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⬇REDUCED⬇ All Saints Cut Out Leather Pumps NEW

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⬇REDUCED⬇ All Saints Cut Out Leather Pumps NEWNWT

Brand new All Saints cut out leather pumps black leather size 38
Seller Discount: 10% off 2+ Bundle
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
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lagunabeachlove@hkxnyc interested? Price is negotiable
Nov 21 11:56AM
hkxnycthey are absolutely beautiful but i cannot purchase right now. im earmarking and hoping it will be around when i can. i can trade if you are interested
Nov 21 11:57AM
lagunabeachlove@hkxnyc unfortunately I didn't see anything, no problem just let me know!
Nov 21 12:00PM
lagunabeachlove@helbell interested? Price is negotiable
Nov 21 04:07PM
lagunabeachlove@katcp interested?
Nov 25 02:07PM
iamacreative@lagunabeachlove so wish I could fit this
Nov 25 03:21PM
lagunabeachlove@maria_k interested?
Dec 06 08:32AM
lagunabeachlove@acephalous interested? Price is negotiable
Dec 06 03:56PM
acephalousHi, Not sure yet. I Love them, they are adorable!
Dec 06 03:58PM
lagunabeachlove@itsrupa interested?
Dec 06 07:53PM
lagunabeachlove@bpalmieri interested? Price is negotiable
Dec 07 04:28PM
lagunabeachlove@elvializmr interested? Price is negotiable
Dec 10 04:08AM
bpalmieriThey have the box too?
Dec 11 03:12AM
lagunabeachlove@bpalmieri no I lost the box when I moved sorry but they still have the tag on the bottom
Dec 11 10:16AM
lagunabeachlove@charioner interested? Price is negotiable
Dec 15 10:58PM
charioner@lagunabeachlove, totally out of my budget right now, but happy to share.
Dec 16 06:45AM
lagunabeachlove@alvictoria interested? Pice is negotiable
Dec 28 09:23AM
lagunabeachlove@natymichele Interested? Price is negotiable
Dec 29 09:38PM
natymicheleThey're not my size :( I'm a 6. But they're beauties!
Dec 29 09:39PM
lagunabeachlove@sirwin11 interested? Price is negotiable
Dec 30 10:44PM
lalunagypsythese are gorgeous!
Jan 03 08:41PM
lagunabeachlove@logieloo4 interested? I can lower the price
Jan 07 10:04PM
lagunabeachlove@soniasanderson interested? Price is negotiable
Jan 07 10:06PM
logieloo4How low could you go? They might still be out of my price range. :/
Jan 08 10:28AM
lagunabeachlove@jadacecil interested? Price is negotiable
Jan 08 11:11AM
linzluvslabelsI would LOVE to have these. What's your lowest price? I have so much to trade also. Things I haven't put up yet. A lot of All Saints. Gucci, Hermes. Please let me know. I have to have these, like I said : ) Thank you!
Jan 09 03:45PM
lagunabeachlove@linzluvslabels the lowest is $90 and I don't trade sorry
Jan 09 03:49PM
lagunabeachlove@1gd_gurl interested? Price is negotiable
Jan 12 09:07AM
Jan 19 12:53PM
lagunabeachlove@ropa just lowered the price for you!
Jan 19 12:56PM
nemonHi!!! Trade?
Jan 23 06:14PM
lagunabeachlove@nemon no
Jan 23 06:20PM
jennanorthAdorable! Wish I could treat myself, but this momma doesn't get new things anymore!
Jan 26 04:57AM
lagunabeachlove@missanniewang interested? Price is negotiable
Jan 28 11:46PM
lagunabeachlove@blesswoman interested? Price is negotiable
Jan 30 10:10PM
missanniewangCan you post a picture of them on? As well as one with soles? :)
Jan 31 11:27AM
lagunabeachlove@missanniewang these aren't my size sorry, they are brand new never worn
Jan 31 11:47AM
lagunabeachlove@leoiseaujolie interested? Price is negotiable
Feb 05 11:57AM
melcristDo you know if they're true to size? I'm normally a 7 but sometimes run up a size depending on fit... If they happen to fit small- ill take em!
Feb 05 10:09PM
lagunabeachlove@jaxaarr interested? Price is negotiable
Feb 10 08:07PM
imadollToo bad they aren't in my size! Ill have to share them...
