** RESERVED ** Bundle Of Bootylicious Boots


** RESERVED ** Bundle Of Bootylicious BootsNWT

This Bundle is comprised of two pairs of just AWESOME Ankle Boots. One pair is the Purple Laced-Up Velvet Ankle Boots with Spiked Heels (Image 2) and the second pair is the Black Wedge Booties with Matte Studs (Images 3 & 4). Both pairs are brand new and in Size 6.5.
Seller Discount: 20% off 2+ Bundle
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
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sheelagohThey look like these but in red leather :) @briannaorbust
Nov 26 03:28PM
briannaorbust@sheelagoh those are HOT!
Nov 26 04:17PM
sheelagohYes they are :) did you want them in Purple Suede like these? Or the Red Leather? @briannaorbust
Nov 26 06:00PM
briannaorbust@sheelagoh probably the red leather, you have them in my size?
Nov 26 06:52PM
sheelagohYou're an 8, yes? @briannaorbust
Nov 26 06:55PM
briannaorbust@sheelagoh yeah 8 or 8.5
Nov 26 07:15PM
sheelagohCos we both love spikes @myfirst8
Nov 26 07:16PM
briannaorbust@sheelagoh ill have to show you a picture later of these flats I have that are leopard covered in spikes and dang those things are a weapon haha!
Nov 27 07:28AM
sheelagohLOL please do :) will 8.5 work better for you? @briannaorbust
Nov 27 08:15AM
briannaorbust@sheelagoh probably because I just had a baby and it made my feet bigger for some reason? I guess that's normal haha
Nov 27 08:44AM
sheelagohYes, very normal @briannaorbust I was a 5.5 pre preggers then 7 post and now I'm 6 or 6.5 :)
Nov 27 09:23AM
sheelagohI actually have several red spiked pairs in your size, all different in design, I'm going to email you the pictures now @briannaorbust See which you like best :)
Nov 27 09:39AM
briannaorbust@sheelagoh oh man for awhile I was a 9 and I was just like oh Lordy hah a 9 seems huge to me!
Nov 27 09:46AM
sheelagohLOL I guess it all depends on your height and build too @briannaorbust I'm 5'1" so 6 is just about there. My daughter is 5'5" and she wears 8.
Nov 27 09:49AM
briannaorbust@sheelagoh LOL I'm 5'1 too! That's why 9 seems enormous to me
Nov 27 10:12AM
briannaorbust@sheelagoh ohmygoodness that's quite the selection I love love option 2
Nov 27 10:26AM
sheelagohI hear ya!!! I sent you a total of 8 images :) @briannaorbust
Nov 27 10:29AM
sheelagohLet me know if you're confirmed on Option 2, Kay? @briannaorbust
Nov 27 01:16PM
briannaorbust@sheelagoh what's the price again?
Nov 27 02:46PM
sheelagohThey're $65 :) these are Velvet hence the price difference @briannaorbust
Nov 27 03:21PM
lia13Are these true to size? I'm a smallish 7, but I adore these!
Nov 27 04:39PM
briannaorbust@sheelagoh it's probably a yes but can I make sure and let you know on Saturday?
Nov 27 05:42PM
sheelagohOf course!!! @briannaorbust
Nov 27 06:31PM
sheelagohShall I measure it for you? :) @lia13
Nov 27 06:31PM
Nov 30 02:15PM
sheelagohAnd these? Did I get them right? @julie91320
Nov 30 03:57PM
julie91320And these
Nov 30 04:01PM
sheelagohThese I can get in different sizes, for sure @blackbuttery
Dec 02 06:20PM
blackbuttery@sheelagoh ok I wear a 9
Dec 02 06:20PM
sheelagohSorry no 9 :( only 8.5 or 10 @blackbuttery There may be a 9 in the wedge bootie style, spiked still.
Dec 02 06:33PM
sheelagohHiya @julie91320 Are we still on? :)
Dec 04 05:44PM
justmeevamarie๐Ÿ˜Ka-Pow is right!!! Woah๐Ÿ’œ
Dec 05 07:11AM
sheelagohWait til you see the red ones!!! Oh and I unearthed yet another pair of bubblegum Barbie pink high heel boots!!! LOL my husband was just speechless because I had two pairs in Neon Pink and, get this, an identical two pairs in Lime!!!! I hightailed out of there before you could say WTH @justmeevamarie
Dec 05 07:46AM
sheelagohColour-wise, these fit the bill perfectly @enigma Style-wise, I'm not certain.
Dec 05 11:34AM
justmeevamarieHoney @sheelagoh ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—you have a serious addiction. LOL๐Ÿ˜œ I thought I was BAD, but u, my dear....are waaaay worse!! Now I'm afraid, you've awakened my inner shoe demon๐Ÿ˜ˆand I look at your closet like I want to devour it!!๐Ÿ˜ Ahhhhh- ๐Ÿ˜œ
Dec 05 02:46PM
enigmaTu!! I like #1's color, but the style is not me..#2&3 color too blue-purple..I still like the tie front booties..(I have far too many spike type!!) but you have so many cool ones!! I'll check back after I see the fit on the black sexy-time boots..hehe..
