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Steve Madden platforms

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Steve Madden platforms

Steve Madden purple suede "Getreal" platforms. Worn once - in new condition. Only signs of wear are minimal on soles. Comes with box. Sold out
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Oct 17 03:57PM
Oct 17 04:12PM
kenziecappsWhy does it say "sold out"? Haha and if you ever decide to trade and find something you like of mine please let me know πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ
Oct 30 05:24AM
anathaly18@kenziecapps lol!! Well I out that because they're sold out and discontinued on Steve maddens site 😊 I'll check out your closet now!
Oct 30 05:49AM
kenziecappsYay okay!!
Oct 30 08:01AM
anathaly18@kenziecapps I like the lace top! I'll do a partial trade
Oct 30 08:28AM
kenziecappsThat's alright, I really have zero extra money to spend. It sucks being a broke college girl :(
Oct 30 08:30AM
kenziecappsThanks for looking!
Oct 30 08:30AM
anathaly18@carryon thanks for sharing!
Jan 28 03:13PM
lexialcalaLet me know if you see anything to trade :)
Jan 29 07:50AM
kmthomas21Hey follow back and check out my closet :)
Feb 08 04:22PM
stephyyyyyy_xoThese are cute check out my closet and tell me if you are interested in anything
Feb 08 10:57PM
lolaaladeFinal price ?
Feb 12 04:32PM
Mar 04 11:49AM
anathaly18@lolaalade im sorry I didn't see your comment sooner! These are negotiable if youre still interested!
Mar 04 12:30PM
lexialcalaWould you take 40$
Apr 24 02:32PM
anathaly18@lexialcala hey there! πŸ˜„ $40 is a bit low for me but I did check your closet out and love the Vera Wang beanie you have! Itd be perfect for my new york trip next week ☺ if you're interested in a partial trade let me know! p.s I noticed you wrote a brief post about yourself and saw that your boyfriend lives in new york..mine does too and I'm in Florida lol so I know how the long distance relationship feels. I'm just starting to get used to it πŸ˜” but it's "nice" to see someone share that similarity lol hang in there! 😌
Apr 24 02:40PM
lexialcala@anathaly18 awe that's all I can afford at the moment. But the beanie is there if you like. Awe I'm so jealous your going! 😩 I haven't been since January! And how funny we met eachother in Florida lol I love meeting people in long distance relationships because no one understand what we go through unless your in it. Your gonna have a blast in New York! And ditto hope you and your man have an awesome time and keep strong. 😊 Ill come back to these once I get more money cause I really love them 😍
Apr 24 02:47PM
anathaly18@lexialcala same to you pretty girl!! He moved in January so I've been trying to deal with it as best I can lol. New York is amazing though! And these will be here for you when you're ready! I'm waiting to get paid too lol so I'll have to wait on the beanie until Friday 😩😫but I can reduce these to $60 for you if that makes it any better for when you're ready ☺
Apr 24 03:16PM
catniss1Hi there! What's the best deal you can give me to bundle the blue suade and these platforms? Thanks :)
May 20 09:31AM
anathaly18@catniss1 hi! 😊 your total would be $100 so how about $10 off so you'd still pay less than $100 after shipping?
May 20 10:59AM
catniss1They are both so gorgeous! Let me think about it... Thanks.
May 20 11:08AM
anathaly18@catniss1 no problem! 😊let me know what works for you, I'm flexible.
May 20 11:15AM
iheartpurple@anathaly18 πŸ˜˜πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
Sep 08 11:07PM
anathaly18@iheartpurple aww I wish these were your size! πŸ˜„πŸ˜”πŸ˜˜πŸ˜Š great closet btw! Thanks for all the shares 😘😘😘😘
Sep 10 07:20PM
alissatasticThanks for the share on my watch! I have these shoes in grey and they look so gorgeous on my feet! I wish these were a size 9! I would so get them, this color is amazing!
Oct 30 05:48AM
anathaly18@alissatastic thank you!! :))) I used to have them in grey too but sold them..and how I regret it! They're sooo comfy and dress up any outfit!
Oct 30 06:30AM
morningglory217Trade?? :) @anathaly18
Nov 02 10:20AM
morningglory217Love these @anathaly18 <3
Nov 02 08:42PM
anathaly18@morningglory217 hi! :) I don't trade but I did really love those Steve Madden sandals'
Nov 02 09:03PM
morningglory217@anathaly18 oh man! Didn't see anything else? I sold those :/ they were cute :p
Nov 02 09:06PM
angie_219Hi girly ! Is $40 too low?
Nov 03 01:52PM
anathaly18@angie_219 hi! :) it is just a tad bit :( I could do $45 if you're okay with PayPal but it'll be $50 here :-/ sorry girly!
Nov 03 06:03PM
lesly_89Why aren't we the same size 😭😭😭
Nov 05 07:02PM
Nov 05 09:44PM
tbrie97Wow these are amazing!
Nov 19 12:15AM
anathaly18@tbrie97 awe thanks! :) would you be interested in buying them? We can work out a better deal!
Nov 19 04:25AM
tbrie97Wow thanks @anathaly18 ! I'm actually new to this so I can't buy anything until I sell but hopefully once I do that these are still out there cuz I love them!
Nov 19 07:19AM
anathaly18@tbrie97 of course!! :) I'll share your items now! Welcome to posh!
Nov 19 07:50AM
tbrie97Wow thank you @anathaly18 I really appreciate that!
Nov 19 07:53AM
lovelyhawks@anathaly18 trade for any of my likes? I also bundle with my sister @elephant1
Dec 06 09:23PM
lexialcala@anathaly18 35? Still in love with these!!
Apr 15 12:12PM
anathaly18@lexialcala aww thanks! 😊 do you think we could meet halfway at $40?
Apr 16 11:20AM
anathaly18@lexialcala Did you still want these?
Apr 17 01:46PM
lexialcalaYea waiting on funds :/
Apr 17 01:46PM
anathaly18@lexialcala okay no problem! :)
Apr 17 02:20PM
hotcris3@anathaly18 trade?
Apr 25 04:47PM
anathaly18@lexialcala in case you still want these changed them to your original asking price :)
Apr 29 12:10PM
mexicanchicasCan u change it so I can get them right now please?
May 16 10:23AM
anathaly18@mexicanchicas done! Thanks for understanding. I will ship tomorrow morning for sure, hope you love them!
May 16 10:36AM
mexicanchicasThanks,I'm sure I will.
May 16 10:37AM
anathaly18@mexicanchicas hi! How did you like both of your purchases?
May 28 10:16AM
mexicanchicasHi ,, I love them! Thank you
Jun 02 06:29AM

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