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RESERVED Sequins + Chevrons = Ultimate Party Dress

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RESERVED Sequins + Chevrons = Ultimate Party Dress

Hi everyone! I wore this gem once for the #poshmarkturns1 birthday party. If you're looking for the ultimate Party dress, score this one for a discount! The hem zigzags and there is a subtle chevron pattern in the sequins. It's flapper-esque in fit so it drapes a bit loosely and the beaded fringes'flap' around while you're dancing! Woohoo!!! First 3 pics c/o shopbop.
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tracyAlso a shout out to @maria @triplyksis @fashionableeme in the covershot pic. Xo ladies!
Dec 12 01:04PM
mariaSO gorgeous.
Dec 12 01:05PM
fashionableemeLOVE!! This dress is beyond amazing!!
Dec 12 01:06PM
Dec 12 01:27PM
tcwilliams1365Really cute
Dec 12 03:38PM
enigma❄Wow wow wow❄
Dec 12 07:42PM
kbolenLOVE this dress! Wish I had somewhere to wear it : )
Dec 12 08:16PM
hotredfashionso lovely
Dec 12 08:23PM
lorigallowayLOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! 😍😍😍
Dec 12 10:06PM
ashleedawnWho ever scores this dress is going to be one lucky lady. It's even more fabulous in person!
Dec 12 11:20PM
bananniekinsThis dress looked amazing on you @tracy!! ;)
Dec 12 11:34PM
courtshipsBest, Dress Ever.
Dec 13 04:21AM
tracyThanks @bananniekins ! I think YOU are amazing!
Dec 13 11:20AM
bananniekins@tracy - Awww..that's it. Next time I see you I'm going to give you bombard you with hugs! ;)
Dec 13 11:26AM
tracy@bananniekins open arms! :)
Dec 13 11:47AM
bananniekins@tracy - Oopsies, I meant 'give you kisses and bombard you with hugs!' :) Someone will snatch this up quick. Beautiful dress and such a great deal!
Dec 13 12:01PM
Dec 15 01:28PM
katjoGorgeous!!!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ
Dec 15 08:20PM
randileigh1000@tracy who's closet is the dress in the picture for this party? The black almost backless dress...
Dec 16 07:59PM
bloklovelaceAmazing every time I see this!!
Dec 16 08:37PM
mcnubbinSoo amazing!!
Dec 18 09:46PM
courtshipsDo you trade?
Dec 18 10:39PM
tracy@courtships no trades, sorry.
Dec 20 08:57AM
Dec 21 07:40PM
katjoHi Tracy. Just wanted to wish you a very Happy Holiday!πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸŽπŸ˜ƒ
Dec 23 05:59PM
tracyThanks @katjo ! Happy holidays to you too!
Dec 24 10:44PM
katjoThank you TracyπŸŽ„πŸ˜Šβ€
Dec 24 10:46PM
Dec 26 07:37PM
abstractdreamsYou girls look so cute!! 😍
Dec 27 05:24PM
gjs42Happy B-day postmark ' we love u !!!πŸ‘œπŸ‘ πŸ’πŸ’‹πŸ‘—πŸ’
Dec 29 08:59PM
golyndseyWISH this were my size!!!!! Love love love!!! ❀❀❀
Dec 30 02:44PM
tamysue@tracy - love the dress! What size shoe do you wear ? Sure u don't want to trade it for a new Coach bag and a pr of black leather Victoria Secret over the knee boots?
Jan 04 04:31PM
tracy@tamysue not interested in trades, thanks!
Jan 05 03:23PM
superstylinThe dress is a stunner. Looked fantastic on you @tracy.
Jan 06 10:16PM
esmeralda166im interested
Jan 07 03:25AM
iamevie2@tracy πŸ’thanks for the shares πŸ’
Jan 07 06:35PM
fashionshow1This dress is absolutely stunning! Wish it was my size!!! Too bad!
Jan 08 01:17PM
nayan911This dress is so awesome! The reason I am writing you is to see how to make sure my sharing with the party is getting posted. I never see my postings. Is it because there are so many at the same time? Do you need to post constantly? I saw some sellers on there many times and none of mine. Just curious as I want to maximize my exposure!
Jan 08 02:13PM
tracy@nayan911 hi there! Our eve parties are very popular so it could just be that the party feed is moving so fast you can't find your listing. To get more exposure try listing at the morning or afternoon parties. These have less listings because they have more specific themes. Finally, engage with the community and share listings you love. You get exposure everytime someone shares your listing. Good luck!
Jan 08 05:38PM
indunakreweDo posh sell men clothes and belts?
Jan 10 05:48PM
tracy@indunakrewe Right now PM is womens only! :)
Jan 11 06:03PM
lindec25@tracy thanks for being so kind to share, trace πŸ˜‡. Very much appreciated!
Jan 16 06:01PM
thanhmaitrangLove sequined, but too bad, it's a size M
Jan 18 10:35AM
renee23Super cute!
Jan 18 04:18PM
jeanettebabyYou've been shared! Please pay it forward😊
Jan 24 12:16AM
tracy@jeanettebaby I like the way you roll girl πŸ˜„
Jan 24 12:40AM
jeanettebabyWhy thank you LMK If there's is anything u like in my closet I'll cut u a sweet deal .Oh & please share all your listings with me so I get a chance 2 buy looks like all your good stuff is gone
