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Bundle @mariagonzales (jcrew skirts and top)

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Bundle @mariagonzales (jcrew skirts and top)

J.Crew Sparkling Bubble Skirt, J.Crew Tiered Brique Skirt and J.Crew Ruffle Shirt
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kermo87Would you do this for $40?
Oct 29 12:49PM
laurenedelman@kermo87 how about $50?
Oct 29 12:54PM
laurenedelman@tal5041 just reduced :)
Oct 30 12:05PM
laurenedelman@thedandylife just reduced :)
Oct 30 12:06PM
laurenedelman@sandyad just reduced :)
Oct 30 12:06PM
laurenedelman@larnt just reduced :)
Oct 30 12:06PM
laurenedelman@ssaucier just reduced :)
Oct 30 12:07PM
agillmanThis is fab!
Nov 01 09:11PM
laurenedelman@agillman this skirt is so versatile! you can wear it now with tights and boots, but you can also wear casually in the summer with flat sandals. It's really fun
Nov 01 10:55PM
Nov 02 12:06PM
laurenedelman@ashleedawn thanks!! Let me know if you have any q'a
Nov 02 12:09PM
pdub341Would you trade?
Nov 02 07:37PM
laurenedelman@pdub341 sorry, I don't trade :( thanks for your interest though
Nov 02 07:38PM
arimethiaWhat is the measurement flat across the waist?
Nov 05 04:17PM
laurenedelman@arimethia it's about 32 inches...on me it sits half way between my waist and hips. Hope that helps!! This skirt is adorable
Nov 05 05:27PM
kimchu9Gorgeous closet !! Wish we were the same in shoe size :)
Nov 09 11:49AM
laurenedelman@kimchu9 thanks so much for the likes!! I can bundle for you at a discount :)
Nov 09 12:02PM
ostandaIs this gold or mixed metallics?
Nov 10 07:55AM
laurenedelman@ostanda it's mixed metallics if you look closely, but the look is very gold and bronze...not at all silver
Nov 10 07:58AM
mariagonzalesIs it a true size 6?
Nov 20 08:02PM
laurenedelman@mariagonzales no, I'm usually a 0 or 2 in J.Crew, but this was ran small in the waist. Hope that helps!
Nov 20 08:14PM
mariagonzales@laurenedelman it does help thank you cause I'm usually a 0-2 in jcrew as well but love the skirt - can you reserve it for me please will return to buy before the week is over. Thank you!!
Nov 21 04:54AM
laurenedelman@mariagonzalesof course! Happy to do it for you. Will reserve now :) Just let me know when you're ready to purchase and I'll readjust the price
Nov 21 04:56AM
laurenedelman@mariagonzales okay u are all set, I will adjust the price to $85 when you're ready :)
Nov 21 05:42AM
mariagonzalesThank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!! Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the holiday and I will purchase first thing in the morning!!
Nov 22 06:45AM
laurenedelman@mariagonzales have a wonderful holiday! I will change the price to $85 first thing in the morning :)
Nov 22 07:02AM
laurenedelman@mariagonzales ready whenever u are :)
Nov 23 04:54AM
mariagonzales@laurenedelman thank you again!!
Nov 23 06:07AM
camilla_noelleI'm so glad somebody finally purchased this item! I love this skirt!
Nov 24 09:25AM
laurenedelman@camilla_noelle I know, me too :). It found a great home with @mariagonzales
Nov 24 09:30AM
mariagonzalesIndeed it did (^_^) love love love your style and closet @laurenedelman - they found a great home and I will take care of them (^_^)
Nov 24 11:25AM

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