LD Tuttle Shoes - SOLD!!!Open Toe Wrapped Ankle Booties

SOLD!!!Open Toe Wrapped Ankle Booties

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SOLD!!!Open Toe Wrapped Ankle Booties

Very cute and comfortable open toe booties.
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
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thanhmaitrangLove the boot, but it's a size too big for me.
Dec 29 12:34AM
kris10lawAahh too big but I lUv em!
Dec 29 09:29PM
pattyp72My size and my style!!! Any lower $$$? ๐Ÿ˜•
Jan 20 11:34AM
stylistblake@pattyp72 this is lowest!
Jan 20 03:07PM
pattyp72Ok thanks ๐Ÿ˜€keeping it in my likes hopefully still here when I'm able to purchase them ๐Ÿ˜
Jan 20 05:18PM
am0806Can you tell me what they're made with, suede, leather etc.? Thx!
Jan 23 11:48PM
stylistblake@am0806 hi they are 100% leather, no suede
Jan 24 04:20AM
christinea17hi can you email me more info please?
Feb 11 10:22PM
stylistblake@christinea17 what kind of info? why would I email u?
Feb 12 11:26AM
christinea17oh sorry i am new to this site.
Feb 12 01:41PM
cerrissa@ashrussell are these true to size I usually am a 7
Feb 17 11:21PM
stylistblake@cerrissa yes tts
Feb 18 05:21AM
danaharper2Could you bundle these, the set of two studded bracelets and in your silk print too I'm a 36' chest - think it would fit? No is a fine answer. You look much more dainty than I am!!
Mar 08 03:01PM
danaharper2*meant ON your silk top. Stupid auto text.
Mar 08 03:02PM
stylistblake@danaharper2 hi, which silk top exactly?
Mar 08 04:51PM
danaharper2Burning torch.
Mar 08 04:53PM
stylistblake@danaharper2 yea that top should fit bc it it is a stretchy silk and a little roomy on me. it's really adorable. let me know if u want me to bundle I can take a little off for those 3 items together but not that much bc I already have them priced pretty low.
Mar 08 05:26PM
danaharper2Ok let's do it!
Mar 08 05:33PM
danaharper2Actually are your black hunter wellies still on offer? We're back to the uk this summer and I'm bored of my green ones.
Mar 08 05:41PM
stylistblake@danaharper2 those hunter boots sold
Mar 08 07:22PM
danaharper2Just the other three then?
Mar 08 07:22PM
stylistblake@danaharper2 I can do $120 for those 3. let me know if that is acceptable and I will make u a bundle and tag u.
Mar 08 07:25PM
danaharper2It is.
Mar 08 07:29PM
danaharper2Hope you are well girl. Getting lots of compliments on these!
Apr 13 06:16AM
stylistblake@danaharper2 oh good! :)
Apr 13 06:36AM
alexislovebeeLove!! @amandamarino total killer closet
Jan 16 11:32AM

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