Jan 24 12:54AM
stylergirlSo beautiful!
Jan 25 04:55PM
ashmiller19this dress is amazing
Jan 25 04:57PM
lavishlookThis is to die for! :) <3
Jan 26 07:27PM
katz9jtGorgeous! How many times did you wear it?
Jan 28 09:11AM
tracy@katz9jt hi there. I wore this dress once.l for a few hours. :)
Jan 28 09:39AM
angelabruceGorgeous!!! Sharing... :)
Jan 28 02:56PM
tracy@angelabruce thx! Shared right back atcha!
Jan 28 03:57PM
Jan 30 03:48PM
cacie117Wooooow!!!!! ❀❀❀❀
Feb 02 09:08PM
huntedthreadin love!!!
Feb 03 04:33PM
roadtoveganEvery time I see this dress I get giddy! It's so amazing! ;D
Feb 07 09:25PM
tracy@roadtovegan I know! I might end up keeping it!! 😜
Feb 07 10:29PM
roadtoveganWouldn't blame ya! ;D
Feb 08 12:28AM
booches2If only I could afford this one too right now!
Feb 08 12:06PM
tracy@booches2 😁😁😁
Feb 08 12:07PM
enghouseaIs there a way I can private message you? Thank you
Feb 11 03:09PM
tracy@enghousea hi there. there isn't private messaging on PM. Did you have a question? happy to help!
Feb 11 03:13PM
enghouseaI just wanted to make an offer on this dress
Feb 12 02:52PM
tracy@enghousea Okay, what's your offer?
Feb 12 03:35PM
Feb 12 11:10PM
Feb 13 11:18AM
enghouseaI'll offer $100. Thanks for considering
Feb 14 05:24PM
tracy@enghousea sorry that's too low for me. Thanks for your interest!
Feb 16 11:14PM
enghouseaOkay! Offer stands unless you counter. If you want cashπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒill buy it
Feb 17 07:25AM
gcmarcusThat dress is INCREDIBLE...every girl's dream. Snap this one up, girls!!!
Feb 18 07:34AM
benectarThank you for sharing!!! Xxxxx
Feb 18 05:22PM
milamilaAbsolutely in love with this dress!
Feb 19 04:11AM
enghouseaStill available
Feb 19 01:42PM
danz426What is the brand name, not sure if I missed it somewhere or not, sorry!
Feb 21 05:03AM
danz426Right in front of my eyes, found it!
Feb 21 05:04AM
magali14101982@tracy stunning! Had to share!
Feb 21 07:58AM
tayschenckI so wish I was able to fit in a medium!! This dress is just so much fun!
Feb 21 06:15PM
lavishlookHi Hunny! Can you please check out my closet for tonight's host picks! I have some great items!!!!!!
Feb 21 08:34PM
designerfashionLovely dress!! I need to sell something so I can spoil myself. Check out my items and services!!! It's all worth it!
Feb 22 11:11PM
kimsalittlepeaSuch a gorgeous dress on a gorgeous girl! Thank you fine ladies for creating PM! I am totally in love with it. ❀️❀️😁
Feb 23 09:35PM
tracy@kimsalittlepea 😘❀!
Feb 24 12:59AM
bessyhLove the dress! It would be awesome for my bachelorette party in July! I offer you $150 πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜πŸ˜
Feb 24 08:28PM
enghouseaIll offer $155
Feb 25 03:01PM
tracy@bessyh @enghousea hi ladies! Price is firm on this dress because it's basically brand new and I still love it so much! Thanks so much for your offers.
Feb 25 03:57PM
92jasmineI love your closet!!!!
Feb 25 06:56PM
tracy@92jasmine thx lady!
Feb 25 10:59PM
Feb 25 11:01PM
angel360Needed to ask a question been trying to look in my closet account and its not letting me pull it up its just blank for some odd reason. Do you know anything about that? How to fix it?
Feb 26 11:57AM
leadisneyGorgeous!!!!!! LOVE <3
Feb 26 04:18PM
jennensbabygirlLove this. I just don't it at this time.
Feb 27 04:25AM
bittysweensHi :) I was just wondering how to become a suggested user for the day? Thank you.
Feb 27 11:05AM
lynetteaguedaLove the pic!!! So cute!!! The dress is gorgeous wish I had somewhere to wear it:-)
Feb 27 06:40PM
jodiqueenAmazing dress! Next holiday:)
Feb 28 01:51PM
bjuzwaThank you for sharing!
Mar 01 08:41PM
enghouseaStill watching
Mar 01 10:36PM
bessyhStill interested πŸ˜ƒ my best and final offer is $200 with shipping. Whatcha think?
Mar 06 11:46PM
tracy@bessyh Deal! I'll reserve for you now.
Mar 07 12:07AM
bessyhPayment sent πŸ’Έ
Mar 07 12:14AM
hannahoAhh I'm so glad this finally sold!! It is so so so gorgeous!
Mar 07 07:44AM
tracy@hannaho I know! I'm kinda sad about letting this one go though 😒
Mar 07 09:16AM
ykricheliPlease tell me you still have this? So want to buy
Mar 14 11:53AM
tracy@ykricheli this one has been sold too. Sorry!
Mar 14 03:55PM
fashiongal95Please check out my closet and my daughters @jessheartslouis .. Be brutally honest.. Are our prices too high, need a bigger selection?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated :) THANKS!!
Apr 15 10:50AM
anniea44@tracy do you trade?
May 25 11:07AM
growingpathOk.... So cute
Aug 18 04:53AM

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