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Quilted Leather Studded Rebecca Minkoff

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Quilted Leather Studded Rebecca Minkoff

Copper quilted leather Rebecca Minkoff 'Affair' shoulder bag. Rosegold hardware. Worn just a few times. 💗no trades
Seller Discount: 10% off 2+ Bundle
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
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triplyksisLove the hardware!
Aug 30 10:48AM
katefI realllllly like this!!
Aug 30 01:35PM
msmegan@triplyksis gorgeous, right?? @katef she needs a new forever home!
Aug 30 01:52PM
alexflowerz@julietj316 I want this one!
Aug 30 05:27PM
fashionjen😍 Nice! Love your shirt too! Willing to sell it?
Aug 30 07:14PM
msmegan@fashionjen hi! My shirt isn't for sale at the moment but I appreciate your great fashion sense! ;)
Aug 30 08:42PM
fashionjenTag me if you ever sell it please!
Aug 30 09:02PM
emmequinnLove this!!!
Aug 31 11:59AM
lorigalloway@msmegan I'm DYING over this bag!!! Negotiable?
Aug 31 08:36PM
msmeganHi @loriwgalloway price is pretty firm. :)
Aug 31 09:07PM
msupgradeReally nice. How low are you willing to go on this?
Sep 01 12:24PM
msmeganHi @msupgrade my price is pretty firm :)
Sep 01 12:42PM
aleahlynnHow much to bundle this and the blue cocktail dress?
Sep 03 03:55PM
msmeganHi @aleahlynn I could do $365 for both items together.
Sep 03 04:48PM
Sep 05 08:43PM
howtobefancyI have this bag! I love it so was really hard to find! Someone should snatch this one up!
Sep 08 08:17AM
msmegan@howtobefancy thanks! :)
Sep 08 08:36AM
modestchicUgh! I'm so mad I just spent all of this money before I saw this. This bag is awesome!
Sep 13 10:28PM
msmeganThanks @modestchic :) Check back when you can and perhaps it'll still be available!
Sep 13 10:40PM
modestchic@msmegan I was already thinking that I would check back next month for it since its saved under my 'likes'. But if it's not available by then, where can I find it?
Sep 13 10:42PM
msmegan@modestchic you could likely find this style at any larger dept store or online site that carries designer goods :)
Sep 13 10:52PM
modestchic@msmegan ok, thanks!
Sep 13 10:53PM
mikahsclosetCute :)
Sep 20 11:42AM
msmegan@mikahscloset thanks! :)
Sep 20 03:02PM
state7197Love this! Would you take 300 for it?
Sep 25 06:44PM
msmeganHi @state7197! My price is pretty firm :)
Sep 25 07:38PM
ellerebelleWhat size is this? small or large?
Sep 26 04:37AM
msmeganHi @ellerebelle, this would be the large Quilted Affair.
Sep 26 08:56AM
warilife@msmegan , luv the bag....check out my closet
Sep 29 08:57PM
msmegan@katef @emmequinn @loriwgalloway @msupgrade @aleahlynn @modestchic @state7197 just lowered the price, if you're still interested! :)
Oct 25 09:52PM
engelhard@msmegan would you take trade + cash? I love RM!
Oct 27 05:08PM
msmeganHi @engelhard sorry I don't trade! I love RM too :)
Oct 27 06:09PM
vintageobssionWould You Be Willing To Trade For A Lois Vitton Bag
Nov 07 11:19AM
msmegan@vintageobssion sorry no trades, they're not supported by PM.
Nov 07 11:39AM
ashbashloveAre you selling the shirt?
Nov 09 01:13AM
msmegan@ashbashlove hi there my shirt is not for sale.
Nov 09 06:12AM
ashbashloveOk well if you ever were tagg me!
Nov 09 11:19AM
fashioninmind@msmegan love! trade?
Nov 11 08:17PM
msmegan@fashioninmind hi no trades - they're not supported by Poshmark.
Nov 11 10:34PM
dimples4life87@msmegan check out my closet and let me know if u want to trade? Love this bag!
Nov 18 08:29AM
yengkeepop@msmegan TRADE here at Posh ????
