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Burgundy Sequin Long Sleeve Mini

I wore this to my Holiday party last year & received so many compliments! It's a stunning dress, with mesh sequin embroidery all over. It's missing a few sequins but is otherwise in good condition.
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puraolividaLoving the oxblood!!!
Oct 01 11:11PM
ktmarie@magriffe how noticeable are the missing sequins?
Oct 10 05:48PM
magriffe@ktmarie Hi! They're not noticeable unless you look for them (see photo 3). The only big patch is on the left shoulder (see photo 4). If it bothers you, I can lower the price! I have a few extra sequines too. None of the sequins are faded/discolored.
Oct 10 09:37PM
haliemarie@magriffe this dress is so cute! I usually wear a size 2 in dresses but I'm trying to figure out if itd fit me. What size pants do you wear for reference?
Oct 12 07:53AM
magriffe@haliemarie Hi! Thank you :) If you're a size 2, then dress will fit you more like a shift dress. I'm between dress size 2-4, (34-25-36 inch dims & 25-26 pants) and the dress is loose at my waist but perfect at my hips. B/c of the open back, the chest & shoulders can accommodate smaller and larger sizes.
Oct 12 01:46PM
haliemarie@magriffe hmm. I really love it. What's the lowest you'll go?
Oct 12 01:52PM
haliemarie@magriffe and what's a shift dress? Lol
Oct 12 01:53PM
magriffe@haliemarie Lol it's ok. A shift dress is looser in the hips; it hangs off of the shoulders :) I don't mind dropping the price to $110. Lmk if you want it & I'll reserve it for you!
Oct 12 02:01PM
haliemarie@magriffe that's an awesome price but I'm not totally sure it'd fit which is why I'm hesitant.
Oct 12 03:02PM
magriffe@haliemarie Ok, no worries! Lmk if you have anymore questions :)
Oct 12 03:07PM
Oct 18 10:49PM
magriffe@anam_raheem Hi hun! $110 is the lowest w/o a bundle for now. I hope you understand :)
Oct 19 10:12AM
jordanshep8Sooo cute!!
Oct 26 12:11AM
mschasAbsolutely gorgeous!!!
Oct 26 07:26PM
kzab213I love your shoes! What brand are they? And what website do you sell on that I can peruse, I noticed you mentioned it on another listing?
Oct 26 07:55PM
magriffe@jordanshep8 @mschas Thanks ladies :)
Oct 27 11:51AM
magriffe@kzab213 Hi! Thank you :) The black shoes are from Aldo. I'm not sure if they sell them anymore, but I remember seeing a similar pair on ShopBop. My boutique is LMK if you see anything you like!
Oct 27 11:57AM
mjmeeksThat dress is adorable! If I were only a size 4!
Oct 30 05:21PM
lmalioneRandom tall are you? Trying to figure out where dress would fall on me.
Nov 28 09:41AM
magriffe@lmalione Hi! It's not random; I'm ask others too, lol. I'm 5'5"
Nov 28 03:13PM
magriffe@lmalione *I, not I'm. My bad
Nov 28 03:14PM
lmalioneThanks lol. I LOVE IT WANT IT GOTTA HAVE IT! It's def. worth the price/and an awesome deal but my budget can't pay that right now ;) I will keep watching it.....
Nov 29 07:59PM
atootsie@magriffe interested what's the lowest???
Dec 26 10:42AM
magriffe@atootsie Hi dear! I can do $95 if that works for you.
Dec 26 01:27PM
magriffe@atootsie Hi dear, I just reduced the price if you're still interested :)
Dec 30 03:00PM
jlk_695@magriffe trade?
Dec 30 07:03PM
magriffe@jlk_695 Hi! I don't see anything at the moment.
Dec 30 08:38PM
jbalangueThis is gorgeous! Is their a liner in the dress? It looks as though the arms of a mesh material, does it make the sequins pop/rub through and feel itchy on arms?
Jan 06 11:13PM
magriffe@jbalangue Hi! Yes the dress is fully lined except for the sleeves. The sequins don't rub your skin through the mesh, so the sleeves are not itchy. Excellent question tho!
Jan 07 09:39PM
courtshipsYou look amazing!
Jan 09 11:31AM
magriffe@courtships Thanks! That's very kind of you :)
Jan 10 08:47AM
lizg32Hi there, What brand is this?
Feb 04 03:23PM
magriffe@lizg32 Hi! It's Aidan Mattox
Feb 05 12:20AM
lmalioneAny chance you could take 75?
Feb 10 07:21PM
magriffe@lmalione Hi! $80 ok?
Feb 10 10:57PM
lmalioneIf I buy there any chance it would be shipped today?
Feb 11 05:59AM
magriffe@lmalione Hi! Yes, I can ship it out bf the post office closes today. I've updated the price for you.
Feb 11 12:15PM
lmalione@magriffe Thank you!!! Been wanting to buy this for months excited :)
Feb 11 12:20PM
magriffe@lmalione Yay! This is such a beautiful dress. You'll love it (and get so many compliments!)
Feb 11 01:16PM
lmalioneI just got the dress and in time time for my valentines day night!!! I couldn't be more exited. The tag says 2 but fits like a 4 and fits me perfectly with extra room around waist and hips. Thank you soooooooo much for getting it to me in time!!! Absolutely stunning dress!
Feb 14 03:29PM
magriffe@lmalione Yay!! I hope you had an amazing Vday :)
Feb 15 07:49AM

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