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BUNDLE for @kkamgpeh! :)

Bundle- 2 items: 1) Gold and silver colored nuggets stranded with cobalt blue beads. 2) Gold peter pan necklace - dainty and delicate! Wear a black or white top and let these necklaces pop!
Seller Discount: 10% off 2+ Bundle
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
Buyer Protection & Refund Policy
tori524How much for the shirt? 😀
Oct 19 10:22PM
bananniekins@vikkij24 - Sorry, not ready to let go of the shirt yet. I'll let you know if anything changes! :)
Oct 20 12:57AM
kbankerI m interested in the necklace let me know if u can give a better price
Nov 04 07:32PM
bananniekins@kbanker - Thanks for your interest! I can lower it to $27 for you. Let me know if that works for you and I can chance the price :)
Nov 04 07:40PM
dunkertLove love love!
Nov 14 01:19AM
bananniekinsThank you @dunkert! :)
Nov 14 01:24AM $27 still the lowest you can go? please let me know, thank u!
Dec 18 02:48PM
kkangpehOh, and if you were interested in posting the gold peter pan necklace (pictured with the stuart weitzman wallet), I would like to see if you would be willing to bundle?
Dec 19 06:42AM
kkangpeh@bananniekins hello, is this necklace still available?
Dec 19 11:56PM
bananniekins@kkangpeh - Hi Eurie! Sorry for missing your messages! The total for this necklace and the Peter Pan necklace ($20) will be $50. I can bundle them both together for $45! :)
Dec 20 12:21AM
kkangpeh@bananniekins Oh no problem! Im still super fresh to poshmark so i hope it didnt seem like pestering! $45 for the both sounds great! Oh, and I just listed some items in my closet and as a seasoned veteran I was wondering if u had any tips for advertisement? hehe, thanks!
Dec 20 07:34AM
bananniekins@kkangpeh - Your bundle h
Dec 20 10:10AM
bananniekins@kkangpeh - Your bundle is set for your Eurie!! And don't worry, you were not pestering me at all. I just somehow missed your messages. :) And I am by no means a seasoned veteran, but I would definitely recommend modeling all your items. It definitely helps your items sell quicker! Let me know if you have any other questions. ;)
Dec 20 10:16AM
kkangpeh@bananniekins Thanks Annie for the advice and the beautiful necklaces!
Dec 20 10:52AM
bananniekins@kkangpeh - No problem at all Eurie! Hope you love your new necklaces :) and as I mentioned before, if you have any questions at all..don't hesitate to ask! Xoxo
Dec 20 11:04AM
bananniekins@kkangpeh - Hi Eurie! Forgot to mention that I'm on vacation right now and will not be able to ship these necklaces out to you until the 27th. Hope that's okay. Let me know if you'll urgently need them and I can try and work something out. Thanks! :)
Dec 20 01:26PM
kkangpeh@bananniekins Nope no rush! Thank you! Hope ur enjoying vacation! :)
Dec 20 02:43PM
bananniekins@kkangpeh - Thanks for understanding love! I promise to get these out to you as soon as I get back !! ;) have a wonderful Christmas!
Dec 20 03:52PM
kkangpeh@bananniekins Hi! hope u had a good vaca! i was just wondering if im supposed to get an email or something when package has been sent? thanks!
Dec 27 01:45PM
bananniekins@kkangpeh - Thank you, the vacation was much needed! :) I'm driving back right now and should be back home in 2 hours or so. I'll rush to the post office as soon as I get home. You should receive an email confirmation that your package has been sent! ;)
Dec 27 02:28PM
kkangpeh@bananniekins ohh i see, no prob! take ur time and if need be u can send it tom!
Dec 27 02:30PM
bananniekins@kkangpeh - Thanks so much for understanding! There was so much traffic so I just got back. I'll have everything packed and ready to send out tomorrow morning! :)
Dec 27 05:25PM
kkangpeh@bananniekins No worries! I am excited tho! :)
Dec 27 06:22PM
kkangpeh@bananniekins hmm...still no email...?
Dec 28 04:23PM
bananniekins@kkangpeh - Hi Eurie! Thanks so much for your patience. Your package was just dropped off at the post office. You should receive a confirmation email sometime between now and tomorrow early morning (depending on when your package gets sorted). Hope it gets to you soon. Have a happy new year love! Xoxo
Dec 28 04:31PM
kkangpeh@bananniekins ok, great!!
Dec 28 04:44PM
kkangpeh@bananniekins the necklaces are beautiful!!!! i was cheesin real big when i opened the wrapped packages, hehe. thanks!! :D
Jan 01 10:06AM
bananniekins@kkangpeh - Awww, you are so cute Eurie! I'm so glad you got the package and love your necklaces!! :) Happy New Year love! Xoxo
Jan 01 10:15AM

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