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Christian Louboutin Glitter Pumps

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Christian Louboutin Glitter Pumps

Simply gorgeous 5 inch glitter heels. They have only been worn once, to the Glamour Women of the Year Awards in NYC. Please note they are authentic loubies :)
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
Authentication: Free above $500
Buyer Protection & Refund Policy
tiffwill@pm_editor I'm new to the app but want to blast out I have Loubie's for sale. How do I get the word out to all the poshers?
Dec 15 06:35AM
elhamnejadIll take these for $500 with Paypal if u have proof it's authentic when u respond make sure u add @myname so I get it
Dec 15 08:08AM
lolasmommie@tiffwill LOVE these wish they were an 8 😓
Dec 15 06:12PM
jenyang61These are beautiful!!! I wish I can get them 😔
Dec 16 01:30AM
tiffwill@elhamnejad no idea how to prove they're real. But tell me how and I will :) Also I can't go less than 600 & I prefer to do it via the site
Dec 16 07:12PM
ahlamjerai@tiffwill trade?
Dec 23 08:19AM
jenyang61These r true to size?
Dec 24 11:00AM
kduncDo you have a receipt or anything to prove authenticity?
Jan 02 04:04PM
kduncAre these still available?
Jan 03 11:14AM
jenyang61Do u have dust bag n can u model it?
Jan 08 12:30AM
kdunc@tiffwill are these still available. I'm very interested
Jan 08 07:35AM
tiffwill@kdunc they are still avails. I don't know how else to prove authenticity. When purchased, I didn't think I'd ever sell so I didn't keep a receipt.
Jan 12 07:51AM
kdunc@tiffwill what is the lowest you will take. I love these!
Jan 12 08:04AM
tiffwill@jenyang61 I can't find the dust bag but Ill keep digging around. I can model them later today, but only if you're serious Abt buying
Jan 12 08:05AM
kduncI am very serious. I would like to have the dust bags, but I have puts hold on all purchases for these haha
Jan 12 08:54AM
jenyang61Are they true 6.5?
Jan 12 03:19PM
kdunc@tiffwill can you post pics or the soles and instep please.
Jan 12 04:23PM
tiffwill@jenyang61 they are a 7. I think they fit kind of tight. Btw: went into my closet & found the dust bag for the shoes. Amazing
Jan 12 07:39PM
tiffwill@kdunc yes. I'll have pics posted tomorrow.
Jan 12 07:45PM
jenyang61Sorry, I meant I'm a 6.5. What size do u normally wear? I don't think these would work if they fit don't fit perfect..
Jan 12 07:46PM
kduncThank you!!!
Jan 12 07:50PM
kdunc@tiffwill I am very ready to make a purchase and these are the ones I want, however I want to see the logo on the bottom. Please post this pic if you are still wanting to sell these. Thanks
Jan 16 05:00AM
Jan 23 07:29AM
hayle417How snug are these? Would they fit a normal size 6? 🙏
Jan 26 12:56AM
kdunc@tiffwill can you email me the pic of the logo on the bottom? I have a couple of events coming up and I would really like these shoes to wear.
Jan 26 09:26PM
hanayun01Would you sale these for 300?
Feb 09 02:25AM
Feb 09 10:17PM
xvictoriuhxWould you please post more photos as well as the name of the shoe / style . Thanks
Feb 12 08:47AM
ilanabrit24Trade?:) check out my closet !
Feb 13 02:56PM
daflaz000@kdunc I have a size 7 Christian Louboutin's in my closet, check it out! 😃
Feb 18 10:24PM
gelly_steezWould want to do any trades? Trade + cash? Let me know :) if not, let me know what your last price is and I've got cash in hand :)
Feb 27 03:34PM
erozwoodI'm a six. This is sad.
Mar 04 07:35PM
sonya1113Hey I'll trade u for anything in my closet. All brand name stuff. Check it out
Mar 16 11:01AM
shoplivelove350 pp?
May 22 09:45PM
tiffwill@kdunc sorry I went MIA. This app wasn't sending notifications to my phone. If you're still interested I can send whatever pics you need
Jul 09 05:20AM
kdunc@tiffwill can you send me a pic of the logo on the sole.
Jul 09 05:22AM

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