LOVE silver bracelet

Silver double "love" bangle is a classic addition to your daily armcandy. No trades.
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
Buyer Protection & Refund Policy
vmaciasThis is so cute! Do you reserve?
Sep 12 05:00PM
bellapasha22Is this a small bangle? I have a small wrist and I don't like my bangles on the large side. Let me know if it is small I would like to purchase. Thanks
Sep 12 06:48PM
simplyxclassic@bellapasha22 I have small wrists too and it doesn't bother me. But to be safe I wouldn't purchase.
Sep 12 07:03PM
Sep 12 07:34PM
betzlniCan you tell me how wide the opening is?
Sep 13 05:46PM
simplyxclassic@betzlni thank u for purchasing! I'll send out tmrw morning! The bangle is wide enough to get over your knuckles. 💛
Sep 13 07:18PM
simplyxclassic@betzlni shipped this morning. when you rcv, kindly change PM status to confirm. =)
Sep 14 10:49AM
anokhiaw are you going to have anymore of these?!
Sep 17 07:12AM
simplyxclassic@anokhi no sorry, I only had one.
Sep 17 07:26AM
Sep 17 07:26AM
betzlni@simplyxclassic I received a notice that the bracelet should have arrived today ..I did not receive in the mail today .. Do you have the tracking?
Sep 17 06:15PM
betzlni@simplyxclassic please disregard .. I am so sorry .. My husband had it hidden😊
Sep 17 06:17PM
betzlni@simplyxclassic .. I absolutely L💗VE!!! Thank you!!
Sep 17 06:21PM
brooklyn@simplyxclassic hi! Can you tell me where your two tone chain bracelet is from? I've been looking for one of those! :)
Sep 18 08:20AM
simplyxclassic@betzlni oh good! i'm so happy you love it! it's a pretty bracelet!
Sep 18 09:15AM
simplyxclassic@brooklyn it's from or .com. i forget.
Sep 18 09:16AM
nicki13mDo u still have anything left from the first picture?
Sep 30 07:44PM
simplyxclassic@nicki13m no.
Sep 30 07:53PM
jgreenbe04Hello! Do you have any more of the love bracelet? Thanks!
Feb 09 08:05PM
simplyxclassic@jgreenbe04 no sorry that was my only one
Feb 09 08:45PM
jgreenbe04Thanks anyway. Please let me know if you get anymore!
Feb 09 08:47PM

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