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Gold Watch

Gold menswear inspired watch. Comes with 4 extra links.
Seller Discount: 10% off 2+ Bundle
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
Buyer Protection & Refund Policy
allglammedup@halescomet hey! Interested?
Dec 28 10:16AM
halescometCan I see it on? What condition is it in?
Dec 28 03:30PM
allglammedup@halescomet just added a couple new pictures! It's in pretty good condition. A couple scratches on the back, but nothing really noticeable.
Dec 28 03:39PM
halescometThanks for the new pics, I really like it. 😀Let me think about it
Dec 28 03:48PM
allglammedup@brittanhere hey! Interested in anything? I do discounted bundles!
Jan 02 08:53AM
brittanhereI'm looking at this and the vgoss jeans so far :)
Jan 02 09:15AM
allglammedup@brittanhere ok cool!
Jan 02 09:17AM
brittanhere*vigoss- hahah iphone faux pas. We also wear the same size shoes, I see. I'm hunting for wetlook or faux leather leggings. So I'll let you know what I settle on!
Jan 02 09:20AM
allglammedup@brittanhere ok sounds good!
Jan 02 09:21AM
brittanhereWhat could you do for this and the jeans? :)
Jan 06 10:51PM
allglammedup@brittanhere I can do $32
Jan 06 11:29PM
brittanhereDo you do anything different to pay through pp? I know some sellers do but to be honest I've not sold through here only bought so I don't know why :D
Jan 06 11:37PM
allglammedup@brittanhere no, PayPal is against Poshmark's policy
Jan 06 11:39PM
brittanhereAh, I see I had no idea. I'll kick that price around and get back to you! I kinda like that black full skirt too- do you think it would be very short on a 5'10" girl?
Jan 06 11:43PM
allglammedup@brittanhere ok sounds good! And yeah, I'm 5'7" and it's pretty short on me
Jan 08 09:45AM
proggy143@allglammedup is this still available??
Jan 30 02:18PM
allglammedup@proggy143 yupp!
Jan 30 09:05PM
Jan 31 05:05AM
proggy143@allglammedup would u take any less for this??
Feb 02 03:30PM
allglammedup@proggy143 I can do $15
Feb 02 03:32PM
proggy143@allglammedup do u have any other items to post that u haven't uploaded yet? I'd like to buy this watch at the $15 u quoted me if u wanna change the price but would love to bundle if u have other items u r posting,let me know. ;-) thx
Feb 03 04:20PM
allglammedup@proggy143 yeah, I do have some other things, but I'm not sure when I'll have time to post them :\
Feb 03 04:44PM
proggy143@allglammedup well what kind of other things do u have that u haven't posted??
Feb 03 04:58PM
proggy143@allglammedup can u go ahead and change the price so I can purchase?
Feb 03 06:10PM
allglammedup@proggy143 ok
Feb 03 06:11PM
proggy143@allglammedup just loved this watch! Couldn't get over how much I loved it ;-) can't wait to get it
Feb 03 06:30PM
allglammedup@proggy143 haha awesome :) I'll send it tomorrow!
Feb 03 09:01PM
proggy143@allglammedup not sure if my apartments r sending back the item to y'all!?? Soooo mad,they said they may have sent it back cause the item was sent to an unknown name Rosie Mnerd which is me. I really want this item so not sure the steps to take in order to have it sent back to me if they did indeed send it back to u. It was supposed to b delivered today,soooo upset ;-(
Feb 07 01:00PM
proggy143@allglammedup gonna check with another leasing agent tomorrow to make sure if it was actually sent back in actuality or not,this leasing agent wAsn't very nice ;-(
Feb 07 01:07PM
allglammedup@proggy143 oh my gosh! I'm so sorry :\ let me know what happens!
Feb 07 01:08PM
proggy143@allglammedup will give u a heads up tomorrow after we check again hopefully with a nicer agent ;-(
Feb 07 01:12PM
proggy143@allglammedup I told u that lady was just being mean!! I had my roommate go this morning and there it was ;-) releasing the funds now&i love the watch by the way,it's beautiful ;-)
Feb 08 07:24AM
allglammedup@proggy143 yay!! :)
Feb 08 07:25AM
karisreneeLove this!! Please let me know if you get another !!✨✨✨
Feb 22 06:58PM

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