OC Boutique Sweaters - 🔰NOT AVAIL🔰New Gorgeous Black Batwing Sweater

🔰NOT AVAIL🔰New Gorgeous Black Batwing Sweater

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🔰NOT AVAIL🔰New Gorgeous Black Batwing SweaterNWT

New Gorgeous Black Batwing Loose Sweater. Size: One size fits all. Features soft mohair/cotton, side pockets, batwing sleeves & shawl collar. Perfect for a chilly night out with friends. (1 AVAILABLE FOR SAME DAY SHIPPING!) 🎉 ❤SIZING: Length: 70 cm, Bust: 90 cm, Waist: 78 cm, Sleeve: 50 cm, Shoulder: 35 cm
Seller Discount: 5% off 3+ Bundle
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
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panela05Which ones cuter? This one or the other one? Can't have both. Fiancé will kill me! Lol.
Oct 10 04:36PM
lalunagypsy@panela05 hmm Depends if you want it open in front or a pull over? I like this one just cuz you can show ur top and a scarf off lol
Oct 10 04:38PM
lalunagypsy@panela05 lol and tell him your selling to make room for more heheee 😝
Oct 10 04:39PM
panela05@fashionthreads lol! I wish!!! He was already complaining this morning that I took over his closet. Plus he caught me sneaking in Topshop and Nordstrom shopping bags in last night. :/ I think I like this one! Is the price firm?
Oct 10 04:42PM
lalunagypsy@panela05 bahahaa 😂 we are so alike-- my husband was like hmm nice bag, when did ya get that? Lol and why so many deliveries??!! Too funny! & ya price is firm normally, for you I can do $5 off
Oct 10 04:45PM
panela05Okay, I want this one! Do you have to order it first? ^_^
Oct 10 04:46PM
lalunagypsy@panela05 K sounds good! & yes I'm placing it tonight, will be around 7 days. Someone purchased last night & hers will be in the same shipment. I would pick it up but I have no access to a car during the day 😏
Oct 10 04:49PM
lalunagypsy@panela05 oh and i need to make a diff listing for this
Oct 10 04:51PM
panela05Sounds good. Take your time. Just tag me when it's up. Three people I've shipped items to early last week still haven't pressed the receive button! Ugh.
Oct 10 04:54PM
panela05I'm really excited for this! Lol.
Oct 10 04:55PM
lalunagypsy@panela05 woohoo I'm excited for u to get it 😊!!
Oct 10 04:59PM
lalunagypsy@gracekay interested hun? Next order to the boutique is being placed tonight! Lmk 😉
Oct 10 06:22PM
gracekayWish I had the money! Haha.
Oct 10 06:36PM
lyangco@fashionthreads love this!!! Is soft or itchy? And how thick? Like wool or thinner?
Oct 12 11:32PM
lalunagypsy@lyangco Hi, it's mohair material and it's soft 😊
Oct 12 11:40PM
lyangco@fashionthreads thank you. I'm waiting on a sale to go thru before I buy 😊
Oct 13 03:46AM
lalunagypsy@lyangco Sounds good! Just tag me when your ready 😊💝
Oct 13 08:14AM
ananjCan u bundle my likes & give price- also please verify fabric content in this sweater & is it more of a shawl or open sweater?
Oct 14 01:20AM
lalunagypsy@ananj it's an open sweater and the material is soft mohair. Also for all of your likes, I can do $280!! If you have any other questions- just ask! 😊
Oct 14 10:28AM
jwesley82Wish I would've started following you a few week ago! Need the peplum top for this weekend. How much could you do for that and this sweater together ?
Oct 16 11:50PM
lalunagypsy@jwesley82 hey hun, I can do $75 for both!! Also, these items are ordered from the boutique and an order is actually being placed today! It will be delivered to me in about 7 days and then shipped to you! Sorry that I can't get the peplum to you by this wknd - please lmk if you would still like both items?
