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RESERVED FOR ELENABanana Rep Snakeskin Leather Bag

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RESERVED FOR ELENABanana Rep Snakeskin Leather Bag

This was listed in my closet at $80. I'll lower it another $5 if you add something else from my closet. It's a BRAND NEW fabulous bag with tons of pockets! It holds a lot of stuff. The dollar is to help show you the size.
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kjacob2002Will you accept $35
Oct 28 02:52PM
styleluxe4less@kjacob2002 No. That's way off. Sorry.
Oct 28 02:53PM
violacpI can do $60.
Oct 29 09:24AM
violacpWhat's the drop on the bag?
Oct 29 09:58AM
mrsbertrandWill you accept $50?
Oct 29 11:36AM
styleluxe4less@violacp Hi Viola! This is my mother-in-law's bag, so I had to check with her. She wants to get the full $80 for it because it is new and she paid a lot more for it. If you want to pair it with other things in my closet, I can probably discount it. :)
Oct 29 06:37PM
styleluxe4less@mrsbertrand No, sorry Stephania. :(
Oct 29 06:37PM
violacpLet me take a look. I am getting the bag. Thx
Oct 29 07:01PM
Oct 29 09:09PM
styleluxe4less@natalieb42 Thanks, Natalie! And, I appreciate all of your shares. :)
Oct 29 09:18PM
natalieb42And thank you ❀️
Oct 29 09:26PM
styleluxe4less@violacp Are you still interested in this bag? :)
Nov 03 11:58AM
brandijohnsonI'm new to this and was wondering if u could maybe help me! My post office is giving me trouble when trying to ship the item, they said they need to know an amount the prepaid shipping covers! Do u know what I should do?
Nov 03 12:02PM
styleluxe4less@brandijohnson Hi Brandi! Sorry you're having trouble. I created a video you can watch on shipping. It's at I've never had any trouble with shipping and my postman picks up my packages off I my front porch.
Nov 03 12:18PM
styleluxe4less@brandijohnson Also, you have to make sure the box isn't over 3 pounds.
Nov 03 12:19PM
brandijohnsonOk thank u! Well it wasn't even in a box when I took it and had so many problems bc I was going to try to get a really small free one from the post office but I bought I really small one from Fred's yesterday and I'm sure it's not over 3 pounds
Nov 03 12:23PM
styleluxe4less@brandijohnson Go ahead and order boxes like the video tells you to. It will make everything easier for you.
Nov 03 06:23PM
aravensdreamHi, just looking/dreaming! Looks so much like the Coach purse I was eyeing and cheaper ;)
Nov 04 09:16PM
styleluxe4less@violacp Are you still interested in this bag? :)
Nov 28 05:37AM
Dec 05 10:22AM
noahjames1@styleluxe4less is the hardware gold?
Dec 12 05:01PM
styleluxe4less@noahjames1 It's not gold, gold. Heck, I thought it was silver (it's my mother-in-law's, but I photographed it, etc.), but after closely examining it just now, it's like a brushed silver. Like, I think it is more silver than gold, but it looks different in different light. Hope this helps. I'm happy to take close up pics. Just let me know.
Dec 12 07:15PM
tineishCan u model? I would like yoder the length.
Dec 12 07:16PM
styleluxe4less@tineish Sure. Give me a minute.
Dec 12 07:17PM
Dec 12 07:17PM
styleluxe4less@tineish Added a photo. Not the best but the best I can do at 10:30 at night. Lol. Let me know if you want to see another one tomorrow. This is definitely a great bag.
Dec 12 07:35PM
styleluxe4less@violacp Hi Viola! Just curious if you are still interested in this bag.
Dec 12 07:37PM
violacpIt depends on the price. It's a nice bag.
Dec 12 07:40PM
tineishThank u...
Dec 12 07:47PM
tineishI LOVE IT...if its still avail this weekend I may purchase!
Dec 12 07:48PM
styleluxe4less@tineish Let me know if you are interested in this bag. I know you said this weekend and a couple if others are interested. I'm happy to reserve it for you and also reduce it if you want anything else from my closet.
Dec 14 06:54PM
nstout72U trade ?
Dec 14 10:13PM
styleluxe4less@nstout72 No. Sorry, Natasha.
Dec 14 10:24PM
styleluxe4less@violacp For you, I'll take $15 off the price and $20 off if you are interested in adding anything else from my closet :) Let me know.
Dec 15 02:36PM