Dec 04 09:14AM
yengkeepop@msmegan do you know that 2 of you selling exact purse anyway i love it but cant afford it right now but im willing to trade anything in my closet
Dec 04 09:33AM
msmeganHi @yengkeepop check out my previous comments above, sorry no trades!
Dec 04 10:28AM
twinkelstaarTrade?! Please check out my closet and let me know 😊😃
Dec 06 08:08PM
bananniekins@msmegan - So pretty!! And a great deal too ;)
Dec 07 10:20PM
msmeganThanks @bananniekins! :)
Dec 07 10:58PM
twinkelstaarI'm soooooo stoked for this bag!!!!! Like literally jumping up and down with joy
Dec 13 12:32PM
twinkelstaarHey can u cancel this? I put this on the wrong card lol
Dec 13 12:53PM
msmegan@twinkelstaar order has been canceled and item is available again for purchase. Thanks!
Dec 13 01:39PM
twinkelstaarPerfect thanks!
Dec 13 01:40PM
msmegan@twinkelstaar were you still interested in purchasing this or should I anticipate it's available for sale again?
Dec 14 09:14AM
twinkelstaarSale again, thanks and sorry
Dec 14 11:52AM
Dec 22 10:34PM
Dec 22 10:34PM
lavishlookSuper cute closet! LOVE THIS!! <3
Jan 08 07:20PM
bebechouloWould you be willing to bring the price down@msmegan ?
Jan 09 09:21PM
msmeganHi @bebechoulo I'm open to a small reduction but I've lowered it from $350. Feel free to make an offer and I can let you know!
Jan 09 09:26PM
meg777@msmegan love this!!!! Omg if I sell something I will be back to buy ASAP!!! 😍Could u share some of my listings? I'm trying to build a following to sell stuff so I can buy things lol ohhh the vicious cycle
Jan 12 04:00PM
sarahathompsonI can offer $100.
Jan 19 11:10PM
allieoop4Would you take $175?
Jan 20 06:41PM
msmeganHi @sarahathompson @allieoop4 - those offers are much lower than I'm looking to sell.
Jan 21 02:49PM
allieoop4$225? That's as high as I'll go
Jan 21 02:52PM
msmegan@allieoop4 I appreciate the offer but that's still much lower than I am looking to sell.
Jan 21 03:00PM
mscristin$250? Lmk!
Jan 25 08:29PM
msmeganHi @mscristin! I can't do $250, I've already reduced this to as pretty low as I'm willing to go.
Jan 25 11:16PM
mscristinWhats your last price hun?
Jan 26 07:05PM
reckless_rebelOMG I'm in love I think this would be a perfect bday gift to myself!!! $300 is the set price correct?
Jan 26 08:53PM
msmegan@mscristin @reckless_rebel hi there! Current price, $300, is firm for now, yes. I've already reduced it a couple of times. :) Let me know if you have any questions.
Jan 26 09:42PM
mscristin@msmegan ok tha ks you then im looking for a black one similar style
Jan 26 09:52PM
reckless_rebelDo you reserve items??
Jan 27 06:43AM
msmeganHi @reckless_rebel, I'm open to the idea but I like to make certain users are sure they want to purchase before I do. It would also depend on the length of time someone is requesting to hold an item. Let me know what you have in mind.
Jan 27 09:33AM
reckless_rebelI'm almost 95% sure I'd like to buy this. I will definitely let you know my decision by later today and we can discuss purchasing details if that's okay?
Jan 27 10:13AM
reckless_rebelSorry make that 98% lol 😁
Jan 27 10:13AM
msmegan@reckless_rebel sure, keep me posted :)
Jan 27 10:15AM
reckless_rebelOkay, I most certainly will :)
Jan 27 10:16AM
yengkeepop@msmegan posted more stuff ... TRADE ???
Jan 29 11:03PM
plvtinumchvnelSo dam cute
Feb 02 07:44PM
cemurrLove it!!!
Feb 04 02:48PM
twinkelstaarWould u be willing to trade for another RM?
Feb 05 11:10AM
simplyxtrendyOmg!! I love this!! 😍😍
Feb 07 12:09AM
ashleedawnHOW has this bag not sold?! It's practically famous on FB. :)
Feb 07 06:15PM
Feb 16 07:34AM
Feb 19 09:11PM
malmac98Are the straps heavy? Comfy? Outside stains ?