Oct 17 10:47AM
lalunagypsy@angie11 & this is the black
Oct 20 10:37PM
lalunagypsy@miluk 🎉
Oct 21 10:50AM
Oct 21 10:57AM
ananjThis is one of them right?
Oct 25 10:49AM
panela05Everyone needs one of these! So good looking! Been wearing mines non-stop. Lol.
Oct 26 03:44PM
lalunagypsy@panela05 Woohoo!! 😊 Glad you are enjoying! ❤❤
Oct 26 05:51PM
urwishWill you do for $40?☺
Oct 30 11:09PM
vtpham@panela05 is this warm enough for you to wear lately for our Seattle weather? lol i want one too!
Nov 03 08:03PM
lalunagypsy@urwish Hi hun, if you bundle with this I can discount the price for you! Sorry just saw your MSG. Lmk if your interested! 😉
Nov 03 08:06PM
panela05@vtpham for me it is. I'm actually wearing it right now with just a tank underneath. I love it. Thinking about buying another one. Lol.
Nov 03 08:10PM
vtpham@fashionthreads hey hun are you firm on the price for this one? I really want one too!!
Nov 03 09:55PM
lalunagypsy@vtpham Hey girl I can do $52 for you. 😍
Nov 04 08:01AM
randileigh1000@fashionthreads ooo I'm soooo excited to get this!!!
Nov 04 09:50PM
lalunagypsy@randileigh1000 I ❤❤ this sweater!! & it was just featured on the posh facebook pg! 😍😍
Nov 04 09:56PM
kimchu9@fashionthreads I love this !! Do you have it in another color ??
Nov 04 10:26PM
lalunagypsy@kimchu9 Hi it's available in the colors: coffee & red also! Lmk if you want to buy one & I'll make a separate listing
Nov 04 11:38PM
cindalu01I love this..
Nov 09 10:15AM
lalunagypsy@cindalu01 this one?
Nov 09 11:43AM
cindalu01Yes this is the one I love....I need to check and think cause they are both pretty but I have to see about it..
Nov 09 11:49AM
lalunagypsy@cindalu01 K hun, that's fine! Did you still want the beige one?
Nov 09 11:50AM
cindalu01I am seeing the black one is my favorite
Nov 09 12:03PM
lalunagypsy@cindalu01 k I'll take the other two down and put this one
Nov 09 12:12PM
kimchu9@fashionthreads Hey girl :) you probably get this a lot .. I can't decide between this mohair sweater and the other black wool one!! I'm going to rely on your opinion !! I'm looking for the warmer option and not a fan of scratchy material .. 😁
Nov 10 03:46PM
lalunagypsy@kimchu9 hey! I would recommend the wool one! It's not scratchy at all and I loveeee how comfy and warm it is! Just got cold here in Cali, so can't wait to wear mine!! 😍 Hehe I also really love this one also, but the one I just mentioned is warmer in my opinion 😊❤
Nov 10 03:54PM
lalunagypsy@beccababii123 This is the one I have right now 😊 Lmk if you want either!
Nov 10 05:37PM
ananj@paraskevi71 I got it right here! From super nice Jess! Btw jess I got it & thanks! She liked my listing & was interested in it
Nov 18 04:14PM
paraskevi71I have sales that should be complete the 26th. Will this be available then?
Nov 18 04:23PM
lalunagypsy@paraskevi71 it should be hun! We are switching vendors soon, so I'll have to check then for sure! 🌻🌷
Nov 18 04:35PM
lalunagypsy@ananj thanks Anna, your too sweet! 😘 glad you got it!
Nov 18 04:38PM
lalunagypsy@paraskevi71 Hi hun, I forgot to mention that this wont e available really soon due to switching vendors. Please lmk if you would like one of these🌻🌷😊
Nov 18 07:42PM
paraskevi71I so want this! I have to wait tho until my sales post. I may be able to purchase by weds.
