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🚫Reserved🚫Guess by Marciano infinity scarf.

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🚫Reserved🚫Guess by Marciano infinity scarf.

Guess by Marciano soft white infinity scarf. Long, soft, beautiful.
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
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Dec 16 07:03PM
girlsnyder@queenmoney I don't see anything...
Dec 16 07:32PM
luckylilmissy27Hi can are you willing to reduce the price?
Jan 18 11:48AM
girlsnyder@luckylilmissy27 I'll go $58.
Jan 18 11:50AM
girlsnyder@kaittbrooke I'll trade for a Chanel bag :)
Jan 19 08:04PM
itinocoWhat is the lowest??
Jan 24 03:50PM
Feb 03 08:37AM
delvalle@girlsnyder trade hun?
Feb 08 10:14PM
girlsnyder@delvalle I'll trade for the LV belt
Feb 08 10:27PM
Feb 08 10:49PM
delvalle@girlsnyder ok hun ;)) i change the price $0, when u are ready change you price ;)
Feb 09 05:36AM
girlsnyder@delvalle ready
Feb 09 08:41AM
girlsnyder@delvalle 👆👆❤
Feb 09 08:59AM
delvalle@girlsnyder thnks hun ;)
Feb 09 09:14AM
delvalle@girlsnyder hi hun! You send the package, because I dnt received the confirmation or #tracking from Poshmark! Maybe 2day u get the package, let me know
Feb 13 04:51AM
girlsnyder@delvalle I packed it in the wrong box. It went out last night :)
Feb 13 08:14AM
delvalle@girlsnyder ok ;)
Feb 13 11:51AM

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