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NWT Michael Kors Two Tone Watch

Rose gold and silver stainless steel. Comes with tags attached,plastic covering on face, box, manual, and pillow. Retails for $250. No trades.
Seller Discount: 10% off 2+ Bundle
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
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Sep 08 07:41PM
sdns_mdnjHi is this in a good condition? No scratches?
Sep 09 12:24PM
fran_pdx@sdns_mdnj yeah its new never been worn- its still in the box with the plastic coverings on the face!
Sep 09 12:26PM
sdns_mdnjOh okay . Lemme see if I can purchase it right now.
Sep 09 12:32PM
fran_pdx@sdns_mdnj ok sounds good
Sep 09 12:37PM
fran_pdx@sdns_mdnj if youre going to purchase now i can do $175
Sep 09 01:02PM
sarabrooke97Bummer that I missed the jbrand jeans😲. But you have fabulous taste sweets! Much love, sarabrooke97 πŸ’œπŸ’™β€πŸ’›πŸ’š
Sep 12 07:22PM
fran_pdx@sarabrooke97 thank you! Ill tag you if i post anymore j brand!
Sep 12 07:25PM
Sep 12 07:27PM
rorodoinitDo u have paypal?
Sep 12 09:02PM
fran_pdx@rorodoinit whats your email
Sep 12 09:04PM
Sep 12 09:05PM
fran_pdx@rorodoinit emailed you
Sep 12 09:10PM
yuppypuppyCan u post a pic with ur arm further away from the camera plz. I want to see how big the face is
Sep 12 11:14PM
fran_pdx@yuppypuppy posted a photo
Sep 12 11:19PM
yuppypuppyI love it, what is the style number of this watch?
Sep 12 11:22PM
fran_pdx@yuppypuppy mk5622
Sep 12 11:25PM
barbara5Is PayPal an option/open for negotiation?
Sep 14 01:39AM
fran_pdx@barbara5 $165 thru pp and that inclues shipping
Sep 14 06:36AM
Sep 15 10:43PM
fran_pdx@sherring517 sorry not trading
Sep 15 10:44PM
florusaSorry to ask,it's real or repl?I loved:)
Sep 15 11:59PM
fran_pdx@florusa its authentic! With the tags, box, etc
Sep 16 12:16AM
tanita213Love this too!! But since I just bought the purse I kinda wanna wait until next payday lol!!!
Sep 16 06:05PM
fran_pdx@tanita213 thanks!!! Lmk if you decide you want it!
Sep 16 06:43PM
rubeenaHas this sold yet?
Sep 16 10:58PM
fran_pdx@rubeena no it hasnt been sold- its still available
Sep 16 11:00PM
caitbovellIs this still available? I have pretty small wrists and I'm hoping it won't look too big
Sep 18 04:39PM
fran_pdx@caitbovell yea it is- my wrists are pretty small also so the last pic shows the size against my wrist
Sep 18 04:47PM
caitbovellOk thanks! I'm going to buy it now
Sep 18 04:48PM
fran_pdx@caitbovell its my fave two tone watch!
Sep 18 04:49PM
caitbovellMine too!
Sep 18 04:50PM
fran_pdx@caitbovell thank you! I will mail it out tomorrow!!
Sep 18 04:53PM
caitbovellOk thanks so much!
Sep 18 04:54PM
alishiaU wouldn't have anymore if these huh ?
Sep 18 07:43PM
fran_pdx@alishia i dont sorry!
Sep 18 07:44PM
alishiaDo u think you'll have this agin
Sep 18 07:56PM
fran_pdx@alishia im not sure, ill tag you if i do tho
Sep 18 07:59PM
alishiaDon't forget :)
Sep 18 08:00PM
fran_pdx@alishia i wont! :)
Sep 18 08:01PM
tanita213Sold, dang!! πŸ˜”
Sep 20 11:06PM
fran_pdx@tanita213 sorry! Will let you know if I get another. Did you get the purse?
Sep 20 11:08PM
tanita213Please do, thanks! Your closet is full of name brand deals, I just have to pace myself lol!!!
Sep 20 11:10PM
fran_pdx@tanita213 thank you! Ill def let you know if I get any or anything similar!
Sep 20 11:11PM
caitbovellI got my watch! It's gorgeous! Thank you!!
Sep 23 08:30AM
fran_pdx@caitbovell yay! Glad u got it!!!
Sep 23 09:00AM
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