Feb 22 09:13PM
marilynm@ashleedawn I was just thinking that! How?! I almost feel obligated to buy it myself just to "show them" but I don't know what I'd be showing or who them is? other users? That they will be sorry they missed out? Ahghh it's just craziness.
Feb 22 10:06PM
msmeganHi @malmac98. The straps are comparable to the chain strap of a Rebecca Minkoff MAC; it's got weight but it's not cumbersome. And I like that there are two straps instead of just one, which is nice when you carry it on your shoulder. I double checked the exterior and don't see any stains. The RM emblem on the back has a couple of scuffs from being held, but nothing that I think takes away from the bag. Let me know if you have any other questions!
Feb 22 10:25PM
msmegan@marilynm thanks for the like!
Feb 23 08:11AM
kellydaiGreat closet! I'm new on PM please share my listings if you could. Appreciated! ❤💚💜
Feb 24 02:18PM
xostina09oxStill available? How low through PayPal?
Feb 27 03:45PM
msmegan@xostina09ox thanks for your interest. All of my items are available for purchase through Poshmark since PayPal is not allowed. Let me know if you have any other questions.
Feb 27 03:48PM
celestebensontrade for my mj bag?
Mar 06 09:36AM
Mar 09 06:17AM
cmlalg01@msmegan hi is this still avail.
Mar 12 07:17PM
msmeganHi @cmlalg01 yes it is :)
Mar 12 08:08PM
brooklynpriceShare for shares? I'm new to this and am trying to gain followers! 😄
Mar 17 02:57PM
Mar 19 11:41AM
fashionablekate@msmegan awesome bag! What are the dimensions and where was this originally purchased?
Mar 20 11:39AM
msmeganThanks, @fashionablekate! The dimensions are 13" L x 8.5" H x 4" W, this is RM's large quilted affair. I purchased this from Bluefly's site Belle & Clive.
Mar 20 11:48AM
kathrinaangelaHi i just shared your closet 😊 would appreciate if you share back! Thanks a lot 😉
Mar 23 12:22AM
Mar 23 03:14PM
Mar 23 03:15PM
gypsyrocksThanks for sharing my items love! I'm sharing yours too.....
Mar 23 03:20PM
msmegan@gypsyrocks great listings!
Mar 23 03:28PM
jenaviVery nice!
Apr 02 02:52PM
mzpateWish I could get this bag.. Can't rite now
Apr 02 08:29PM
msmegan@mzpate check back when you can! :)
Apr 02 08:31PM
nsullo@msmegan hi! How long are you willing to hold for? I could DEF buy this bag by next Tuesday night! I can even put a holding deposit down of $100 on Saturday night and pay the rest on Tuesday night if you reserve for me. Let me know if you are willing to hold for me! I'm a serious buyer and would be willing to put a holding deposit down! Thanks!
Apr 04 08:15AM
msmegan@nsullo hi! You're too sweet! I'd be happy to hold this for you until Tues evening. :)
Apr 04 08:25AM
nsullo@msmegan thank you sooo much :)) can you send me the invoice to my email? And I will pay by 7 pm next Tuesday night! Thanks again!!
Apr 04 08:29AM
msmegan@nsullo no deposit necessary. All purchases are made through Poshmark so I will gladly take your full payment when you tap the buy now button next week. :) You appear to be a serious buyer so I'm happy to put this on reserve for you until then. Just tag me when you're ready to purchase on Tues. Have a lovely rest of the day!
Apr 04 08:32AM
nsullo@msmegan I'm actually gonna buy on Sunday now. I looked at my expenses and can purchase on Sunday night! I will tag you on Sunday afternoon when I'm ready to buy. Thanks again for holding for me :)
Apr 04 09:55AM
nsullo@msmegan hi! I'm ready to purchase!
Apr 07 12:40PM
msmegan@nsullo hi! It's adjusted for you. :)
Apr 07 01:08PM
nsullo@msmegan ok purchased! Thanks again for reserving :) When will you ship and from where?
Apr 07 01:13PM
msmegan@nsullo I'll have this in tomorrow's mail for you! It'll be arriving from SF.
Apr 07 01:19PM
nsullo@msmegan awesome. Thanks!
Apr 07 01:20PM
ktanderson88Ugh love!!!
Jul 17 01:40PM

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