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Marc Jacobs arrowhead iPhone case

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Marc Jacobs arrowhead iPhone case

Marc jacobs iPhone case used once! Point the way to confident style with the Marc by Marc Jacobs™ Arrowhead Phone Case! Durable cover made of PC. Cover is compatible with phones like the iPhone® 4 and iPhone® 4S. Direct access to all device features. Colorful arrowhead design features brand name at bottom. Imported. Measurements: Bottom Width: 2 1⁄2 in Depth: 3⁄8 in Height: 4 3⁄4 in Weight: 0.5 oz
Seller Discount: 10% off 2+ Bundle
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
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lagunabeachlove@dreaminfashion interested? Prices are negotiable!
Nov 11 07:40PM
lagunabeachlove@cinderella interested? Price is negotiable
Nov 12 09:32PM
cinderellaJust liking for now hun thank u.
Nov 12 09:33PM
lagunabeachlove@erika_612 interested? Price is negotiable
Nov 12 09:42PM
erika_612What's your bottom price?
Nov 12 09:48PM
lagunabeachlove@erika_612 $18 i can go even lower if you would like to bundle with the heels you liked
Nov 12 09:51PM
erika_612I love those heels but I'm a size 8 .... I'll take a better look at all you have for sale tomorrow and ill let you know if I'm interested , thanks
Nov 12 09:54PM
lagunabeachlove@erika_612 ok just let me know
Nov 12 09:55PM
lagunabeachlove@keah92 interested?
Nov 13 10:59PM
lagunabeachlove@judyg interested?
Nov 13 11:16PM
judyg@lagunabeachlove Yes--thinking about it. So cute!
Nov 13 11:31PM
lagunabeachlove@judyg I can lower it to 18
Nov 13 11:35PM
lagunabeachlove@vanessassary interested?
Nov 14 11:31PM
lagunabeachlove@savvycl4 interested?
Nov 18 08:35PM
savvycl4Yes! Is it a rubber or hard case?
Nov 18 08:56PM
lagunabeachlove@savvycl4 it's a hard case
Nov 18 09:00PM
lagunabeachlove@cheyeco interested?
Nov 22 09:11AM
lagunabeachlove@vbjreese22 interested price is negotiable
Nov 24 09:20AM
lagunabeachlove@lori77 interested?
Nov 24 02:19PM
lagunabeachlove@charioner interested?
Nov 25 09:53PM
kristenfineDoes this fit an iPhone 5?
Nov 26 04:34AM
lagunabeachlove@kristenfine no sorry
Nov 26 07:17AM
lagunabeachlove@kschiffy1996 interested?
Nov 28 10:29PM
kschiffy1996Yes, how much for the case & obey tank combined?
Nov 28 10:30PM
lagunabeachlove@kschiffy1996 I can do $38 for both
Nov 28 10:32PM
kschiffy1996Alright, I'll get back to you on it. I'm still a little unsure.
Nov 28 10:41PM
lagunabeachlove@kschiffy1996 ok just let me know
Nov 28 10:42PM
lagunabeachlove@avenue_64 interested?
Dec 02 09:23PM
lagunabeachlove@vmsolorio interested?
Dec 10 04:06AM
lagunabeachlove@ajn1027 interested?
Dec 13 04:51PM
lagunabeachlove@lauravjacks interested?
Dec 21 08:21AM
lagunabeachlove@kstinadenee interested?
Dec 24 06:27AM
lagunabeachlove@kstinadenee interested? Price is negotiable
Dec 29 08:40AM
Dec 29 03:03PM
lagunabeachlove@joohloow interested? Price is negotiable
Dec 29 03:03PM
lagunabeachlove@joohloow no trades sorry
Dec 29 03:03PM
lagunabeachlove@sophiapetrillo interested? Price is negotiable
Jan 07 10:03PM
lagunabeachlove@daniela_vanity interested? Price is negotiable
Jan 13 04:00PM
daniela_vanityYes does it have bumpers on the front ?
Jan 13 05:48PM
lagunabeachlove@daniela_vanity no it's a hard case not silicone
Jan 13 05:54PM
daniela_vanityGoing any lower or doing free shipping?
Jan 20 09:34AM
vmsolorio@lagunabeachlove i can do 10 so its an wven 17 with shipping?! Lmk
Jan 21 10:32PM
lagunabeachlove@vmsolorio just changed it for you
Jan 21 11:47PM
brittinclaireif you go down to 10, I'll get it!
Jan 25 10:12AM
lagunabeachlove@brittinclaire just lowered for you :)
Jan 25 10:58AM
brittinclaire@lagunabeachlove thanks!!
Jan 25 12:53PM
Feb 25 12:50AM
lagunabeachlove@prettybirdy not right now sorry
Feb 25 12:51AM

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