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@shopstudio Finish off your gift wrapping with this 14K Rose Gold Vermeil Wrap Bracelet as a unique ribbon & bow. Great as necklace, too. Rose gold over 925 sterling silver button. 3 adjustable closures at 33" 34" & 35" Colors: Rose Gold, Brown, Rust & Pink. NEW WITH ATTACHED TAG *Listing for 1st bracelet on cover photo only BUNDLED with 3rd bracelet in photo (longer in length & at $15 more) **Turquoise bracelet not included! *Discounted to $150 for the 1st & 3rd bracelets less $6 for shipping
Seller Discount: 15% off 3+ Bundle
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
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agb678What's the lowest price?
Nov 13 08:01PM
almoyesThis is a great price @agb678 and I have it lower than I'd really want. Feel free to leave your best price and I can tag you if I get there. Thanks for looking ξŒƒ
Nov 13 08:22PM
agb678How many do you have for sale?
Nov 13 08:47PM
almoyesJust this one @agb678
Nov 13 08:58PM
almoyesSo sweet to do all these share, love ξŒƒ @jmcgillicuddy
Nov 14 04:55PM
jmcgillicuddy@almoyes it is the least I could do for you!
Nov 14 05:36PM
agb678I can do 60.00 let me know if it doesn't sell
Nov 14 08:51PM
almoyes@agb678 I can tag you if I get there, but may be best to pass on to someone I know if it gets too low. Hmmm...I can cover the $6 if you buy now. It's the closest I can get to you now. Thanks again for looking ξŒƒ
Nov 14 08:59PM
almoyesthank you for sharing this @catherines
Nov 18 12:04AM
almoyesThank you for the share! @loriwgalloway
Nov 19 07:01AM
jmcgillicuddy@almoyes love that this item is the cover photo for the "just jewelry" party! Happy Thanksgiving!!
Nov 22 02:09PM
almoyesoh, I didn't even notice! @jmcgillicuddy thanks!! have a wonderful holiday, dear ξ„˜ξ„™
Nov 22 02:17PM
almoyest was just brought to my attention that PM used my listing photo for the upcoming jewelry party @katef Thanks for that! ξŒƒξŒƒξŒƒ
Nov 22 03:12PM
stylistblake@almoyes love these chan Luu pieces and this is less than wholesale! a really great dealπŸ‘
Nov 23 06:08PM
almoyesThank you very much @ashrussell ξŒƒ
Nov 23 06:58PM
almoyes Hi Amy @agb678 Since this is gaining a good number of "likes" I decided to let go of the third bracelet down as well. This one is longer and I'd list at $90. If interested, feel free to lmk and I can list. I can also give a greater deal if you bundle for both ξŒƒξŒƒξŒƒThanks again for looking
Nov 28 11:06AM
agb678Can you please post a pic and which two would you bundle I'm interested
Nov 28 11:10AM
almoyes@agb678 Yes, I will post for you when home. Until then, they are the ones in my cover pic of this listing--except without the middle turquoise one--which I am deciding to keep for myself from these leftover gifts. Uh oh, I am still hoarding, lol!
Nov 28 12:50PM
studioposhHow much for the first and third bracelets as a bundle? Thanks!
Nov 30 08:25AM
almoyesI can do $150 for both as the bundle price @studioposh I am assuming you read that the 3rd one is longer and $15 more one it's own. Thank you for looking ξŒƒξŒƒξŒƒ
Nov 30 11:38AM
studioposhHi. Thanks for the info. Would the $150 include shipping? Do you have a PP acct.?
Nov 30 10:19PM
almoyesHi, I can't take these off of Poshmark @studioposh but I can reduce the price to cover shipping for you, so $144 for the bundle if you can purchase now ξŒƒ
Nov 30 10:40PM
studioposhCan I buy them tomorrow morning. I am on the East Coast and was getting ready to go to bed. I have never paid for anything through PM before and want to make sure I have a clear head so I don't screw something up. :) $144 SOLD :)
Nov 30 10:48PM
almoyesOf course, np overnight @studioposh Reserving for you now. Good night ξŒƒ
Nov 30 10:51PM
susannicoleDarn! Came back to buy this and it's reserved 😝 if for any reason the sale falls thru please let me know
Dec 01 12:23AM
almoyesI reserved overnight per buyer's request, but if this not purchased, I will tag you @susannicole Thank you for looking ξŒƒ
Dec 01 08:02AM
susannicoleThank u 😊 I usually impulse buy on here but this time I took a couple hours to think about it and missed out! But I'm thrilled to have discovered ur closet!! U have so many beautiful items listed 😍
Dec 01 08:47AM
almoyesAw, such a nice comment @susannicole Thank you. You are welcome back any time ξŒƒ
Dec 01 09:16AM
almoyesThese are still reserved, but if they are canceled by the other buyer which one(s) are you interested in? 1st and 3rd from cover shot would be available @susannicole I can reserve for a day, so let me know if you will be ready to purchase. Thanks!
Dec 01 10:52AM
studioposhHi. I just wanted to quickly double check that these bracelets were authentic and then I am ready to purchase. Thanks for holding them!
Dec 01 11:32AM
susannicoleI'm most interested in the rose gold but I'm tempted to get both at that price ☺
Dec 01 11:44AM
almoyes@studioposh yes, guaranteed authentic! No offense to anyone out there, but I like authentic for myself and as gifts for loved ones. Thank you very much for your purchase. I actually have gifts given to me that I do not want to keep--esp LV and other brands--that I need to authenticate and, therefore, I have not listed yet ξŒƒ
Dec 01 01:45PM
almoyesWell, these were purchased...I do appreciate your interest. I can tag you if I ever decide to list any more. Just lmk @susannicole
Dec 01 05:22PM
susannicolePlease do. Thank you ☺
Dec 01 07:20PM
studioposh@almoyes: I received the bracelets today. They are absolutely adorable and I love the color of them. Thank you again for the quick shipment and beautiful authentic products! Happy Holidays!!