Nov 18 07:44PM
lalunagypsy@paraskevi71 K that's fine hun, if you want me to make a separate listing and reserve it lmk 😍
Nov 18 07:46PM
paraskevi71Yes please. Thank you for working with me!
Nov 18 07:54PM
lalunagypsy@paraskevi71 no problem hun!! 🌻🌷
Nov 18 08:00PM
ashannlizWill you bundle my 3 likes?
Nov 23 11:53PM
lalunagypsy@ashannliz hi hun, yes I can for you.
Nov 24 09:52AM
ashannlizOk before you bundle will you let me know how much it will be total and I'll decide! 😃
Nov 24 09:54AM
lalunagypsy@ashannliz no problem! Normally without the sale were having it would be $185, took $20 off for you! So would be $165 for all three 💛
Nov 24 09:56AM
lalunagypsy@ashannliz $155 sorry- took $30 off!! Every $50 you spend is another $10 off!
Nov 24 09:57AM
shoptiludrop01Like this, is it still available & is it one size ony?
Nov 27 06:37AM
Nov 27 06:38AM
lalunagypsy@shoptiludrop01 hi hun, yes it is!
Nov 27 07:11AM
panela05@shoptiludrop01 this is the sweater I'm wearing. It looked different in my Zara bag posting because I'm wearing another sweater underneath. This is what it looks like.
Nov 27 10:37AM
shoptiludrop01@panela05 thanks so much!
Nov 27 01:37PM
shoptiludrop01@fashionthreads can you email me @ rjardinas@gmail.com I want to show my sister...😉 Thanks
Nov 27 01:39PM
lalunagypsy@shoptiludrop01 yes will email you in a bit hun
Nov 27 02:37PM
cindalu01I love this sweater
Nov 29 03:36AM
lalunagypsy@kei1 here it is in black. We are in the process of switching vendors- if you would like one of these, I can put your order in the next shipment. Just lmk him 😊
Nov 29 04:40PM
lalunagypsy@kei1 Hun lol sry ☺
Nov 29 04:41PM
kei1Lol it's kk
Nov 29 04:58PM
lalunagypsy@cindalu01 this one?
Nov 29 08:05PM
Nov 29 08:06PM
emydurangoI'm ??? the $60 is firm??
Dec 05 02:12PM
lalunagypsy@emydurango hey hun, this is actually out of stock at the moment. I can rage you as soon as its in stock! 😊
Dec 05 02:16PM
emydurangoYes please! You have so many cute things!! I 💘 a lot of your stuff!!
Dec 05 02:18PM
Dec 08 11:00AM
trichel@fashionthreads hey. Is this itchy cause of the mohair? Do you know how many percent mohair/cotton? I get super itchy with mohair.
Dec 11 11:56PM
lalunagypsy@trichel hey girl i think it's mostly mohair! It's personally not itchy on me, but I wouldn't want to risk it on you. 😌
Dec 12 06:08AM
trichel@fashionthreads thanks for being honest ☺
Dec 13 08:58PM
lalunagypsy@trichel no problem girlie!! 😊🌷
Dec 14 08:14AM
tinadionWould you do $50 :)
Dec 14 04:41PM
sunhee143Do u have this one? U hate to add another black to my wardrobe but if I must!:)
Dec 16 09:14PM
lalunagypsy@sunhee143 yes I have one available! Did you see the long sleeve sparkle one I tagged you in?
Dec 16 09:16PM
sunhee143Yes...pretty but not for me:(
Dec 16 10:16PM
sunhee143What's a batwing? Can I fly ?
Dec 16 10:17PM
lalunagypsy@sunhee143 hahaha no its just looser at the arms part. More comfy!
Dec 16 10:25PM
sunhee143I want it!!
Dec 16 10:31PM
sunhee143It says it is available in coffee but I said it wasn't right?
Dec 16 10:34PM
lalunagypsy@sunhee143 so you want this one then? And yeah the coffee isn't available anymore
Dec 16 10:37PM
sunhee143Yes please..
