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Asos orange sweater - perfect for fall!!

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Asos orange sweater - perfect for fall!!

This burnt orange colored sweater is in like new condition (only worn once) and is the perfect sweater for the fall season! Has two front pockets and cute button details. US size 4. Fits a small.
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bananniekins@katef - Thanks for the shares hun! :)
Oct 14 09:02PM
sjessica4094Any way the price is negotiable?
Oct 19 06:51PM
dancer285Do you trade?
Oct 19 07:54PM
bananniekins@sjessica4094 - What price are you thinking? :)
Oct 19 09:09PM
sjessica4094What is the lowest you can go?
Oct 19 09:16PM
bananniekins@sjessica4094 - I can probably do $42 or $43. Can't go too much lower since it's only been worn once and pretty new.
Oct 20 12:52AM
jbaradatWhat's best u can do bundling my likes??! Thx!!
Oct 23 05:39PM
bananniekinsHi @jbaradat! To bundle all your likes (7 items) - the total comes out to $208. I can bundle everything up for you and give it to you for $190. That's a discount of $18!! Let me know if you would like me to create your bundle! :)
Oct 23 09:45PM
sonialeeWhat is the material?
Nov 01 02:25AM
mbp17Hi there! Do you trade?
Nov 03 11:34AM
asian_flowerHow much would u sell this for ??
Nov 06 02:28AM
bananniekins@asian_flower - I can lower it to $42 for you. :)
Nov 06 02:31AM
katcpCan you tell me what this is made of? What is the lowest you will sell for?
Nov 14 07:55PM
bananniekins@katcp - Hi there! I just checked for you and it's made of acrylic. It's actually really soft and not itchy at all! And the lowest I can go on this is $42....but I am willing to lower to $40 even if you purchase right now. :)
Nov 14 08:09PM
tmichalakI wish you were a medium! Great stuff
Dec 01 03:53AM
bananniekins@tmichalak - Awww..thanks! Me too ;)
Dec 01 10:06AM
libbymeeker@bananniekins Hey girl! I just wanted to say that you have an awesome closet, and it is inspiring! I love your style!! Would you mind sharing a few of my things so your followers can see? I hope one day my closet can be like this. :)
Feb 11 10:23PM
bananniekins@libbymeeker - Aww..thanks! That means a lot coming from you! Love your style and you have a great closet as well. :)
Feb 11 10:49PM
libbymeeker@bananniekins Well thank you! And thank you for the shares! :))
Feb 11 11:06PM
class4halfThat looks so cozy!
Mar 03 05:50PM
kathrinaangelaHi i just shared your closet 😊 would appreciate if you can share back please.. Thanks a lot 😊😊😊
Apr 03 11:58AM
jalle105Is the price $35?
Oct 09 03:20PM
bananniekins@jalle105 - Yes, the price is $35. Let me know if you have any other questions. =)
Oct 09 03:54PM
jalle105Could you go any lower? :)
Oct 09 06:28PM
bananniekins@jalle105 - Sure, I can give you $5 off so it would be $30! If that works for you, let me know and I'll lower the price for you. =)
Oct 09 07:09PM
jalle105Is $28 ok because of shipping? :)
Oct 09 07:23PM
bananniekins@jalle105 - Okay, I can do that. Price changed for you!
Oct 09 08:06PM
jalle105Thank you!!! :)
Oct 09 08:09PM
bananniekins@jalle105 - Exactly what I was thinking!! You are fall ready my dear. ;) I'll get this out for you tomorrow!
Oct 09 10:08PM
bananniekins@jalle105 - Hi Jenna! Just wanted you to know that your package was dropped off at the post office earlier today and should be one it's way to you soon! Xoxo
Oct 10 03:52PM
jalle105Thank you so much for letting me know! I'm so excited about it! :)
Oct 10 03:53PM

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