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Bundle for @lauraandshane

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Bundle for @lauraandshane

Jcrew blue and white plaid button down, Ann Taylor black pyramid stud bracelet
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mariaLOVE everything about this picture.
Sep 11 11:48PM
manishGreat Covershot!
Sep 12 02:32PM
myclutterfixHi..what is the bundled price for this and the pink gingham?
Sep 23 07:09AM
simplyxclassic@silverandplum I can bundle for 40.
Sep 23 07:39AM
walkinginmemChest measurement?
Sep 27 05:57PM
simplyxclassic@lauraandshane armpit to armpit is 20" in the front. Bust is a little less than 15" in the front. I attached two photos for u to see where I measured. Hope that helps, I don't really know how to measure clothes.
Sep 28 10:37AM
walkinginmemThank you! Want to trade? I've got plenty more I need to list. Would you take $15?
Sep 28 11:37AM
simplyxclassic@lauraandshane sorry I don't trade and 15 is too Low for me to accept.
Sep 28 11:44AM
walkinginmemWould you take $20?
Sep 28 12:33PM
simplyxclassic@lauraandshane how about 23?
Sep 28 02:34PM
walkinginmemOkay, just sent you a question about a bracelet. If I bundled both, could you do $25?
Sep 28 02:42PM
simplyxclassic@lauraandshane the bracelet is priced at $7... total would be $30 but i'll bundle for $27
Sep 28 07:24PM
walkinginmemThank you! Can I see another picture of the bracelet? Is it stretchy?
Sep 28 07:27PM
simplyxclassic@lauraandshane sure, I just uploaded. It is elastic and good quality from Ann Taylor.
Sep 28 07:59PM
simplyxclassic@lauraandshane ok I updated the price :)
Sep 28 09:38PM
Sep 28 09:49PM
walkinginmemI just wanted to see if this had shipped. Thanks!
Oct 01 04:49PM
simplyxclassic@lauraandshane this morning.
Oct 01 05:13PM
walkinginmemThank you!
Oct 01 05:20PM
simplyxclassic@lauraandshane did you rcv the package? i see it was delivered on the 3rd. please confirm on PM.
Oct 04 09:09AM
walkinginmemI will know tomorrow when I get back in town. I've been out of town for work since the 2nd.
Oct 04 09:16AM
simplyxclassic@lauraandshane ahh~ safe travels!
Oct 04 09:20AM
walkinginmemGot the shirt and I adore it!!
Oct 05 03:43PM
simplyxclassic@lauraandshane oh good!!!! Love to see how u style it!!!
Oct 05 04:10PM
walkinginmemI'll definitely let you know!
Oct 05 04:25PM

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