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⬇️FINAL REDUCTION⬇️ Cole Haan Red Graphic Handbag

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⬇️FINAL REDUCTION⬇️ Cole Haan Red Graphic Handbag

Brand new condition Cole Haan satchel without tags, with dust bag. Canvas with geometric print and scarlet patent leather details. No stains, odors, smoke & pet free home. 100% authentic. 🎉Host pick by @shoogal82!! 🎉
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17thandirving@kaylensmommy thanks for the like! Let me know if you have any questions!
Aug 24 10:06PM
wbush01913@17thandirving Trade?
Aug 24 10:20PM
17thandirving@wbush01913 not on this, sorry! Really looking to sell.
Aug 24 10:32PM
17thandirving@nikkibowen3 thanks for the like! Interested?
Aug 25 06:39AM
deebutterfliesCan you tell me the measurements
Aug 25 08:49AM
17thandirving@deebutterflies sure! It's 16" wide at bottom, 12" wide at top, 10" high, about 6" deep. Handle drop is 7.5". Lots of room and compartments on inside. Hope that helps! Let me know if I can answer any other questions.
Aug 25 08:55AM
17thandirving@deebutterflies I also just changed the 4th picture to one of me holding it. Thought that might give you a better idea of size. I'm 5'4" and a size 8/10.
Aug 25 09:02AM
17thandirving@cjtang thanks for sharing!
Aug 25 09:03AM
17thandirving@mzpickenpack thanks for the like! Let me know if you have any questions about the bag.
Aug 25 10:13AM
deebutterfliesIt's very pretty but too small for. Thank you for the info
Aug 25 02:31PM
17thandirving@deebutterflies you're welcome!
Aug 25 02:59PM
17thandirving@karmicsaa thanks for the like! Let me know if I can answer any questions for ya!
Aug 25 06:25PM
17thandirving@marvelous thanks for the like! Let me know if you have questions!
Aug 25 08:52PM
17thandirving@readah thanks for the like! Let me know if you're interested!
Aug 26 08:28AM
17thandirving@danielleracheal thanks for all the likes. If you're interested in a few things, I can bundle for you for a better price!
Aug 26 09:38AM
17thandirving@weme thanks for liking and sharing! Let me know if you have any questions.
Aug 27 08:56AM
thankfulalliLet me know if you reduce.
Aug 27 01:12PM
17thandirving@thankfulalli I take offers, what were you thinking?
Aug 27 01:13PM
thankfulalliWhy are you selling. Also do you have more photos of LV bag? I may hold out for that.
Aug 27 01:14PM
17thandirving@thankfulalli purchased this one and I just have three bags I rotate between and never used this one. I'm not sure what you mean by LV bag?
Aug 27 01:18PM
thankfulalliSaw a new Louis bag on here. Sorry I thought it was you item.
Aug 27 01:21PM
17thandirving@thankfulalli ah, got ya. Ok, well let me know if you're interested. I do take reasonable offers / negotiate on price. Thanks for looking!
Aug 27 01:22PM
thankfulalliThank you. Keep you posted.
Aug 27 01:24PM
17thandirving@diva_on_board21 thanks for the like...just reduced a few minutes ago!
Aug 28 03:22PM
17thandirving@wilm34 thanks for the like - I just reduced this today and could discount a little more if you were interested in the wallet too!
Aug 28 04:02PM
marvelousSorry it seems so much bigger in the display pic!
Aug 29 08:00AM
17thandirving@marvelous No worries! It's definitely medium satchel size...not a large tote or hobo. I'm short, so it hits at the top of my hip when on my shoulder.
Aug 29 08:04AM
17thandirving@cheapfashion @lovelyleo17 thanks for the likes ladies! Let me know if I can answer any questions for you.
Aug 30 09:39PM
baria1Hi,i wanna knw if the stuff on this page r used or new?
Aug 31 01:01AM
17thandirving@baria1 this bag has been carried one time and is in "like new" condition.
Aug 31 06:34AM
17thandirving@jenjesaj thanks for the like!
Aug 31 12:26PM
17thandirving@ccelg2 thanks for the like :) let me know if you have any questions
Sep 01 08:02AM
17thandirving@1269h thanks for the likes! If you're interested in the ring and bag, I can reduce a bit and bundle for cheaper shipping?
Sep 04 07:23PM
Sep 12 04:49AM
17thandirving@1artpeace thanks! Are you interested?
Sep 12 06:46AM
17thandirving@laurenlane thanks for the like! Let me know if I can answer any questions for you. I'm also open to offers on this.
Sep 15 08:13PM
Sep 19 02:48PM
17thandirving@shopbelina thanks! Interested?