Dec 07 10:20AM
almoyesso glad you like them! my gift recipients did!! these were really a great price, I hope you realize ξŒƒ thank you for purchasing and taking them off my hands ---out of my storage!!! appreciate the very nice, positive feedback as well, thank you so much ξŒƒξŒƒ
Dec 07 10:52AM
almoyesHi Susan @susannicole Not sure if you wanted to remain anonymous on your purchase, so contacting you here ξŒƒ I usually ship on the purchase date or shortly after. I actually needed a few extra days for yours bc I lost track of one item...extremely sorry for this delay. I will drop off your shipment tomorrow. It is packed and ready to go. Thank you so much.
Dec 09 08:01AM
susannicoleThanks for the update! That's no problem at all. I'm actually planning to use them for a baby shower game and the shower isn't until mid-January so there's plenty of time. Hope ur having a nice weekend ☺
Dec 09 10:50AM
almoyesthank you @susannicole yes, I am having an amazing weekend--I just got news that a new niece was born a couple of hours ago! I've already seen pics and she is just perfect, arrived safely and all. Hmmm... baby shower, huh?! Now you have me curious and have to share what this is all about ξŒƒ Thank you for your understanding and patience
Dec 09 02:35PM
susannicoleCongrats on the new niece!! How exciting πŸ˜„ I'm actually expecting a girl in Feb. Seems like everyone I know is pregnant or just had a baby! Have u ever played that shower game where everyone gets a clothes pin or something and then u can't say "baby" or some word like that or else whoever catches u gets to take ur pin? I want to do that with the bangles so its something people will actually want to keep πŸ˜‰
Dec 09 09:20PM
almoyesOh my, congrats! And your idea is adorbs  it!! Thanks for the congrats my way as well. My only child is 3 now, so it'll be fun to have a new baby in the family.
Dec 09 10:20PM
parker307Do you have anymore chan luu bracelets you need to get rid of? If so, please tag me! Love your closet!
May 17 09:53PM
almoyes@parker307 Hello, Ashley. I do have two blue ones left. I couldn't pick which one to keep, so I've held onto both. Neither of them ever used yet. One of these is in the cover picture of this listing above (the one in the middle) If you are interested, I can post. Lmk and thank you for visiting my closet 🌺
May 18 05:05AM
parker307I would love the middle bracelet! Would you bundle with the other blue bracelet? If so, price? If not, what are you asking for just the one in this photo?
May 18 08:24AM
almoyes@parker307 I really need to force myself to stop my hoarding...$90 for the longer one pictured above...if the other is same length (I have to pull out of container within closet to confirm) then I can discount bundle for $170. If the other is confirmed to be shorter than the other, I'll let go at $80 alone or $162 for the bundle. Both are the gorgeous blue with yellow gold pictured (why I kept them!) Prices firm as these are amazing prices just for forcing me to pull them now without second guessing and keeping!! Appreciate the interest and your looking at my closet, thanks!
May 18 11:13AM
parker307Are both bracelets identical?
May 18 11:33AM
almoyes@parker307 they are different. Both are the same colors of blue with yellow gold. One pictures in the middle of the cover shot above. The other looks like the third one down, but the colors I mentioned instead of the olive green. This is why I am not sure if it is the short or long one. Can't remember. I'd pull for you right away, but won't be home until late tonight and then bday brunch tomorrow. If prices sound fine to you, I will pull as early as tomorrow afternoon or as late as Monday night for you ☺
May 18 11:38AM
May 18 11:38AM
parker307Ok :) ill purchase both! Just let me know when you post them. Have a good weekend :)
May 18 12:36PM
almoyesSure thing. I'll post with all details and pics tomorrow afternoon or Monday!! @parker307
May 18 01:25PM
almoyes@parker307 I found one of them and I will look more for the other tomorrow. Lmk if you absolutely need to purchase and have shipped by tomorrow. If so, I've only got one. Appreciate your patience and understanding!
May 20 10:15PM
parker307Take your time :) just let me know when you find the other.
May 20 11:06PM
almoyes@parker307 Hello Ashley. I know it has been a very long time! Before sharing with others, I thought I should reach out to you first before sharing with others. 🌺 I actually moved again and just unearthed both turquoise wrap bracelets from different boxes. I have a third on that is brown with gold. 🌺 Let me know if interested and I will proceed with a held listing for you. 🌺🌺 Angelica
Mar 28 12:50PM
parker307Hello! That's great news. Are the bracelets you have pictured? If not, do you have photos of the others? I'm still interested :)
Mar 30 06:16PM
almoyes@parker307 The two are: Turquoise and gold vermeil 36" $220 and 45" with round turquoise beads $245. Both new with tags. The latter longer with round beads is pictured above. I have a listing with a used brown one that pictures both of the above described turquoise wrap bracelets. I will tag you there. 🌺 Best price as previously quoted πŸ‘†as that's already a loss and much better than deals I've seen on here for new and the materials and colors. Let me know and I'll hold for you or no problem for me to list for others. Thank you!!
Mar 31 02:47PM
almoyes@parker307 $90 longer $80 regular length or $162 for both
Mar 31 02:50PM
almoyes@parker307 Hi Ashley! I hope you are having a good weekend. Are you interested in the two turquoise bracelets for $162? If so, I can create the separate listing of them for you. This is an amazing deal that I am honoring since I already quoted to you and you've been so patient! You will absolutely love these πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸŒΊπŸŒΊπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Apr 05 05:12PM

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