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Old Navy leopard print coat

Love this leopard print coat from Old Navy but having second thoughts about selling! Contact me if interested!
Seller Discount: 20% off 2+ Bundle
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
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mariaLove! Great styling, as always.
Oct 04 02:32PM
minagerieWhat is the material?
Oct 05 05:44PM
pearlsandtwirls@minagerie I'm not sure! I'll check and get back to you ASAP!!
Oct 05 06:06PM
pearlsandtwirlsAnd thanks so much @maria! 😊
Oct 05 06:07PM
meagan25It's a blended wool material. I work at old navy so hopefully I'm right! :)
Oct 22 08:50PM
pearlsandtwirls@meagan25 @minagerie yes! Thank you! I sill haven't checked the tag-so sorry! But that sounds right! 😊
Oct 23 08:26AM
sheelagohWould you consider anything lower? Puhlease? @pearlsandtwirls
Oct 23 01:12PM
pearlsandtwirls@sheelagoh I would consider going lower on this one. What about $60? :)
Oct 23 01:18PM
sheelagohI shall let you know! :) @pearlsandtwirls Wore my crochet top on Sunday, loved it.
Oct 23 01:28PM
forjoseyesSo precious but I'm usually a medium:/
Oct 31 12:25PM
Nov 05 08:55AM
pearlsandtwirls@bridget3210 no trades. Sorry!
Nov 05 10:35AM
shelby_brown@pearlsandtwirls do you think this would fit an XS, without it looking too big!?
Dec 01 05:22PM
pearlsandtwirls@shelby_brown I'm not real sure! The sleeves are a little snug on me but I'm not sure how it would fit on you
Dec 02 11:57AM
laurenc03Hi! I was just wondering if this coat was still for sale. I know it's an old post but I just wanted to check
Jun 28 07:12PM
pearlsandtwirls@laurenc03 still not sure ab it! How interested are you?
Jun 29 06:27PM
laurenc03@pearlsandtwirls I'm very interested! Do you have a particular price in mind? Also how is the fit?
Jun 29 06:54PM
pearlsandtwirls@laurenc03 it fits me great! It's a little snug through the arms but I'm usually more of a s/m. I'll think ab the price and let you know! 😊
Jun 29 07:41PM
laurenc03@pearlsandtwirls okay that sounds great!
Jun 29 08:13PM
bmswiderHi, is the coat still available? if so, what is the price?
Sep 20 10:31AM
pearlsandtwirls@bmswider can't decide! For the right price I would probably sell! What would you be willing to buy for?
Sep 20 11:01AM
ecraig@pearlsandtwirls would you consider $45?
Oct 17 01:15PM
poshSuch a great coat! I bought this one in red and I love it but I'm still kicking myself in the butt for not buying the leopard print one as well!
Feb 19 08:48PM
imnotcool@pearlsandtwirls hey is this still available?
Mar 16 08:00PM
imnotcool@pearlsandtwirls and if so how much?
Mar 17 11:54AM
pearlsandtwirls@imnotcool hi! Sorry I'm just now seeing your message! I would sell for $50! Just let me know!
Mar 20 12:30PM
imnotcool@pearlsandtwirls can you do 45?
Mar 20 12:36PM
pearlsandtwirls@imnotcool sure! Thank you! I'm out of town though so I won't be able to ship till Tuesday!
Mar 20 12:59PM
imnotcool@pearlsandtwirls no problem thats fine, and thanks a bunch!
Mar 20 01:21PM

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