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Bundle for chinkyeyez

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    Bundle for chinkyeyez

    Such lovely booties with wedge heel (about 3"). Inspired by Chloe from a few seasons ago. Light camel colored canvas main with cognac details. Pre-loved condition but still have lots of wear left! Original box included.
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    csaladoI am a 7.5, do they run big or small?
    Sep 30 04:36AM
    stylebysophia@csalado they are TTS!
    Sep 30 12:49PM
    nishmoney01@stylebysophia i hav to hav! Do u do trades?
    Oct 01 10:50PM
    stylebysophia@nishmoney01 sorry no trades! They are fab booties though!
    Oct 02 03:36PM
    nishmoney01@stylebysophia whats the brand name?
    Oct 03 06:02AM
    nishmoney01@stylebysophia well will u throw in the clutch too
    Oct 03 06:03AM
    nishmoney01@stylebysophia and hold til fri
    Oct 03 06:13AM
    stylebysophia@nishmoney01 brand is Coconuts! I'll add in the clutch for $55 total?
    Oct 04 09:29PM
    stylebysophia@nishmoney01 bag is from Zara it has a strap too so it can also be worn as a shoulder bag
    Oct 04 09:32PM
    nishmoney01@stylebysophia ok reserve til tomorro
    Oct 04 11:45PM
    stylebysophia@nishmoney01 hey there! Did you still want to take the booties & clutch?
    Oct 06 11:04AM
    hood@stylebysophia hi are u willing to do a trade I have some good things listed in my closet take a look and let me know
    Oct 12 09:32PM
    stylebysophia@hood sorry no trades!
    Oct 12 10:42PM
    kcudziwill do take 40?
    Oct 17 07:21PM
    kcudzisorry.. will you take 40. for the boots?
    Oct 17 07:24PM
    kcudzi@stylebysophia.. HEllo? Did you see my offer? lmk
    Oct 18 06:03PM
    stylebysophia@kcudzi I'm willing to meet you halfway at $45
    Oct 18 09:25PM
    kcudziyes, can you reserve these until wednesday oct 24. I will purchase on that day.. Please .. thank you
    Oct 19 09:51PM
    stylebysophia@kcudzi you got it! 👍
    Oct 21 09:03PM
    stylebysophia@kcudzi hi! Did you still want to purchase the booties?
    Oct 25 12:28AM
    shpaddctHi! Do you think that dirt can be cleaned off? I really like these a lot. I'm a size 7/7.5 so do you think these will be too big for me?
    Oct 30 06:55AM
    gabbyytnIf only a size 5.5😭
    Oct 30 09:13PM
    lexialcalaOmg these are great too? What would be your offer to bundle these and jacket?
    Nov 06 04:23PM
    oumoumyLove it but my size number 6 T__T . This is 8 size right.? If I can fit it . I take it.!!!
    Nov 06 09:11PM
    stylebysophia@shpaddct I haven't tried to clean them but my guess would be yes!
    Nov 07 07:02AM
    stylebysophia@lexialcala I can do both for $70!
    Nov 07 07:03AM
    stylebysophia@oumoumy yes these are a true size 8 :/
    Nov 07 07:03AM
    ladyley@stylebysophia Hi Are these still available?
    Nov 13 12:03AM
    ladyley@stylebysophia Still for Sale?
    Nov 14 03:53PM
    stylebysophia@ladyley yes !
    Nov 15 05:45AM
    ladyley@stylebysophia Hi, don't want to insult you but since they're somewhat dirty, would you take $30? I'll buy right now!
    Nov 15 08:22AM
    staticI'm interested but I was wondering If the price is negotiable
    Dec 16 07:06PM
    stylebysophia@static yes I'm open to reasonable offers
    Dec 18 05:48AM
    staticPlease email me so we can talk in private
    Dec 18 07:59AM
    ladyley@stylebysophia Never got back to me. :( Still available?
    Dec 23 01:41AM
    lexialcala@stylebysophia Can you please take 25 or 30? Ill buy now! ☺☺
    Jan 15 10:03AM
    lexialcala@stylebysophia 😊👆👆👆
    Jan 29 11:14PM
    saranclosetHey Hun, are you willing to do $45 for the shoes & clutch? If so can u reserve it for me?
    Feb 09 05:44PM
    saranclosetI'm in love wit these! I can't stop looking at them
    Feb 10 12:20PM
    stylebysophia@chinkyeyez sure thing!! ❤
    Feb 12 03:36PM
    saranclosetOk Super can u reserve them for me n thurs/fri I make the payment or u can't?
    Feb 12 03:40PM
    christinawhyEnter into my giveaway for the MAC Viva Glam Nicki 2!
    Feb 12 10:43PM

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