM
kt_cramer@aimhighnow interested?! 😊
Apr 25 06:56PM
kt_cramer@frankid interested?!
Jun 05 10:46AM
heavenlysweet54OMG gorgeous, sad not my size. Thanks
Jun 12 09:35PM
gordomomLovely picks! Hope you had a blast!! 🎉🎈💝
Jun 13 09:14PM
kt_cramer@stylewarrior interested?!
Jun 16 08:40AM
kt_cramer@yoooooaaa interested!
Jul 02 10:37AM
kt_cramer@waynetta_m interested?!
Jul 08 11:38PM
kt_cramer@dharari interested?
Jul 28 08:42AM
kt_cramer@lcirrintano just dropped the price if you're still interested!!!
Aug 06 08:44AM
kt_cramer@jessicacain2 interested?! Just dropped the price today!!
Aug 06 07:00PM
jessicacain2I wish. Not my size unfortunately!
Aug 06 07:52PM
kt_cramer@purelyadorkable interested?!
Aug 06 11:25PM
kt_cramer@e_ve @astrofchanelle @kylarea hey ladies! I just did a majjjorrr price drop if youre still interested in these beauties! 😘
Aug 07 08:39AM
katiemay1013This is your lowest?
Aug 07 10:48AM
kt_cramer@katiemay1013 absolute lowest! The were so expensive and only worn the one time to a dinner
Aug 07 10:50AM
katiemay1013So this and the maxi dress would be bundled at what price if all three were 140
Aug 07 10:54AM
kt_cramer@katiemay1013 just heels & maxi dress??
Aug 07 10:55AM
katiemay1013Yes. I really like the lc but I'm worried about the length. Is it knee length? What would the price be for the two compared to the 140 with the lc dress.
Aug 07 10:57AM
kt_cramer@katiemay1013 it would be $120 for the shoes & maxi
Aug 07 10:59AM
kt_cramer@katiemay1013 lc dress is meant to hit mid thigh
Aug 07 10:59AM
kt_cramer@katiemay1013 thoughts? Im wrapping stuff up for the post office now 😉
Aug 07 11:22AM
2cute2bannWill u reduce ?
Aug 07 11:54AM
kt_cramer@2cute2bann these were just reduced from $115 yesterday, so the price is firm ❤
Aug 07 11:55AM
katiemay1013I'm so sorry I fell asleep! I'm fighting a bug. Have you already left???
Aug 07 12:26PM
kt_cramer@katiemay1013 price & title is updated
Aug 07 01:41PM

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