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Bundle for kfranklin

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Bundle for kfranklin

Today only im reducing the price. price will go back up on saturday.Beautiful Hot pink Kate spade purse. Attached gold chain. Comes with original dust bag. Used only twice.
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fashionableemeYour photos are amazing girl! SO CUTE!
Sep 11 09:35AM
jadesimpaucoIf you ever go down in price let me know! Very interested! :)
Sep 11 10:14PM
mariaSuch a great color! Keep up the great Poshmarking, lady!
Sep 11 11:47PM
simplyxclassic@jadesimpauco what's ur price?
Sep 12 07:44AM
loomsLove this!
Sep 12 04:06PM
brandye68Very cute
Sep 12 04:10PM
lorigallowayI'm interested!
Sep 12 04:17PM
lorigallowayI LOVE this and love all of your cover photos too!! Will you negotiate on price for this?
Sep 12 04:21PM
simplyxclassicSure @loriwgalloway name your price :)
Sep 12 04:28PM
ewrightLove this are you willing to negotiate the price??
Sep 12 04:32PM
simplyxclassic@ewright sure, name your price. :)
Sep 12 04:35PM
baguk918bottom price?
Sep 12 05:01PM
Sep 12 05:22PM
ariellalloyd@simplyxclassic what's the lowest you'll go?? 50? 60?
Sep 12 06:22PM
simplyxclassic@ariellalloyd not sure how low... Def not that low.
Sep 12 06:40PM
ariellalloyd@simplyxclassic lol ok well can you name a price? 75?
Sep 12 07:11PM
simplyxclassic@ariellalloyd currently the lowest is $95...probably not your price range, so check back in a few weeks perhaps :)
Sep 13 12:59AM
cambriacVery cute!!
Sep 13 11:41AM
wbjagichLove this! Are you interested in trading?
Sep 13 04:13PM
simplyxclassic@wbjagich sorry, no trading.
Sep 13 07:21PM
lorigallowayCan you sell for $90? If so, I will purchase now!! :)
Sep 14 03:03PM
simplyxclassic@lorigalloway thank you for your interest. =) b/c it's only been a few days since this item listed, i will not be reducing the price for the time being. If you are still interested, please check back in a few weeks. Thank you aso much! <3
Sep 14 03:21PM
fashionguru10Love this!!!!
Sep 17 02:17PM
chableecomI love this app and your closet ✌ you will love shopping at my closet❤💋
Sep 18 10:16AM
candy66I'm very interested! How long is the handle?
Sep 18 02:55PM
simplyxclassic@candy66 see photos. :)
Sep 18 03:10PM
candy66I seen the photo, nice pics! However, i meant the length in inches so I can get an idea how long it will hang. Thanks
Sep 18 03:16PM
kfranklinHow much to bundle the bag and wallet?
Sep 20 07:48PM
simplyxclassic@kfranklin total is 215 and I would bundle for 200.
Sep 20 08:04PM
fashioncrazyGreat posting.
Sep 21 09:55AM
billsdcgirlWilling to trade?
Sep 29 02:14PM
simplyxclassic@billsdcgirl no trades.
Sep 29 03:45PM
riahdoesmakeupHow roomy is it? Can I have pics of the inside?
Oct 04 09:12AM
simplyxclassic@riahdoesmakeup roomy enough for me to carry my wallet, phone keys and some make up.
Oct 04 09:15AM for today much to bundle the purse and wallet? You offered $200 previously.
Oct 05 05:10PM
simplyxclassic@kfranklin for today only I would bundle for $190... Honestly what I would take home after Pm's 20% is very low.... I checked eBay and I'm selling the two items for wayy cheaper.
Oct 05 05:27PM
kfranklinCan u just give me approx measurements of the bag? Height and length. Ty
Oct 05 06:32PM
simplyxclassic@kfranklin see photos. It's about 10 1/2" wide and a little less than 6" high.
Oct 05 08:27PM
kfranklinThanks so much! Can you bundle and I'll purchase immediately?
Oct 05 08:49PM
simplyxclassic@kfranklin ok! Here you are!
Oct 05 08:55PM
kfranklinThe pics/description weren't changed. I did pay already but can you please reply to me that this includes the bag AND wallet! Thank you!!
Oct 05 09:08PM
simplyxclassic@kfranklin of course! sorry i didn't change the description. but yes, you purchased the bag and wallet. thanks for your purchase! i'll ship it first thing on Monday morning!! i'm really excited for you b/c these two are my favorite items!! <3
Oct 05 09:10PM
kfranklinThanks a bunch!! 😉
Oct 05 09:16PM
simplyxclassic@kfranklin hi there! Just want to make sure you rcvd the package... Tracking says it was delivered today.
Oct 11 03:58PM
kfranklinI just walked in the door from work and opened up the package! I love it!! Thank you so much! I'll click on delivered/accept now. 😃
Oct 11 04:25PM
simplyxclassic@kfranklin oh! I'm sooo happy u like it!!! I have a smidge of regret Bc I loved the two items, but I know I'll use them a lot more than I did! ❤
Oct 11 04:28PM
kfranklinYou have impeccable taste and I can see why you'd have some regret. 😞. Thank you again. Have a great night. 🌙
Oct 11 04:37PM

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