styleluxe4less@violacp Did you see my offer for you above? Hope you are having a very merry holiday season!
Dec 20 08:59PM
violacp@styleluxe4less I'm sorry I missed your mssg but I going to wait until I can find something else in your closet to get the best deal.😊
Dec 20 09:05PM
styleluxe4less@violacp I understand that! Let me know what you are looking for. And, what size shows do you wear? I have so much stuff to post, and can post items you may be interested in first. πŸ˜ƒ I'm planning on posting a lot this weekend.
Dec 20 09:15PM
violacp@styleluxe4less I appreciate it but I just buy what really hits me. I have so many bags, shoes and clothes, I don't need anything. I'm having the fetish with cross body bags, trying to control myself. It would be great to carry to the Inauguration next month....😯
Dec 20 09:33PM
styleluxe4less@violacp That's awesome that you are going to the inauguration!!! I met Bill Clinton in 2000 at an event in LA. Pretty neat experience.
Dec 20 10:02PM
sageholliday@styleluxe4less ok I really like this, will you take $60 or $65??
Dec 22 07:38PM
styleluxe4less@sageholliday Hi Sage! Yes, I'll give you the same deal I was giving the other lady looking at it. $15 off or $20 off if you want anything else from my closet. Let me know!
Dec 22 08:05PM
sageholliday@styleluxe4less ok thanks! I think I want it but I'll let you know in the next couple days :)
Dec 22 08:58PM
kobskdLive this bag can u do 55
Dec 31 07:02PM
styleluxe4less@kobskd Thanks, Krystal! I can't go that low. If you are interested in something else in my closet, I can do $60. Otherwise, it's $65. It's a great bag in great condition. Let me know.
Dec 31 07:14PM
kobskdOk I'll take it can u reserve til Wednesday evening then i will pay
Dec 31 07:16PM
styleluxe4less@kobskd Sure! No problem. Just let me know on Wed if you want to add something else for the discount. Happy New Year!
Dec 31 07:17PM
kobskdOk thx happy new year
Dec 31 07:19PM
aravensdreamI will take it if she changes her mind
Jan 02 02:46AM
styleluxe4less@aravensdream Hi Elena! I will let you know tonight if she doesn't purchase.
Jan 02 05:52AM
kobskdIt will be next Wednesday sorry I should have told u the date is that ok?
Jan 02 08:16PM
styleluxe4less@kobskd I've been confused at what day is what all through the holidays! Unfortunately, I can't hold it that long because there were other people looking at it before you reserved it, and I've already had someone today say they want if you don't purchase. My mother-in-law really needs the money! And, I've been burned in the past with holding an item for a length of time and then they don't purchase and then even the other people that wanted it have moved on. I'm sorry!
Jan 02 08:36PM
styleluxe4less@aravensdream This is available now!
Jan 03 07:44AM
aravensdreamYeah! Ok I just read what happen. Can you hold for 2 hrs. I need to do creative banking, shuffle funds. I will buy!
Jan 03 08:20AM
styleluxe4less@aravensdream Yes, of course. I just kept it reserved until I heard back from you. I hate that I can't reserve it for a week for Krystal! But, I have just been burned in teh past and my mother-in-law is ready to sell this bag! It's beautiful. Trust me, I wanted to buy it! :) Let me know when you are ready!
Jan 03 08:23AM
kobskdNo problem I understand :) thx
Jan 03 08:41AM
sageholliday@styleluxe4less is this available? I would really like to buy :)
Jan 03 04:02PM
aravensdreamI am ready to buy.
Jan 03 04:26PM
aravensdreamThank you for being understanding and waiting. I was in a meeting that lasted forever.
Jan 03 04:29PM
styleluxe4less@aravensdream Hi Elena! Here you go!
Jan 03 06:10PM
styleluxe4less@sageholliday Sorry, Sage! I just sold it. 😩
Jan 03 08:43PM
aravensdreamI love the purse! Exactly how described. Thank you and I am back checking πŸ˜‰
Jan 07 09:55PM
styleluxe4less@aravensdream Yay, Elena! Glad you love it. Keep checking back. I am always adding new things. :)
Jan 08 03:55PM
dfisher4928I am interested if you don't sell it
Sep 21 06:04PM
styleluxe4less@dfisher4928 Hi Denise! This was sold back in January. You can always tell it has been sold when there is a red banner with "SOLD!" on it. Hope this helps!
Sep 23 01:28PM

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