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Rebecca Minkoff 'Moonstruck' Spiked Bag

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Rebecca Minkoff 'Moonstruck' Spiked BagNWT

Cone studs add updated edge to a slouchy leather shoulder bag furnished with a studded shoulder strap by Rebecca Minkoff. Brand New. Perfect Condition.
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lorigallowayLOVE this!!!
Jan 09 07:51PM
chellmerloWould you do 350??
Jan 10 10:56PM
bossyjocey@chellmerlo that's a little low. I would go down to 385
Jan 10 11:03PM
chellmerloOkay I might be able to do that ill let you know tomorrow!!
Jan 10 11:24PM
bossyjocey@chellmerlo okay love :)
Jan 10 11:25PM
Jan 17 02:32PM
ajackson59405Super cute!!
Jan 18 07:48PM
rusandjenDoes this come with dust bag?
Jan 26 03:59PM
bossyjocey@rusandjen yes it does :)
Jan 26 04:02PM
Jan 27 04:09PM
bossyjocey@kendahl not interested in trading. Thank u tho :)
Jan 27 04:09PM
Jan 29 09:48AM
chrisann0615Still available
Jan 30 02:44PM
bossyjocey@chrisann0615 yes
Jan 30 02:56PM
chrisann0615Why are my taxes not here right his second!!! I want this!!!! If its still available next week I want it!!
Jan 30 02:59PM
bossyjocey@chrisann0615 lol ok hun no prob. Just let me know :)
Jan 30 04:15PM
ittybittyriddlethank you very much for the shares! :)
Feb 01 06:50PM
chrisann0615Does this have a long strap as well?
Feb 02 10:42AM
bossyjocey@chrisann0615 yes. It has a shoulder strap as well
Feb 02 10:44AM
jess5tarWhat will it take to reserve this??
Feb 02 07:59PM
bossyjocey@jess5tar how long do you need it reserved?
Feb 02 08:04PM
jess5tarA week?
Feb 02 08:07PM
bossyjocey@jess5tar ok love no prob :)
Feb 02 08:23PM
emilybaigentCheck out my closet!
Feb 02 08:25PM
jess5tarEeeekkkkk!!! Thank you!
Feb 02 08:26PM
chrisann0615I could cry!!!
Feb 02 08:40PM
chrisann0615If this sell or you trade your mind about reserving let me know. I'll pay more then what your asking. I'm obsessed with this bag!
Feb 03 07:59AM
bossyjocey@chrisann0615 I'm sorry hun when are you gonna be ready to purchase
Feb 03 10:00AM
Feb 03 10:08AM
bossyjocey@chrisann0615 tag me when you're ready hun
Feb 03 10:15AM
jess5tarGo ahead & sale the bag. Something's come up & I can't purchase at the moment :( thank you so much for reserving it. I apologize for the inconvenience.
Feb 05 06:35PM
chrisann0615I'm ready to purchase if this is available!?
Feb 06 04:25AM
Feb 06 10:38AM
bossyjocey@chrisann0615 I'm sorry babe I just saw your comment. It's all yours! 😁👏👏
Feb 06 12:09PM
chrisann0615$429 is your bottom price?
Feb 06 02:28PM
bossyjocey@chrisann0615 I can do $400?
Feb 06 03:22PM
chrisann0615Sounds good. Let me know when you're ready and ill pay! 😃
Feb 06 03:23PM
bossyjocey@chrisann0615 go for it love 😘
Feb 06 03:30PM
chrisann0615Done sweetie! When will you be able to ship!?
Feb 06 03:31PM
bossyjocey@chrisann0615 I'll ship it first thing Tom :)
Feb 06 03:31PM
chrisann0615Yay!!! Thanks soooo much
Feb 06 03:32PM
bossyjocey@chrisann0615 you're more than welcome. I'm going to put it inside the duster when I ship! :)
Feb 06 03:33PM
chrisann0615Perfect! Now I need to find a wallet. Lol
Feb 06 03:43PM
bossyjocey@chrisann0615 lol!! I'll tag u if I find anything cute :)
Feb 06 03:44PM
chrisann0615Perfect thanks!!
Feb 06 03:44PM
chrisann0615Got this today! LOOOOVE it! Thanks so much!!!
Feb 09 10:37AM
bossyjocey@chrisann0615 yay!!! So glad! Enjoy it love!
Feb 09 10:49AM
mandyrogers81So sad it's sold:(
Feb 20 09:11PM
mandyrogers81Do u know where I could find this bag?? I am in love☺☺☺
Feb 21 07:31PM

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