Dec 05 06:44PM
peligrocan you do both boots for 65
Dec 31 06:40PM
sheelagohWhich is the second pair? @peligro But no, I can't. All shoes are brand new, unless stated otherwise, and prices are firm. I do, however, extend a 15% price break on bundles :)
Dec 31 07:42PM
drgardnerTotally love =kapow. โคYour stuff girl
Jan 12 01:17PM
sheelagohLOL thank you, love :) @drgardner
Jan 12 01:18PM
sheelagohThese @mtibbs
Jan 15 02:17PM
sheelagohThese @cmwelsh
Jan 16 09:21AM
rouzytorresSo cute.. I like 3 pairs of these shoes can u give me a descount for buy it they ar $55 I really want the 3
Jan 18 12:40AM
sheelagohHi there @rouzytorres Aren't they just insane? I have an identical pair in Lipstick Red!! So, if all three pairs are $55 each, the total is $165. After the bundle price break, they'll be $140.25, I'll bring it down to $135 for you :)
Jan 18 04:31AM
ise@sheelagoh Can I give u 40 nd I pay now
Jan 22 01:27PM
sheelagohThe lowest would be $50 :) @ise
Jan 22 01:29PM
jjmg910Love your @sheelagoh.
Jan 24 05:19AM
sheelagohThank you! @jjmg910
Jan 24 06:49AM
jade_npeIf you ever decide to put these back up please tag me! Love your closet, you have amazing style!
Feb 13 03:11PM
sheelagohThank you so much!!! And yes, I most certainly will :) @jade_npe
Feb 13 03:38PM
sheelagohAvailable again :) never had the occasion to wear it PLUS I bought another purple pair so there ya go @jade_npe
Feb 16 03:46PM
jade_npeThank you! I am going to wait for the blue ones to arrive to see if they fit since they are the same size:)
Feb 16 06:22PM
sheelagohI'd do the same :) happy weekend!!! @jade_npe
Feb 16 06:23PM
jade_npeSame to you! Enjoy the long weekeend!
Feb 16 07:09PM
sheelagohSadly not as long :) all three children are in school Monday because they took an extra day during Winter break @jade_npe
Feb 16 07:31PM
jade_npeAw no fun! I just got your package tonight, thank you so much, that was incredibly fast! Unfortunately, as gorgeous as the shoes were they were a bit tight so I don't think ill purchase these ones:/ I think my friend @mashie2 will love these though! Thanks for everything! If you ever see purple shoes in a 7 I will be more than glad to take them off your hands;)
Feb 16 09:40PM
sheelagohI'm so sorry!!! Was the top alright though? @jade_npe
Feb 17 02:58AM
jade_npeYes! Perfect, thank you!
Feb 17 08:53AM
sheelagohYay!!! I "do" have another purple pair which is a Size 7 but the design is different @jade_npe It's purple + black in a Herve Leger bandage dress style.
Feb 17 08:55AM
jade_npeHaha ahh I love your closet! Full of surprises! You are going to make me go broke;P The Herve look...I can't really picture how that was incorporated into shoes but sounds fantastic! Are they heavier looking like the purple shoes? :)
Feb 17 09:03AM
sheelagohIf you wouldn't mind giving me your email address, I'll show you some pictures? Or if you'd prefer not to leave it here, send me a note at sheela.goh@ecletticaonline.com and I'll reply you :) @jade_npe
Feb 17 09:05AM
jade_npeSounds good, just sent you an email:)
Feb 17 09:13AM
sheelagohReplied :) @jade_npe
Feb 17 09:19AM
aharring66PayPal? Also would you be willing to bundle these with the black wedge boots with studs?
Feb 26 08:44AM
sheelagohHi @aharring66 I don't do PayPal but bundles, definitely :) the two pairs total $110, after the bundle price break, they'll be $88.
Feb 26 08:47AM
aharring66Perfect can you make a bundle for the two and reserve them for me until tomorrow?
Feb 26 08:47PM
sheelagohYou're all set :) @aharring66
Feb 26 10:14PM
aharring66I'm waiting for a check to clear I will be good by tomorrow (: apologize for the wait
Feb 27 03:13PM
sheelagohNot a problem, I appreciate that you're keeping me posted :) @aharring66
Feb 27 04:20PM
aharring66Hey Hun do you know when they will get here by chance?
Mar 06 11:13PM
sheelagohMorning :) @aharring66 USPS.com shows that the shoes arrived in the WI postie last night at 11.56pm, so I'd imagine delivery will be today or tomorrow. Did you also receive the ship notification email containing the tracking number?
Mar 07 04:39AM
aharring66I just found it (: thanks girl!
Mar 07 08:07AM
sheelagohYou're so very welcomed :) have a good one! @aharring66
Mar 07 08:22AM

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