Feb 10 08:13PM
lagunabeachlove@twin0619 interested? Price is negotiable
Feb 10 08:14PM
lagunabeachlove@catherinecat interested? Price is negotiable
Feb 10 08:19PM
catherinecatI love these .... Trade? Do they fit true to size I'm 7.5/8
Feb 10 08:24PM
lagunabeachlove@catherinecat no trades sorry yes true to size
Feb 10 08:25PM
catherinecatU have a great closet I love all ur stuff
Feb 10 08:27PM
lagunabeachlove@catherinecat thanks
Feb 10 08:28PM
catherinecatWhat's your best offer for these and the tank ...pp?
Feb 10 08:29PM
lagunabeachlove@catherinecat which tank?
Feb 10 08:33PM
catherinecat@lagunabeachlove the tribal tank
Feb 10 08:35PM
lagunabeachlove@catherinecat $95 for both is the best I can do
Feb 10 08:36PM
lagunabeachlove@starglo interested? Price is negotiable
Feb 10 08:59PM
lagunabeachlove@jacava68 interested? Price is negotiable
Feb 10 10:41PM
lagunabeachlove@queenzog interested? Price is negotiable
Feb 12 12:12PM
queenzog@ 60?
Feb 12 12:39PM
lagunabeachlove@queenzog these are brand new so the best I can do is $80
Feb 12 12:40PM
queenzogCheck out my closet - I have some shoes in your size. I'm going to hold off pulling the trigger right now. But these are super hot and I may come back and grab them :)
Feb 12 12:46PM
lagunabeachlove@queenzog didn't see anything I needed
Feb 12 12:50PM
lagunabeachlove@kimi315 interested? I can lower to $80
Feb 13 08:08PM
kimi315Really beautiful shoes... Let me think about it..Does this have a platform?
Feb 13 08:17PM
lagunabeachlove@kimi315 a small platform but they're very comfy just not my size :(
Feb 13 08:27PM
lagunabeachlove@stephanienagle interested? I can lower to $80
Feb 13 09:24PM
catherinecatI see they haven't moved in a few days can U go any lower ?
Feb 14 07:52PM
lagunabeachlove@catherinecat $80 is the lowest they won't be lowered and lower sorry
Feb 14 08:27PM
Feb 15 03:46AM
lagunabeachlove@melcrist interested? I can lower to $80
Feb 18 06:44PM
melcrist@lagunabeachlove Are they pretty true to size? I'm normally a 7 but sometimes go to 8 if they run small...
Feb 18 06:47PM
lagunabeachlove@melcrist true to size sorry
Feb 18 06:50PM
jamoraCan I see you with the shoes on ?? I will buy
Feb 23 10:22AM
lagunabeachlove@jamiscloset these aren't my size sorry
Feb 23 10:25AM
lagunabeachlove@jamora these aren't my size sorry
Feb 23 10:25AM
jamiscloset@lagunabeachlove I just recently bought a pair very similar. Thanks.
Feb 23 10:27AM
jamoraAh???? Can someone try them so I can see the real shape of the shoe? Before I buy!!
Feb 23 10:29AM
lagunabeachlove@jamora sorry my feet are too small but from seeing someone who fits them try these on not much changes there pretty true to the shape shown in the photos
Feb 23 10:32AM
jamoraOk!! That's anyway I pass!
Feb 23 10:34AM
olgs415Love. Do you have a pic with them on?
Feb 23 03:36PM
olgs415I can give you $65 right now if you don't. Lmk
Feb 23 03:39PM
lagunabeachlove@olgs415 no sorry that's too low
Feb 23 04:12PM
mgabriel1020I wish it was a size 9
Feb 23 04:21PM
Feb 23 04:38PM
lagunabeachlove@olgs415 $80 is the lowest sorry
Feb 23 04:39PM
olgs415I can do $74 last offer
Feb 23 04:40PM
olgs415I meant $75
Feb 23 04:41PM
lagunabeachlove@olgs415 just changed the price for you :)
Feb 23 04:51PM
olgs415Well, there we have it. Thanks doll!
Feb 23 06:47PM
olgs415Hey girl! Any chance you could give me the heads up on when you're going to ship these? I am leaving for vacation on the 4th and would love to bring these along!
Feb 24 09:19PM
lagunabeachlove@olgs415 these will be shipped out tomorrow
Feb 24 09:20PM
olgs415Excellent thanks!
Feb 24 09:23PM
olgs415Ps. I LOVE them! Thanks doll! X
Mar 01 12:50AM
lagunabeachlove@olgs415 you're welcome enjoy
Mar 01 07:56AM

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