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New Authentic Kate Spade IPhone 4 Case

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New Authentic Kate Spade IPhone 4 Case

Completely brand new, still in packaging Kate Spade IPhone 4 Case. Super chic, white case with gold diagonal stripes across the case. Kate spade logo featured on the mid-bottom of the case.
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blpattercakeIs this a hard case?
Nov 02 11:10AM
jlaiYes, it is
Nov 03 04:03AM
jlai@blpattercake ^
Nov 03 06:58PM
lia13Is this still available?
Nov 15 05:36PM
jlai@lia13 yes it is
Nov 15 10:39PM
blpattercakeWhat do the sides and front look like?
Nov 16 10:41PM
jlai@blpattercake I posted new pics for you. Let me know if you want any other pics of the case 😃
Nov 18 09:13PM
blpattercakeThank you! I love it! Is it authentic? Would you take $15 for it?
Nov 19 09:16AM
blpattercakeAlso, my phone is a 4s would it fit?
Nov 19 09:17AM
jlai@blpattercake Yes, the case is authentic. It says iPhone 4 on the box, I'm not sure if it'll fit your 4S? I can give you it for 20
Nov 19 05:34PM
tiffanymabAh I loveee this!! Would you take 18 for it? :) if so I am ready to buy!
Dec 07 06:06AM
jlai@tiffanymab I can do 18, are you still interested?
Dec 11 09:21PM
ladyhIf it will fit a iPhone 4S and you will take $18 for it I'll buy it now
Dec 13 06:59AM
ladyhIf you'll take $18 for it I'll buy it now no matter what
Dec 14 07:28PM
blpattercakeI want this for 18! I'm ready to buy :)
Dec 15 07:09PM
jlai@blpattercake hi! I updated the price ;)!
Dec 16 12:47PM
jlai@ladyh still interested?
Dec 19 10:23PM
ladyhYes I am will buy Friday if you still have it and thanks for getting back with me
Dec 19 11:20PM
jlai@ladyh yes, this is still available just let me know
Dec 20 06:49PM

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