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Reserved bundle for casanova884! Dress & tribaltop

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Reserved bundle for casanova884! Dress & tribaltop

Never worn. 100% Lamb Leather. Small size 2. I'm a size two but can't zip up at the very top, or else I would definitely keep! Lined. Side zipper. Cute cut out in back.
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wbjagichThis is so hot!
Nov 12 08:09PM
mariaSo tempted!
Nov 14 09:11PM
wbjagichLmk if you're interested in trading with me !
Nov 16 05:37PM
samplesalegal@wbjagich all of your items are sold! :)
Nov 16 10:41PM
wbjagichLol I know! Well I do have some things left - just not updating it lots.
Nov 16 11:16PM
drcheermom6Would you take 110?
Nov 23 02:38PM
samplesalegal@drcheermom6 sure, would you like me to reserve it for you?
Nov 23 04:41PM
sillyslurrsHi. I was wondering your bra size. Since you said you can't zip the top. I'm trying to figure out the fit. Thank you!
Dec 04 09:37PM
samplesalegal@sillyslurrs I have no boobs! Haha 34A. But it's not the bust area that's the problem, you need a skinny ribcage.
Dec 04 10:01PM
sillyslurrsAww! Man! I'm a 34A also. Damn. I love this dress!
Dec 04 10:03PM
Dec 07 09:30PM
casanova884Or would u take 115 for this n tribal top?
Dec 07 09:32PM
samplesalegal@casanova884 I'd do $125 for both
Dec 07 10:13PM
casanova884Would it b easier n cheaper if I pay u PayPal? Just wondering
Dec 08 01:57PM
samplesalegal@casanova884 up to you, you can pay me thru PayPal $125 (includes shipping) so you'll save a little money. Send me your email address and I'll give you my PayPal info thru there.
Dec 08 04:17PM
Dec 08 04:19PM
casanova884This will fit xs?
Dec 08 04:20PM
samplesalegal@casanova884 email sent!
Dec 08 05:14PM
samplesalegal@casanova884 and yes it will fit an xs
Dec 08 05:14PM
casanova884Replied. Wanted to know if u can reserve both items til monday or tue the latest
Dec 08 05:21PM
casanova884Also, pls tag me when u have new listings for Robert Rodriguez thanks
Dec 11 03:34PM
susany@casanova884 Nice purchase!
Dec 11 11:51PM
casanova884@susany yes 😘 hoping it will fit right ESP on the chest. I can't wait to get them in the mail. The waiting part always seem longer lol. ❤❤Robert Rodriguez
Dec 12 11:53AM

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