Sam Edelman Shoes - ❌ NO LONGER AVAILABLE Sam Edelman Coral Sophies!

❌ NO LONGER AVAILABLE Sam Edelman Coral Sophies!

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❌ NO LONGER AVAILABLE Sam Edelman Coral Sophies!

These were the it shoe all over Pinterest and with bloggers this spring/summer! Honestly can't believe I'm considering selling them. Worn once, nearly perfect condition. Love those leopard soles! 
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alvictoria@skoyen66 hi! Interested?
Sep 03 10:35AM
skoyen66Theyre cute but too expensive this week for me 😊
Sep 03 10:38AM
blazeThe mbmj flats were fakes don't feel too sad :p
Sep 04 01:16AM
alisamay4@alvictoria is this a joke?
Sep 04 10:20AM
alvictoriaHey @aaaaannnnn! Interested? :)
Sep 04 12:41PM
alvictoria@blaze the mouse flats?
Sep 04 04:03PM
blazeYeah that's why I didn't buy them :0
Sep 04 05:58PM
danielle00Love the clutch!! Who is it by?
Sep 04 06:11PM
alvictoria@blaze how could you te?
Sep 04 06:14PM
Sep 04 06:14PM
alvictoria@danielle00 thank you! It is Michael Kors :)
Sep 04 06:14PM
danielle00Thanks! Let me know when you get sick of it 😉
Sep 04 06:16PM
blazeWhiskers were supposed to be white on this pair
Sep 04 06:30PM
blazeEars and nose were supposed to be patent Leather etc etc...
Sep 04 06:31PM
julietj316love your shorts! where are they from?
Sep 05 07:53AM
alvictoria@julietj316 thanks! From a boutique in my town. :)
Sep 05 07:55AM
julietj316cute. love all your shoes but sadly your not my size 😔
Sep 05 07:56AM
panela05Why are you selling these!?!
Sep 06 05:59PM
alvictoria@panela05 I just have way too many pairs of shoes! Haha
Sep 07 07:59AM
alvictoria@maria thanks again for sharing! Hope you're having a blast at NYFW! jealous! 
Sep 13 03:38PM
mariaOf course! This is a great listing. And I'm back from fashion week. Was an amazing time! Can't wait for February. :)
Sep 13 03:39PM
alvictoria@eka08002 interested in any of your likes?
Sep 14 09:31PM
alvictoria@hannaho thanks for sharing! And thanks for my cute tshirt. :)
Sep 17 04:37PM
hannahoAnytime! Love these wedges! And yay I'm so glad that you love the shirt!:)
Sep 17 06:11PM
alvictoria@msteaq interested? :)
Sep 22 08:15AM
msteaq@alvictoria -- yes, but Im just liking for now lol I need to get rid of more shoes before I buy another pair. These are lovely though~
Sep 22 08:16AM
alvictoria@alexflowerz interested? :)
Sep 22 12:04PM
alvictoria@puritees3 interested? :)
Sep 22 12:04PM
puritees3I love them, but they're too small.
Sep 22 12:08PM
jerseygirl0703Keep these!
Sep 22 12:51PM
dez767The price is more expensive than the original...
Sep 27 05:29PM
alvictoria@dez767 yes I know, thanks. I always negotiate.
Sep 27 05:45PM
alvictoria@veronika interested? :)
Sep 29 01:12PM
alvictoria@charioner interested? :)
Sep 29 01:19PM
charioner@alvictoria They're gorgeous, but just admiring.
Sep 29 01:21PM
fashionjenAgain too small! ❤ these!
Sep 29 02:51PM
corymac581These are awesome. So wish I had smaller feet
Oct 07 04:48PM
alvictoria@mzdee interested? :)
Oct 08 09:17PM
alvictoria@lovelygal2luv interested? :)
Oct 09 12:40PM
mzdeeDo they fit like a true 7.5? I'm between a 7 and 7.5 so I'm not sure if these will be too big.
Oct 10 03:09PM
alvictoria@mzdee yes they should fit you just fine! :)
Oct 10 03:25PM
mzdeeLove them but kinda pricey still 😕
Oct 10 03:59PM
alvictoria@mzdee what are you wanting to pay?
Oct 10 08:05PM
mzdee$80. Can you measure the length to see how long it is?
Oct 10 10:25PM
Oct 18 01:35AM
alvictoriaThanks for sharing @lyann! 
Oct 26 11:08PM
justmeevamarie@panela05 Hi😊 Weren't u looking for these awhile back? I seem to recall it on ur list? Not sure if they're ur size, or if I have the right person😜(lol) but thought I'd tag u!! 😊 These are so cute. Not my size, but CUTE!!! @alvictoria U have a great closet!
Nov 01 08:04AM
alvictoria@justmeevamarie thank you!! 
Nov 01 08:26AM
alvictoria@cinthya interested? :)
Nov 14 09:24AM
jmcgillicuddy@alvictoria I was also looking at these. Wanted to see what the BEST bundle price would be? 😀
Nov 14 04:05PM
alvictoria@jmcgillicuddy what about $130? :)
Nov 14 04:23PM
jmcgillicuddy@alvictoria thanks for the awesome price! I looked at some other views on their website and I dont think these ones are for me. Sorry I should have done that first! So I would like the other ones, best price on those :)
Nov 14 05:29PM
Dec 07 01:20PM
alvictoria@alyssajane_v no thanks! :)
Dec 07 02:50PM
laykerin_21@alvictoria need theses in a size 5 or 5.5
Dec 11 03:46PM
whitlinardThese are great but I found them cheaper and brand new on Amazon!
Dec 28 11:41AM
annakb92are these still for sale? but $10,800 is a joke right...?
May 05 08:57PM

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