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Zara floral skinnies

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Zara floral skinnies

Zara floral print skinny jeans - In new condition. Size 26USA 4. Zipper detail on ankles
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
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anathaly18@bactor23sgirl hi! Thanks for the likes 😊 are you interested in any of the items?
Oct 31 11:01AM
bactor23sgirl@anathaly18 really like these.
Oct 31 11:17PM
anathaly18@bactor23sgirl thanks! They could be yours 😉
Nov 01 04:45AM
bactor23sgirl@anathaly18 for how much?
Nov 01 07:18AM
anathaly18@bactor23sgirl the price is $60...what's your offer?
Nov 01 08:06AM
anathaly18@bactor23sgirl ^^
Nov 03 07:37AM
anathaly18@maria thanks for the share Maria!
Nov 08 11:39AM
wbjagichAre you interested in trading?
Nov 16 11:00PM
anathaly18@wbjagich I'm sorry I don't trade :(
Nov 17 06:32AM
hkxnycim so disturbed i dunno why the app keeps unsubscribing me from u!!😓
Dec 04 08:04PM
vintageloveAhh these are beautiful ♡
Dec 04 08:51PM
elcjan@anathaly18 would u be willing to drop to $30?
Dec 11 03:49AM
elcjan@anathaly18 or trade?
Dec 11 03:52AM
anathaly18@elcjan I can do $48 on PayPal
Dec 11 05:02AM
bloklovelace@anathaly18 I just live the contrast if floral with zipper detail! Pretty yet edgy ;)
Dec 25 01:39PM
pinklipstick38 through PP?
Jan 05 02:58AM
anathaly18@pinklipstick I don't have PayPal anymore sorry. I can do $58 here
Jan 05 06:02AM
Feb 07 08:59PM
summerzayed12What's the lowest
Feb 10 05:58PM
anathaly18@summerzayed12 $59 is my lowest
Feb 10 06:51PM
laurenfulcherIll buy today for $59!
Feb 23 06:03AM
anathaly18@laurenfulcher sure thing hun! I'll change the price now :)
Feb 23 07:04AM
laurenfulcher@nargiej hi, just wanted to check on this- did it ship yet? Thank you!
Mar 04 10:23AM
anathaly18@laurenfulcher hi! I did ☺ I'm sorry for any delays! Hope you love them :)
Mar 04 11:26AM
laurenfulcher@anathaly18 no worries! Thank u so much doll!!
Mar 04 06:12PM
anathaly18@laurenfulcher hi Lauren! It looks like you received the jeans yesterday 😄 please let me know how you liked them!
Mar 07 05:28AM
laurenfulcher@anathaly18 hey, um did you sell these bc they were defective? The zipper is totally broken :(
Mar 07 03:34PM
anathaly18@laurenfulcher What?? No, it's not. I inspect all my clothing and these were only worn once. I even tried the zipper out as I was folding and packing them up 😔 it was fine. I would never sell something that isnt wearable because its peoples money I'm dealing with here and im no liar or scammer. I'm sorry you're having trouble with it 😣 I really am.
Mar 07 03:48PM

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