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Reserved!!! J.Crew Printed Platform Bootie

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Reserved!!! J.Crew Printed Platform Bootie

J.Crew Printed Platform Bootie
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laurenedelman@pats872 thanks for your likes :) I am happy to bundle for you at a discount :)
Nov 05 12:14AM
laurenedelman@soonerchick99 thanks for the likes! I can bundle at a discount
Nov 08 12:47PM
laurenedelman@nhumbert1 thanks for the likes on the shoes! let me know if you want to bundle at a discount :)
Nov 28 01:41PM
camille315Too bad they're not my size! These are gorgeous!
Dec 11 09:16AM
laurenedelman@camille315 thanks! wish they were your size, too :)
Dec 11 09:21AM
lenahSo so so nice
Dec 23 07:39AM
laurenedelman@lenah thanks :)
Dec 23 08:17AM
Dec 29 07:22PM
laurenedelman@ipaige meet you in the middle at $50?
Dec 29 07:26PM
laurenedelman@rmullenax thanks for the likes! Let me know if you want to bundle, happy to discount :)
Jan 14 03:25PM
ladyj72sugar sweet and rot my wallet
Jan 16 04:43PM
bearsfan684everWhat size is heel?
Jan 16 05:00PM
laurenedelman@bearsfan684ever the heel is about 3.5 inches with a 1 inch platform in the front. let me know if you have any more q's.
Jan 16 05:02PM
Jan 16 05:59PM
bearsfan684everOk I want them what will u take on pp?
Jan 16 06:00PM
laurenedelman@bearsfan684ever sorry I don't do pp, but I can do $45 as my lowest. What do you think?
Jan 16 06:01PM
bearsfan684everIf they are still here tomrw
Jan 16 06:04PM
laurenedelman@bearsfan684ever ok, cool. just shoot me a message and i will change the price for you.
Jan 16 06:05PM
Jan 16 06:06PM
kellyann22Hello- Can you please tell me the heel to toe measurement for these (measured from the inside). I have differing sizes in J Crew shoes and these might work! Thanks
Jan 16 09:51PM
laurenedelman@kellyann22 the shoes are about 11 inches from heel to toe. I hope that helps!
Jan 17 06:24AM
laurenedelman@bearsfan684ever did you change your mind on the shoes? Just curious as someone else seemed interested. Wanted to make sure I checked with you first just in case. Thx!
Jan 17 04:59PM
bearsfan684everI have had no time today. If someone else wants them tonight go ahead otherwise I will check with you tomorrow!
Jan 17 05:37PM
Jan 20 06:46PM
kellyann22Thanks! Unfortunately they are too big :(. Gorgeous shoes though!
Jan 22 08:43PM
geenroblove these! if still available, i may purchase this weekend!
Feb 01 07:43AM
laurenedelman@geenrob yes, still available :). Hope they find a home with u
Feb 01 08:30AM
saresli81@laurenedelman. Would you do $35?
Apr 09 10:07AM
laurenedelman@saresli81 I would do $45. Let me know
Apr 09 01:01PM
saresli81@laurenedelman that sounds like a great price. Would you reserve until Thursday for me?
Apr 09 01:23PM
laurenedelman@saresli81 they are reserved. Message me when you are ready to purchase and I will change the price
Apr 09 01:26PM
saresli81@laurenedelman You're awesome! Thank you so much!
Apr 09 01:31PM
saresli81@laurenedelman would you mind posting a picture if the bottoms?
Apr 09 02:01PM
saresli81@laurenedelman Would you mind posting a pic of the bottoms please? Thank you 😉
Apr 09 07:44PM
saresli81@laurenedelman Hi lady, can you please take a picture if the bottoms? I'd like to see before I buy and I'm ready to purchase after I see. Thank you 😉
Apr 10 08:12PM
tmclosetHi there!!! I am new and would really appreciate it if u could follow me and share my closet with your followers!! Thanks!! HUGS
Apr 13 04:52PM
laurenedelman@saresli81 I'm so sorry it took so long for me to post a pic of the bottom of the jcrew shoes! It's up there now and as u can see they were barely worn! Let me know if still interested
Apr 26 08:08PM
saresli81@laurenedelman great can you change the price so I can purchase pls.
Apr 26 08:17PM
saresli81@laurenedelman $45 right?
Apr 26 08:17PM
laurenedelman@saresli81 yep! done:)
Apr 26 08:18PM
saresli81@laurenedelman He there. Did you send these off yet? I'm not rushing I promise but I forgot to change the address before I purchased. Ill be out if this house by Tuesday, would you have an email address that I can email you my new address to? Thanks again
Apr 27 10:36AM
Jun 04 10:00PM

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