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Chanel dark brown 3" heels in good condition

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Chanel dark brown 3" heels in good condition

Bought these from a consignment shop in NYC...they did not come with anything else (i.e. the box or dust bag). Im selling these because I had bought these for my sister but she decided she didn't like them . ...they are in very good condition!
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ultimatefashion@runwaychef thanks for the share!!
Nov 06 09:01PM
nadene_3Beautiful! What's the lowest you'll go on these?
Nov 22 10:16AM
runwaychef@nadene_3 I'll do $100...let me know if you want them :)
Nov 22 05:23PM
Nov 30 07:09PM
pelecitaCan you send my more pictures from the sole an also the sides of the inside to check the material? My email is pelecita66@yahoo.com๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿ‘ 
Nov 30 07:16PM
pelecita@runwaychef cam you send me some pictures from the bottom sole and the sides of the inside to check the material? My email IS pelecita66@yaoo.com๐ŸŽ…โ›„
Dec 01 02:05AM
runwaychef@pelecita Of course! However I'm out of town til tomorrow night but I'll send you more pictures as soon as I get back :)
Dec 01 06:29AM
runwaychef@pelecita did you get my email?
Dec 05 03:28PM
pelecita@runwaychef i just saw them, sorry i couldnt answer before i had to take mom to ER , & was there all day. I really like these shoes but i'll have to wait, maybe if still have them next month๐Ÿ˜”
Dec 05 04:02PM
bella_x0Hi I'm new here & I was wondering who I should report @kmckmc77 to for selling tequila on Poshmark?
Feb 04 06:54PM
kmckmc77@bella_x0 - I am selling a Limited Edition collectors bottle...please read the description.
Feb 04 06:58PM
bella_x0@kmckmc77 yeah, I noticed you deleted the full bottle of Avion Silver Tequilla that you HAD listed. I have the screen shot saved in my phone.
Feb 04 07:06PM
runwaychef@chithaiva Thanks for purchasing! I just mailed your purchase....the tracking number is: 9405510899359005103983
Apr 16 10:13AM
runwaychef@chithaiva I see that the order was delivered on Thursday. Can you please release the payment?
Apr 21 10:10AM
chithaivaI sent back the shose ( Chanel) can I get back my money to my account ?
Apr 24 07:39PM
runwaychef@chithaiva I contacted Poshmark and as they said it clearly states in their FAQs that Poshmark doesn't do returns, only for a few exceptions for which you would need to open a return case prior to shipping the item back.
Apr 30 06:25AM
chithaivaIf they don't return can you sent back the shose for me please , thank you
May 08 07:34PM
runwaychef@chithaiva If you pay for the shipping, I will be happy to mail them back :)
May 16 07:54AM
chithaivaOk I pay for shipping you sent me back the shose. Thank you
May 17 09:03AM
runwaychef@chithaiva I haven't forgotten about the shoes...I've been out of town for several weeks on a family emergency. Don't know when I will be back but I'll let you know
Jun 01 03:05PM
runwaychef@chithaiva I'm back home now. Do you still want these sent back to you?
Jul 11 11:16AM
chithaivaYes please , can you sent back , thank you
Jul 11 11:49AM

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