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Leather skirt

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Leather skirt

Love this forever 21 leather skirt it's just a little snug on me! Great skirt though!
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smaeadrianoJust curious, how did you get the reserved thing in your post?
Oct 08 01:08PM
pearlsandtwirls@smaeadriano if it was the yellow reserved tag that will automatically pop up when someone is checking out.
Oct 08 02:08PM
sheelagohThat is one mighty fabulous coat @pearlsandtwirls Molly Ringwald would approve.
Oct 10 04:48AM
pearlsandtwirls@sheelagoh aww! Thank you! I do love that trench! 😊
Oct 10 06:10AM
sheelagohAnd that top with the collar peaking out :) looks lovely @pearlsandtwirls And it appears my package from you is here! I'll go open it like now :)
Oct 10 06:36AM
sheelagohI don't suppose neither shirt nor trench are up for grabs? Ahem :) @pearlsandtwirls
Oct 22 06:23PM
pearlsandtwirls@sheelagoh haha nope only the skirt right now! πŸ˜‰
Oct 22 08:25PM
fashionableeme@sheelagoh Ah! Just noticed this was what you were talking about on Twitter! SO cute!!! <3 <3 <3
Oct 23 11:50AM
sheelagohIt's ah-MAZING right??? @fashionableeme Like Chanel on an almost grunge day.
Oct 23 11:58AM
pearlsandtwirls@sheelagoh @fashionableeme haha you guys are seriously too sweet! β˜ΊπŸ’πŸ’—
Oct 23 01:16PM
mikeydeezTrade ?
Oct 24 08:59AM
kimmyadao@pearlsandtwirls thanks for the share! ;)
Oct 31 08:25PM
mommyabeeyoI'm guessing for $18 it's faux leather? Really cute anywayπŸ˜‰
Nov 01 04:02PM
pearlsandtwirls@mommyabeeyo haha yes! Definitely faux! I don't think forever 21 even carries the real thing
Nov 01 04:10PM
mommyabeeyoLol I figured but had to ask 😊it looks awesome. But I think it'd be tight on me as well.😁
Nov 01 04:49PM
cassidiaaWhat waist size would this fit?
Nov 05 05:48PM
pearlsandtwirls@cassidiaa probably a 4/6. I'm usually a 6 and it's just a little snug for my liking.
Nov 06 04:37AM
yasayygeeWhat size would this skirt best fit?
Nov 07 06:50AM
pearlsandtwirls@yasayygee I think a 4/6. I'm usually a 6 and its a little snug on me.
Nov 07 08:34AM
yasayygeeIs this your lowest?
Nov 10 01:49PM
pearlsandtwirls@yasayygee yes! Sorry I'm just now responding!
Nov 12 01:47PM
yasayygeeInterested in trade?
Nov 12 01:47PM
pearlsandtwirls@yasayygee I like your destroyed denim shorts but I'm not sure they'll fit me!
Nov 15 06:14AM
yasayygeeWell if you're usually a 6 I do have a pair posted that is your size, but that item is not available for trade
Nov 15 06:25AM
pearlsandtwirls@yasayygee ah ok then I don't really see much else I'm interested in. Sorry!
Nov 15 06:54AM
beccajustice818Love this! Never bought anything from forever 21 so unsure about the size
Nov 15 08:48PM
mommyabeeyoAh! Guess what?? F21 has real leather now!! I just saw the cutest studded moto jacket for $149 on their site. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œ
Nov 18 07:59PM
pearlsandtwirls@mommyabeeyo nice!! Steppin it up!!
Nov 18 08:04PM
mommyabeeyoHaha! I know right!!! You popped in my head when I saw it lol!!
Nov 18 08:06PM
pearlsandtwirls@mommyabeeyo haha! πŸ˜‰
Nov 18 08:10PM
honestverseWhat brand is your trench? I love it!
Jun 20 04:46PM
pearlsandtwirls@honestverse it's Gap!
Jun 21 01:07PM

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