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Bianco Silvia Double Handles Satchel

Brandnewww brown tote with cute lock detailing in the front (: really nice and great for school, work, etc
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
Buyer Protection & Refund Policy
klee323@riahdoesmakeup : interested (:
Sep 06 10:49AM
mollsIf you are willing to come down to $40, please tag me:)
Sep 06 12:02PM
klee323@molls : what about 65? It is brand new in dust bag (:
Sep 06 12:03PM
mollsRight now it's too much!!! Unless of course I sell some things soon. I knew $40 was stretching it, but i figured if you were willing to come down in the future, you could let me know:)
Sep 06 12:05PM
klee323@molls : I really want to get rid of my stuffs but at a decent price so 65 would be the lowest that I will go sorry just let me know of you still want it later (: I'll tag you if I do lower it (:
Sep 06 12:08PM
mollsOk thanks! I promise I wasn't trying to be insulting, lol, I just have limited funds until I sell!!!
Sep 06 12:18PM
klee323@molls : oh no (: I understand don't worry (:
Sep 06 12:20PM
klee323@kaila: interested? (:
Sep 06 07:11PM
klee323@avenue_64 : interested? (:
Sep 09 08:32AM
ohsewdizzuHi cute bag! What are the measurements and is it leather?
Sep 10 05:34AM
klee323@ohsewdizzu : yes it is leather and it's a gorgeous bag! Dimensions: 17" x 10.75" x 6"
Sep 10 09:16AM
klee323@ohsewdizzu : are you interested?
Sep 10 04:08PM
ohsewdizzuYes is it leather and the measurements please? Thank you ; )
Sep 10 04:11PM
ohsewdizzuDuh!! Sorry didn't see the answer oops!
Sep 10 04:14PM
klee323@ohsewdizzu : I replied to you (: look at the top comment (:
Sep 10 04:14PM
klee323@ohsewdizzu : hehe it's ok (:
Sep 10 04:14PM
klee323@ohsewdizzu : would you like to give this amazing bag a home? (;
Sep 10 04:28PM
ohsewdizzuYes but Friday is my day to buy just looking for now if it here fri I would be interested
Sep 10 04:32PM
klee323@ohsewdizzu : oh okie (: looking forward to Friday for a thumb up or down from you (;
Sep 10 04:33PM
klee323@twinkledinkle : are you interested? (:
Sep 10 07:58PM
klee323@bijones1 : interested? (:
Sep 11 11:00AM
klee323@rubie : interested?
Sep 13 10:15PM
klee323@jlee0416 : interested?
Sep 15 12:39AM
klee323@ohsewdizzu : are you still interested? (:
Sep 15 12:40AM
klee323@yenny : interested ? (:
Sep 15 07:34PM
Sep 16 07:55PM
klee323@chicandfrugal : interested in owning this bag? (;
Sep 16 07:56PM
chicandfrugalNo thank you
Sep 16 07:57PM
klee323@chicandfrugal : oh ok
Sep 16 07:57PM
Sep 16 11:01PM
Sep 17 12:56PM
klee323@faith13 : didn't see anything sorry
Sep 17 12:58PM
faith13Thanks anyways <3
Sep 17 01:57PM
klee323@faith13 : awe no problem! (:
Sep 17 02:10PM
snmitche02Would you sell for $60?
Sep 19 04:22AM
klee323@snmitche02 : email me at
Sep 19 08:49AM
klee323@snmitche02 : 60 on pp and you can pay 7 dollar here for shipping deal?
Sep 19 07:38PM
klee323@snmitche02 : I sent you an email (:
Sep 20 12:58AM
klee323@amiracloset: thanks for sharing (:
Sep 20 09:50PM
klee323@mrsgutierrez : interested?
Sep 20 09:53PM
klee323@lareina : interested?(:
Sep 27 01:40PM
lareina@klee323 yes but out of my price range.
Sep 27 01:53PM
klee323@lareina : oh ok (:
Sep 27 02:24PM
klee323@ohsewdizzu : still interested ?(:
Sep 29 01:37PM
klee323@jennyvic2010 : interested?(:
Sep 30 08:48AM
klee323@katef : thanks for sharing!
