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Jcrew ball ring. 10k gold & pink quartz.

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Jcrew ball ring. 10k gold & pink quartz.

Worn twice, big fun pink quartz bubble ring.
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wishkoCan u do 35 tru pp
Dec 01 09:19PM
gettumgirl@girlsnyder ...willing to trade on this?...also what size is this please...
Jan 13 03:06AM
gettumgirl@girlsnyder ...sorry just saw the size....Trade??
Jan 13 03:07AM
gettumgirl@girlsnyder ...this is not's real quartz..and real 10k gold right...:)
Jan 13 07:19AM
girlsnyder@gettumgirl NOT plated, real quartz, real 10k Gold :)
Jan 13 09:02AM
gettumgirl@girlsnyder ...not a problem with the burberrys...either this or the other item I tagged you in...:)
Jan 13 09:18AM
dietcoke76@girlsnyder this is gorgeous! 💗
Jan 13 03:44PM
girlsnyder@dietcoke76 thanks! I'm looking in your closet :)
Jan 13 03:46PM
gettumgirl@girlsnyder ...are you ready to zero out...I will do the same on my end..:)
Jan 14 04:39AM
girlsnyder@gettumgirl I can't trade thus for the glasses... Let me take another look ok?
Jan 14 09:19AM
girlsnyder@gettumgirl screw it. The glasses are cute. Let me know when you're ready.
Jan 14 09:22AM
gettumgirl@girlsnyder ...changing now!!
Jan 14 09:56AM
girlsnyder@gettumgirl me too
Jan 14 09:58AM
gettumgirl@girlsnyder ...THANKYOU!!!!
Jan 14 10:00AM
girlsnyder@gettumgirl Sorry... This is going out today :)
Jan 15 10:10AM
gettumgirl@girlsnyder ...yours is Gonnne))))))
Jan 15 10:29AM
girlsnyder@gettumgirl :) I'm going to post after lunch!!
Jan 15 10:33AM
gettumgirl@girlsnyder's ok... I work for the I have one up on
Jan 15 10:34AM
girlsnyder@gettumgirl hey! No fair!!
Jan 15 10:38AM
gettumgirl@girlsnyder ...haha...:)
Jan 15 11:44AM
girlsnyder@gettumgirl got there just before it closed :) shipped!
Jan 15 03:25PM
gettumgirl@girlsnyder ...whew!!!!..true Posh Trooper!!!!!
Jan 15 04:20PM
gettumgirl@girlsnyder ...LOVEE my ring!!!..we will have to do business again...:)
Jan 20 08:09AM
girlsnyder@gettumgirl yay!! That's awesome.
Jan 20 09:12AM
mary_lv_lover@girlsnyder do u have another ring like this one? Pls tag me
Mar 02 10:23PM

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