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** REDUCED ** Rodarte Black Crepe Tulle Slip Dress

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** REDUCED ** Rodarte Black Crepe Tulle Slip Dress

I hunted high and low, and jumped for joy when I finally found this. Alas, it's just not the right size :( perhaps it's yours? From the tulle-like, ballerina-esque skirt to that sheer bodice. From that layered skirt to that satiny smooth slip. From those delightful lace accents to strategically placed bows. This is true Rodarte ~ an intricate mesh of romanticism and edge. Ideal for someone with a 36B or C cup, at least 5'4" in height. Sniff. Part of the Rodarte for Target line. Reduced from $65.
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jkimThis is a gorgeous dress! Now I'm hunting for an xsmall lol.
Oct 30 03:25PM
sheelagohMe too :) which is why I'm listing this, it's way too big @jkim
Oct 30 03:28PM
fishybearI have this in the cream / light pink color. Too adorable
Nov 06 01:59PM
sheelagohI didn't realise this come in different colours! When I did my research on the line, black was the only shade shown in the lookbook :) how cool is that @fishybear
Nov 06 02:04PM
sheelagoh"came" @fishybear
Nov 06 02:05PM
fishybearOnce i find it at my dad's i will post a photo of it if you want :p it's either small or x small
Nov 06 02:07PM
sheelagohThat'd be AWESOME!!! @fishybear I'm typically XS or S :)
Nov 06 02:19PM
iamacreative@sheelagoh I wish this was smaller :( searching for this dress
Nov 08 08:34AM
sheelagohMe too :) which is why I'm selling it :) I need an XS or S @iamacreative
Nov 08 08:39AM
iamacreative@sheelagoh Ha we r both searching for the same thing! I even checked eBay, none :( So gorgeous.
Nov 08 08:45AM
sheelagohI hope you don't mind my tagging you @anakate So you have two size options of the same dress, from which you can choose :)
Nov 09 12:05AM
sheelagohYeah @iamacreative It'd appear that Size M is the smallest thus far, huh?
Nov 09 12:06AM
elviafIf anyone finds this in XS, let me know.
Nov 19 09:32AM
sheelagohI just bought one in XS :) @elviaf
Nov 19 09:39AM
elviaf@sheelagoh Where?
Nov 19 11:10PM
sheelagohOnline :) @elviaf
Nov 20 04:12AM
love_peace_03Oooommmmmg what about a 34b cup? Lol no joke this one is fantastic and soooooooooo beautiful.
Dec 13 07:08PM
sheelagohHeck yeah!! It'd work beautifully, no joke @love_peace_03
Dec 13 07:18PM
love_peace_03Oh just saw this is a large I wear a small 😡😡😡😡noooooo
Dec 13 07:48PM
sheelagohThat said it should fit because it's cut on the small side and you have the sufficient cleavage and you're of the right height @love_peace_03 I'm short and Asian sized so anything L drowns me.
Dec 13 07:51PM
love_peace_03Oh this is so beautiful. Let me think about it. I just hate looking in your closet because I want almost everything. Especially all your shoes. I kept switching back and forth between black wedge boots and these. I do live in Iowa maybe boots should be my pick but the spikes on the royal blue was an eye catcher for me! Such a hard decision. I still may get the black boots.
Dec 13 08:02PM
sheelagohIs this when I apologise in advance because I have about another 10 pairs to list? @love_peace_03
Dec 13 08:05PM
love_peace_03This is when I say that I will be a returning customer! We have very similar taste in shoes. I love when the shoes POP and make the outfit. Added bonus is everyone gives you a gazillion comments about how the shoes are pretty....
Dec 13 08:09PM
sheelagohYup :) I get stopped each time I'm out @love_peace_03 Shoes first, everything else gets noticed thereafter.
Dec 13 08:12PM
love_peace_03I totally agree!!!!!!!
Dec 13 08:14PM
ellidWould this be short on a 5'8 height?
Jan 22 07:28PM
sheelagohIt'd be between 2"-3" above the knees, I'd reckon @ellid
Jan 22 07:29PM
ellidIt's so gorgeous!! Is that an elastic waist band? And how negotiable are you with price 😊
Jan 22 07:37PM
sheelagohIt truly is a stop-them-in-midstep piece :) I was so heartbroken when it didn't fit me @ellid I'm pretty firm on the price because it's such an amazing dress but I do, do price breaks on multiple purchases :) plus you get to choose from any item tagged as Gift With Any Purchase :)
Jan 22 08:12PM
sheelagohYou know what @ellid If you really love this and would like to purchase it, I'll do $60 :) that saves you some for shipping fees.
Jan 22 08:22PM
ellidAwww your the best. Let me settle a few things and get back to you!!
Jan 22 08:29PM
sheelagohI'll be here :) @ellid
Jan 22 08:54PM
gongmvWow this is beautiful! Unfortunately I need an XS too...
Jan 24 06:13PM
sheelagohI found an XS in Nude and I'm keeping it :) @gongmv
Jan 24 06:27PM
gongmvSo jealous :)!!
Jan 24 06:38PM
sheelagohLOL if I ever list it, I promise to tag you :) @gongmv
Jan 24 06:38PM
supersharen1970Hi so this would fit someone with a large busy ??
Feb 18 03:07PM
sheelagohI know it would fit a B or C cup but may I know your bust measurement so I can check? @supersharen1970
Feb 18 03:27PM
supersharen1970I'm a 36dd or a 38 d
Feb 18 03:29PM
supersharen1970Also can't wait to see your hosts picks tonight lol
Feb 18 03:30PM
sheelagohI don't think it'll fit :( I'm so sorry @supersharen1970 And yes, please do join the party tonight!! :)
Feb 18 03:33PM
supersharen1970Really based on the bust sz it would not fit 😕
Feb 18 03:36PM
sheelagohI can recheck but the bust area isn't stretchy and I'm a 36A, it needed more curve in that area so I'm thinking either B or C, I'm really not sure about anything curvier than that :( @supersharen1970
Feb 18 04:07PM
supersharen1970Omg i want this so bad lol
Feb 18 04:12PM
sheelagohTell you what, I'll measure the circumference of the chest area and I'll let you know what the max width is so you can think about it :) @supersharen1970 Sounds good?
Feb 18 04:22PM
supersharen1970Yes sounds good
Feb 18 04:36PM
sheelagohThank you so much @ah17 You have wonderful taste :) I'll be shipping her today!
Feb 19 04:08AM

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