Sep 30 07:57PM
klee323@triplyksis: interested?(:
Sep 30 07:58PM
klee323@wbjagich : interested?(;
Sep 30 08:12PM
wbjagichOh it's quite lovely! Maybe if you wanna trade ;)
Sep 30 08:19PM
klee323@wbjagich : didn't see anything sorry
Sep 30 08:21PM
klee323@missmariahriah : interested?(:
Sep 30 09:50PM
klee323@mamathayer : interested?(;
Oct 01 08:11AM
mamathayerWould you be interested in any trades? I'm low on funds right now.
Oct 01 08:20AM
klee323@mamathayer : didn't see anything sorry
Oct 01 08:23AM
klee323@ballie_23 : interested?
Oct 01 07:31PM
Oct 01 09:07PM
klee323@hannahswiggard : didn't see anything sorry
Oct 01 09:11PM
klee323@katef : interested?(:
Oct 03 02:17PM
klee323@tcastillo : interested?
Oct 04 03:43PM
klee323@epluger: thanks for sharing
Oct 04 04:07PM
tcastilloYes interested but only if willing to sell for $40 through pp
Oct 04 06:55PM
klee323@tcastillo : email me
Oct 04 07:24PM
klee323@marlenebarlene : interested?
Oct 04 07:24PM
klee323@angieee1024 : interested?๐Ÿ˜„
Oct 06 09:37AM
Oct 06 09:39PM
klee323@lovelm : didn't see anything I need sorry
Oct 06 09:40PM
klee323@chelsea200 : interested?(:
Oct 07 04:01PM
klee323@molls : I can do 45 let me know when you are ready (:
Oct 07 09:13PM
klee323@kelluh : interested?(:
Oct 08 08:34AM
chelsea200Is this more like a cognac? Or a light brown?
Oct 08 09:10AM
klee323@chelsea200 : more of a cognac color (:
Oct 08 10:10AM
klee323@chelsea200 : still interested?๐Ÿ˜„
Oct 08 10:24AM
chelsea200Yes I am! I just have to save up a little more money before I can. What is the lowest you will go on this?
Oct 08 10:30AM
klee323@chelsea200: 65 ๐Ÿ˜„
Oct 08 10:31AM
chelsea200Ok! Will you reserve?
Oct 08 10:35AM
klee323@chelsea200 : yes of course (: for how long?
Oct 08 10:35AM
chelsea200I'll buy on Thursday :)
Oct 08 10:36AM
klee323@chelsea200 : ok (:
Oct 08 10:37AM
chelsea200Thank you very much!
Oct 08 10:40AM
klee323@chelsea200 : no problem! Thank YOu for the support!๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ’—
Oct 08 10:41AM
chelsea200Absolutely :)
Oct 08 10:44AM
klee323@chelsea200 : are you still getting it?(:
Oct 11 01:20PM
Oct 11 01:26PM
klee323@chelsea200 : oh ok(:
Oct 11 01:28PM
chelsea200Still buying!! I just can't do it until midnight when I get paid :) thought I got paid today but not until tomorrow.
Oct 11 06:39PM
klee323@chelsea200 : it's ok I'll hold it till then (: thanks for letting me know (:
Oct 11 06:40PM
chelsea200Thank you! And your welcome :)
Oct 11 06:45PM
klee323@chelsea200 : no problem!(:
Oct 11 07:05PM
klee323@chelsea200 : did you like the bag you got?๐Ÿ˜„
Oct 12 11:57AM
chelsea200Absolutely love it! Amazing condition and he color is better than I thought it was going to be :) cannot wait to receive this one after I but it
Oct 12 11:58AM
beautyfinishWhat are the dimensions of the bag?
Oct 12 12:03PM
klee323@chelsea200 : yeah the camera doesn't do any justice on that bag xD I was very sad to give it up but I know you will enjoy it more than I do ๐Ÿ˜„
Oct 12 12:29PM
klee323@beautyfinish : dimension is 17''x10.75''x6'm
Oct 12 12:30PM
klee323@chelsea200 : how much longer do you need me to hold this? Let me know (:
Oct 12 07:18PM
chelsea200Sorry! Tomorrow for sure.
Oct 12 11:52PM
chelsea200Alright I am about to buy :) One question though, is it silver or gold hardware?
Oct 13 12:19PM
klee323@chelsea200 : even's rose gold!
Oct 13 02:42PM
klee323@chelsea200 : still getting it?(:
Oct 13 07:39PM
klee323@chelsea200 : still getting this?(:
Oct 13 10:13PM
chelsea200Yes buying right now :)
Oct 14 11:09AM
klee323@chelsea200 : ok!(:
Oct 14 11:10AM

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