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🚫BUNDLE🚫L.A.M.B. wrap & Jee Vice sunnies.

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🚫BUNDLE🚫L.A.M.B. wrap & Jee Vice sunnies.

L.A.M.B. cashmere wrap sweater with henna detail. Beautiful, soft, amazing.
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phoebescloset11I love this too! UGH! Stop posting stuff. 😜
Dec 28 01:31PM
girlsnyder@phoebescloset11 this sweater is awesome. I'm def not in a rush to sell!
Dec 28 02:05PM
lademedicLove, but I can't afford it :)
Dec 31 07:12PM
erossonIs this 100% cashmere?
Jan 07 08:09PM
girlsnyder@erosson yes.
Jan 07 08:14PM
girlsnyder@erosson sorry I just looked & it's silk/wool/cashmere.
Jan 07 08:16PM
Jan 11 11:16AM
dona1922I'm in love with this
Jan 12 05:34PM
studioposhSuper pretty but is probably too small.
Jan 12 05:50PM
Jan 12 10:47PM
krishosman@ttrust i want this!
Jan 15 08:22AM
girlsnyder@krishosman I'll trade for your coach bag :)
Jan 15 10:15AM
courtshipsLove it
Jan 15 11:41AM
krishosman@girlsnyder hmm let me think about it, if you throw in something else to even it out lets do it!
Jan 15 11:58AM
girlsnyder@krishosman I'm totally into "throwing something else in" !!! Can u pick something out? In the $75-$100 range?
Jan 15 12:42PM
krishosman@girlsnyder let me look
Jan 15 12:44PM
krishosmanOh hey I've got another coach purse I'm gonna get rid want a first look? Lol
Jan 15 12:56PM
girlsnyder@krishosman sure!
Jan 15 01:09PM
krishosmanStill love this! 😄😄😄
Jan 25 01:50AM
kylee24Is this sweater still available?
Jan 25 04:04PM
kylee24Would you take $100?
Jan 25 04:04PM
girlsnyder@kylee24 I'm sorry, no. The sweater was $500.
Jan 25 04:40PM
Feb 02 04:39PM
thetiffDo you still have it?
Feb 10 12:26AM
girlsnyder@thetiff yes :)
Feb 10 12:27AM
jnewgardenCan this hang in the front open or does it look better wrapped?
Feb 20 05:45PM
girlsnyder@jnewgarden you can wear it either way.
Feb 21 07:42AM
ajr5192I would love to bundle this with the Jee Vice sunglasses! Let me know!! Thx
Feb 22 07:05AM
girlsnyder@ajr5192 $225 for both.
Feb 22 07:43AM
ajr5192Sounds good- post it, and I'll buy it now! Thx
Feb 22 07:46AM
girlsnyder@ajr5192 👆👆
Feb 22 08:06AM
girlsnyder@ajr5192 great! The LAMB wrap us freshly dry cleaned. These will ship tomorrow when I'm home!! Thank you!
Feb 22 08:29AM
girlsnyder@ajr5192 I am so embarrassed but this sweater was badly damaged at the dry cleaner. It's beyond repair & I have to open a case :( I'm going to cancel the order but want to know if you'd still like the sunglasses? I'll give them to you for $45.
Feb 23 08:34AM
ajr5192Thats OK. Ill take the sunglasses still
Feb 23 08:38AM
girlsnyder@ajr5192 awesome. I'll cancel this & set up the sunglasses. I'm terribly sorry. That was an awesome sweater. One sleeve is partially shredded.
Feb 23 08:39AM
ajr5192Thats really too bad. No worries on my behalf.
Feb 23 08:40AM
girlsnyder@ajr5192 honestly it's a fucking tragedy & I'm so angry I could burst.
Feb 23 08:42AM
girlsnyder@ajr5192 that was a bit dramatic
Feb 23 08:43AM

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