Red cape jacket

Good quality wool. One size fits all
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
Buyer Protection & Refund Policy
Nov 06 08:00AM
katefCute covershot!
Nov 07 07:46PM
kyra@jennydlg @jenchen02 interested?
Dec 12 07:12PM
mizz1smithIf you can hold I will buy this Wednesday
Jan 20 08:29PM
kyra@mizz1smith I would if u can promise to get back to me. Ppl ask me to hold stuff sometimes and end up never coming back to purchase them
Jan 20 09:38PM
mizz1smithI will I really want that coat , Wednesday I will but it
Jan 21 06:22AM
mizz1smithI will buy it sorry typo
Jan 21 06:23AM
kyra@mizz1smith okey just let me know when u are ready:)
Jan 21 09:41AM
mizz1smith@kyra yes , I sure will . Thanks
Jan 21 09:49AM
innagIs it 60.00$?
Jan 21 09:15PM
kyra@innag yes but I'm reserving it until this Wednesday
Jan 21 09:18PM
innagIt's already reserved? I like it a lot? And is the price final?
Jan 21 09:31PM
kyra@innag ill let u know if this becomes available again. And the price is pretty much firm since I paired a lot for this jacket
Jan 21 09:35PM
innagOk. Please let me know, I love the jackat!
Jan 21 10:03PM
amylouise82Ok, number three on the list for purchase!! In case the other two don't ;)
Jan 22 02:24PM
kyra@amylouise82 lol thanks. I'll tag u if that's the case
Jan 22 08:46PM
kyra@mizz1smith are u ready? Let me know if u don't want it anymore
Jan 23 06:27PM
mizz1smithI still do I'm sorry I did not think I would be working this late. Take it off hold for me I will purchase it once I'm home if no one has brought it .
Jan 23 06:34PM
kyra@innag @amylouise82 @mizz1smith I've change the price let me know if u guys still want to purchase
Jan 23 10:14PM
innagWhat is the price? 60$?
Jan 23 10:58PM
innagI love it! Yes I do want to purchase! Thank u
Jan 23 10:59PM
kyra@innag yes it's 60. U can just place the order if u want
Jan 23 11:00PM
innag60 is the lowest? :)
Jan 23 11:01PM
innagI would like to purchase now. Is 60$ the lowest u can do? Thank you
Jan 23 11:10PM
kyra@innag yes. I'm only getting 48 after pm charge. This was not a cheap jacket. I wouldn't sell this at 60 if I'm not in so much of a rush. Please understand.
Jan 23 11:16PM
innagTotally! Just bought it:)
Jan 23 11:34PM
mizz1smithI was ready to buy but I see you sold it . Thanks anyway
Jan 24 07:53AM

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