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Reserved for @haleyh

Our sleek long tote is crafted from richly pebbled leather and finished with our Big Pony elegantly embossed at one side. Slim yet spacious silhouette tucks neatly over the shoulder with two slender handles. One handle features our removable embossed Proprietor luggage tag. Single golden snap closure with interior lined in cotton drill. One large zip pocket, patch pocket and cell phone niche. Flat reinforced bottom. 17" W (at widest point) x 5 1/2" D x 15 1/2" H. Leather. Imported.
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_marli18@laurenedelman trade?
Oct 31 11:10AM
laurenedelman@_marli18 sorry! No trades. Willing to work on price though.
Oct 31 11:17AM
laurenedelman@mrscasillas, @bmorefinest1976, @nicoleeirea, @esmith79, @rbright this is a beautiful bag! i only wore it 3 or 4 times. I am willing to work on price. Let me know if you want to chat about it :)
Nov 01 10:59PM
esmith79I think this is a gorgeous bag but I have 3 coach purses just sitting in my closet so I'm pretty sure my husband would freak if I bought another bag! ๐Ÿ˜lol
Nov 02 07:39PM
laurenedelman@esmith79 thanks i really want this bag to find a home! And, I totally understand...I do a lot of stealth purchasing so my husband doesn't notice :)
Nov 02 07:41PM
esmith79Lol @laurenedelman !! My hubby will be deploying overseas soon so maybe then I can go into "stealth mode!" lol
Nov 02 09:38PM
laurenedelman@esmith79 that's the spirit! And I can definitely work on the price :)
Nov 02 09:40PM
cjtang@laurenedelman Gorgeous!! Can this be worn over shoulder or just tote style? Gotta sell more but loooove ๐Ÿ˜
Nov 04 07:50PM
laurenedelman@cjtang thanks for the likes! I can bundle for you at a discount :). Just let me know and we can work on a price. Happy shopping!
Nov 04 07:51PM
laurenedelman@cjtang can definitely fit over the shoulder! Thanks for the love :)
Nov 04 07:52PM
cjtang@laurenedelman Love your closet! Keeping everything in my likes! Will circle back when I'm able to sell more :)
Nov 04 07:57PM
laurenedelman@cjtang thank you and let me know when you're ready :)
Nov 05 05:34PM
laurenedelman@cjtang wanted to let you know I reduced the price on the Ralph Lauren tote to $250
Nov 11 06:42PM
cjtang@laurenedelman Thanks for letting me know! Still can't spend at moment and will keep in my likes for when that changes (went a little overboard at rag&bone a few weeks ago ๐Ÿ˜Š)
Nov 11 09:42PM
kat_is_coolWould you go any lower. I love this. And also how much to bundle this and the jade necklace?
Nov 14 08:33PM
laurenedelman@kat_is_cool I can do both for $250, so the necklace is free :). Does it work for u?
Nov 14 09:12PM
kat_is_coolI wish I can say it works but it's still too high for my budget at the moment. :(. I'll just keep it in my likes for now. Thank you.
Nov 14 09:17PM
laurenedelman@cocobrown27 thanks for the likes! Let me know if you want to bundle items for a discount :)
Nov 17 12:33PM
cocobrown27@laurenedelman ok I will thanks I wish I could purchase that today, low on funds๐Ÿ˜•
Nov 17 02:40PM
laurenedelman@cocobrown27 no worries! Just let me know when you're ready! This bag is amazing!!
Nov 17 02:43PM
poshbagzThis is to die for!!!!
Nov 24 06:43AM
poshbagz@hispath5 beautiful closet and this bag๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Nov 24 06:46AM
laurenedelman@poshbagz thank u! This bag is amazing and I only used it a couple of times. If you are interested, I have some wiggle room on the price :)
Nov 24 06:48AM
poshbagzI'm definitely thinking about it it's beautiful!
Nov 24 06:51AM
laurenedelman@poshbagz let me know,girl :). Happy shopping
Nov 24 08:15AM
poshbagzThank you!
Nov 24 08:25AM
hispath5@poshbagz just saw your tag. This is a great bag! Would be great for school!
Nov 24 12:51PM
poshbagzPlease email me when you get a moment Thanks!
Nov 24 03:47PM
ljacksonI love this bag!! Have you sold it yet??
Nov 29 10:59PM
laurenedelman@ljackson the bag is definitely still available :). I hope it finds a home with u :)
Nov 30 03:06AM
ljacksonSo do I ..... How flexible are you with the price?
Nov 30 04:53AM
laurenedelman@ljackson the lowest I can go is $200. Let me know if it works for you :)
Nov 30 04:55AM
concetta1stLove the bag this is my first time on here how does this work with payment and shipping??
Nov 30 05:17AM
concetta1stAnd what else do u have to bundle
Nov 30 05:17AM
laurenedelman@concetta1st if you like multiple items in my closet, let me know and I will make a special listing just for you. When I've listed your products you simply "buy now" and you can pay with you credit card just like any other site. As soon as you pay, I pack it up and ship it to you :)
Nov 30 05:21AM
concetta1stOk how do I see other things in your closet!!
Nov 30 05:28AM
concetta1stThe black Ralph Lauren hand bag is also yours??