Dec 16 10:51PM
lalunagypsy@sunhee143 k will send it out after I get the item returned
Dec 16 11:02PM
sunhee143How should I return it?
Dec 16 11:06PM
lalunagypsy@sunhee143 I guess just ship to me, I don't think poshmark will pay for the label!
Dec 16 11:07PM
sunhee143Can u email me your addy...sunhee143@aol.com
Dec 16 11:27PM
ritadawn@fashionthreads can you go down in price? $10
Dec 19 08:48PM
lalunagypsy@ritadawn yes! Would you like a separate listing?
Dec 19 09:26PM
ritadawn@fashionthreads I don't understand?? Can't you lower he price on this listing?
Dec 20 08:47AM
lalunagypsy@ritadawn sorry girl, my Internet went out last night!! I'll make a separate listing for you! Hold on
Dec 20 08:56AM
shoptiludrop01I never heard back from you? Did u ever get the sweater?
Dec 21 10:08PM
lalunagypsy@shoptiludrop01 so sorry girl things have been crazy busy lately!! I had an issue with my previous shipment and they forgot some items. I need to check on the order! I will email you later today when I have more time to do so.
Dec 22 03:54AM
shoptiludrop01No worries,)
Dec 22 09:03AM
lalunagypsy@shoptiludrop01 hey girl, shipping your item either later today or tomorrow morning! Depends on when I get the chance 😊 please email me your address again. Fashionthreads@rocketmail.com
Dec 26 01:32PM
shoptiludrop01@fashionthreads ok just emailed you!
Dec 26 01:39PM
lalunagypsy@shoptiludrop01 hey did you get the email with tracking today?
Dec 27 04:07PM
shoptiludrop01Yes, thanks so much I was @work couldn't answer you, thanks soo much can't wait😚
Dec 27 04:25PM
jsa@obrien112 If you're still looking for oversized sweaters 😃
Dec 28 01:48PM
obrien112@jsa thanks!!!!
Dec 28 03:24PM
Jan 02 06:24PM
pualei...and maybe bundle this?
Jan 03 11:45PM
jsaLooks so cozy!
Jan 09 06:27AM
sommer83@chelsea200 Hi girl i read your listing about your wants and this seller has some really cute oversized sweaters :) And she is the sweetest!
Jan 10 06:23PM
chelsea200@sommer83 thank you so much! I really appreciate you keeping me in mind :)
Jan 10 06:34PM
sommer83@chelsea200 Your so welcome :) I love to give back. I hope its something of what your looking for. She has more if you search her listing :)
Jan 10 06:39PM
ghazal21I wore this for the first time tonight and I LOVE it! It's so cute, comfy, and warm! Thanks again for being so lovely sweety! 😘💋
Jan 18 01:24AM
lalunagypsy@ghazal21 yay! So happy you liked doll 😘😘 enjoy 😍
Jan 18 08:49AM
lauraalvasHi I want one in the large thanks pl LMK. Thanks.
Jan 21 12:43AM
panela05Let me know if you get anymore of this in. Lol. ;)
Feb 14 12:19AM
lalunagypsy@panela05 lol! You crazy woman that would be your 3rd haha. Will let u know :)
Feb 14 07:58AM
panela05LOL! I'm not crazy...I have 2 cats and dog that made one of the sweaters their own personal pillow that they share. Haha.
Feb 14 10:48AM
panela05Okay...and maybe I'm a tad bit crazy. It doesn't help that all my friends borrow the sweaters too. Haha.
Feb 14 10:49AM
lalunagypsy@panela05 LMAO 🐶🐱 bet their happy now And your friends too 😂 will check for you today love and let u know!
Feb 14 11:04AM
lalunagypsy@panela05 hey babe it's still avail!! Did you want one or two? lol. Lmk and I'll get it for you today.
Feb 16 11:29AM
Jun 19 11:46PM
lalunagypsy@pvbowie Hi Hun sorry it's sold out from last season! :(
Jun 20 07:32AM

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