Nov 30 05:29AM
laurenedelman@concetta1st when you are in the listing, on the left it will say "shop Lauren's closet". You can click through to see everything :)
Nov 30 05:30AM
laurenedelman@concetta1st yes the black Ralph Lauren is also mine :)
Nov 30 05:30AM
laurenedelman@concetta1st did you find some things that you liked? I can bundle and offer a discount :)
Nov 30 06:19AM
valerie06LOVE THIS BAG!!!!!:)
Nov 30 06:17PM
laurenedelman@daviskt thanks for the likes! Let me know if you want to bundle at a discount :)
Dec 02 09:53AM
laurenedelman@victoriajohnson thanks for the likes! Let me know if you want to bundle several items together for a discount
Dec 02 01:47PM
julietallisingHow low can you go for this?
Dec 02 06:26PM
laurenedelman@julietallising best I can do is $200...let me know if that works for u :)
Dec 02 06:28PM
julietallisingThanks for responding I will think about it.
Dec 02 07:46PM
laurenedelman@julietallising no prob..just let me know
Dec 02 07:46PM
valkeplerI can buy this bag for $200. Is that a price you are willing to sell it for?
Dec 04 08:23AM
laurenedelman@valkepler price is changed for u :)
Dec 04 08:35AM
taralayne3Love this do I see other items in your closet? I just joined last night!
Dec 04 08:52AM
simplychic45I WANT THIS BAG๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜I'm waiting on some xtra๐Ÿ’ฐhope it's still here
Dec 04 08:52AM
laurenedelman@simplychic45 I have a lot of interested people...and the price is amazing at $200!
Dec 04 08:55AM
laurenedelman@taralayne3 when you are viewing the item, just click the "shop Lauren's closet" to the left and you will be able to see everything. Happy shopping :)
Dec 04 08:55AM
valkeplerI want this bag so bad. I'm going to buy it but I need some time until I get my next paycheck. I would hate if someone bought it before then. Would u consider reserving it for me?
Dec 04 10:17AM
laurenedelman@valkepler what day can you purchase?
Dec 04 10:35AM
valkeplerIs the 17th ok?
Dec 04 10:49AM
laurenedelman@valkepler sorry two weeks is too long to hold. Maximum I can hold is 5 days. I'm sorry!
Dec 04 10:52AM
marchiamillerDoes it fit under your arm to wear it over your shoulder?
Dec 04 05:40PM
laurenedelman@marchiamiller yep! I usually slung it over my shoulder. To be transparent, it was a little snug when I wore a heavy coat, but doable
Dec 04 05:42PM
sweetadeline18Would you take $150? If so, I'll take it.
Dec 04 07:45PM
laurenedelman@sweetadeline18 sorry, price is firm at $200 and already has been reduced. Thanks!
Dec 04 07:46PM
sweetadeline18Ok :) thanks.
Dec 04 07:48PM
angie1050I love that purse
Dec 05 05:52AM
laurenedelman@angie1050 thank you! I've had so many lovely compliments on it. Not sure it will be around too much longer :)
Dec 05 06:08AM
desireejrWill you take 125.00
Dec 05 08:14AM
laurenedelman@desireejr sorry...price is firm at $200 and has already been reduced
Dec 05 08:20AM
amiwilliamsBeautiful bag! ๐Ÿ˜ Keeping my eyes on this!
Dec 05 09:22PM
laurenedelman@amiwilliams thanks :). Lots of interest on this one..hoping it finds a good home
Dec 05 10:42PM
Dec 06 03:20PM
laurenedelman@ely101087 $200 is the lowest
Dec 06 03:46PM
ely101087K thanks
Dec 06 03:59PM
ruth0566Would you give it for 150?
Dec 07 06:02AM
laurenedelman@ruth0566 price is firm at $ had already been reduced
Dec 07 06:03AM
ruth0566In case you change your mind let me know thanks and good luck
Dec 07 06:06AM
marshanortonLove Love this bag!!
Dec 07 02:18PM
laurenedelman@marshanorton thanks :)
Dec 07 02:21PM
marshanortonCan you post a side picture so I can see how big it is please?
Dec 07 03:33PM
laurenedelman@marshanorton sure thing! I'm walking my dog, but will have it up shortly
Dec 07 03:41PM
laurenedelman@marshanorton pic posted :)
Dec 07 04:02PM
haleyh@laurenedelman Still willing to sell for $200?
Dec 07 07:19PM
haleyh@laurenedelman Love the bag - I'm interested in buying at $200. Is the leather matte or shiny? Can't tell from the first picture.
Dec 07 07:22PM
laurenedelman@haleyh it's definitely matte (not patent). If you want to purchase, I will reserve for you, just let me know :)
Dec 07 07:27PM
haleyh@laurenedelman Reserve it for me - I can buy tonight :)
Dec 07 07:33PM
laurenedelman@haleyh you're all set :)
Dec 07 07:35PM
haleyh@laurenedelman Purchased, thanks! Will it ship Monday?
Dec 07 07:51PM
laurenedelman@haleyh I'll ship it tomorrow :)
Dec 07 07:53PM
haleyh@laurenedelman Awesome, thanks!
Dec 07 07:54PM
laurenedelman@haleyh hey girl! Saw that your package was delivered on Monday...everything ok?
Dec 13 06:23PM
haleyh@laurenedelman Hey! Got it - and the bag looks great :) Just accepted in the app. Forgot to do that earlier this week. Thanks again!
Dec 13 06:35PM
poshbagz@haleyh hi dear if you ever decide to get rid of this bag please notify me first, I loved this bag but finances weren't the best at the time. Thanks so much๐Ÿ˜˜
Apr 16 07:56AM
haleyh@poshbagz Thanks for the note, but I love the bag. Will let you know if anything changes!
Apr 17 06:42PM
poshbagz@haleyh thanks dear
Apr 17 06:45PM

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