Sep 19 02:50PM
tdaviscastroLightly used right?
Sep 27 08:49AM
17thandirving@tdaviscastro I've carried it maybe three times. The rest of the time it's been stuffed with tissue paper, in its dust bag.
Sep 27 08:50AM
17thandirving@hairiam thanks for the like
Sep 27 10:29AM
17thandirving@reclaimedfame thanks for sharing!
Oct 02 10:26PM
reclaimedfame@17thandirving you're very welcomed! ;)
Oct 02 10:27PM
17thandirving@erynn thanks for sharing!
Oct 12 08:11AM
17thandirving@jadeopel thanks for sharing!
Oct 16 04:49PM
17thandirving@smithtsalon thanks for the like!
Oct 20 07:54AM
17thandirving@puffgirl2073 thanks for sharing!
Oct 23 04:05PM
17thandirving@lisasv thanks for sharing! Xo
Nov 04 04:11PM
17thandirving@fashionableeme thanks Amanda!
Nov 09 07:37PM
missyfu1376Window shopping...
Nov 18 12:44AM
17thandirving@missyfu1376 I do the same! Let me know if I can answer any questions for you.
Nov 18 08:13AM
17thandirving@alygirl7 thanks for the like!
Nov 18 09:03PM
bananniekins@17thandirving - It was great meeting you at the PM party Lauren! :) Still love you user name. Xoxo
Dec 09 11:10PM
17thandirving@bananniekins it was so nice to meet you too, Annie!! Have a great week! Xo
Dec 10 07:43AM
bananniekins@17thandirving - Thanks! You too ;)
Dec 10 11:08AM
17thandirving@mrsairman1822 thanks so much for sharing!
Dec 10 12:15PM
17thandirving@desi12 thanks for sharing!
Jan 09 11:10AM
stylergirlGreat Closet!
Jan 09 07:45PM
17thandirving@stylergirl thanks so much!!
Jan 09 07:50PM
17thandirving@celebcreation thanks for the like!
Jan 13 07:09AM
17thandirving@tnicole thanks for sharing!
Jan 15 07:09AM
17thandirving@tunjic123 thank you for sharing!
Jan 15 07:10AM
17thandirving@michele713 thank you for sharing!
Jan 15 07:10AM
jadorechanelYou have a lovely closet~💖Check out my closet~~
Jan 31 09:56PM
17thandirving@jadorechanel thank you! You have a great closet, too!
Jan 31 10:22PM
stylergirlSuch a great bag!!
Feb 11 08:40PM
17thandirving@stylergirl thanks Jan! I'm kind of curious as to why it hasn't sold with over 100 likes, but of well, haha. Truth be told, I love it and don't *really* want to part with it, so I'm pseudo-relieved. I'm just so scared of how dirty it will get here in the city on the bus, commuting, etc. I bought it when we lived in Atlanta and it could go from my car to office to home safely!
Feb 11 08:45PM
stylergirl@17thandirving I think sometimes the cool, unique pieces don't appeal to masses of people. I love to find really interesting things for the store, but sometimes ordinary sells:(. The right person will come along or you'll have a very cool bag to love once again:)
Feb 11 08:54PM
17thandirving@stylergirl you know, I didn't think of it that way! Things I thought were boring and wanted to get rid of people swooped up immediately! But maybe I'm just meant to keep it ;)
Feb 11 09:14PM
mesaHi!! Question... If you don't mind, what did you do to get that many followers? And you're not following that many either.
Feb 14 09:06AM
17thandirving@mesa I've been on Poshmark for a long time, but I've been on their suggested user list and hosted two Poshmark parties.
Feb 14 09:10AM
17thandirving@mskittycupcake thanks so much for sharing!
Feb 22 10:48AM
mskittycupcakeNo problem @17thandirving!! It's a beautiful bag I just wish that I could afford it right now 😕
Feb 22 10:51AM
17thandirving@mskittycupcake it's been here a while! Keep it in your likes and check back, that's what I do when I'm listing after something :)
Feb 22 10:52AM
17thandirving@mskittycupcake ^ LUSTING. Autocorrect fail :)
Feb 22 10:53AM
17thandirving@shaykun thanks for sharing!
Feb 22 10:56AM
17thandirving@bananacoffee716 thanks for sharing!
Feb 22 10:56AM
mskittycupcakeOk cool thanks! @17thandirving
Feb 22 10:57AM
17thandirving@sofie_cecil thanks for sharing!!
Mar 07 09:12PM
17thandirving@sofi_cecil thanks for sharing!!
Mar 07 09:14PM
17thandirving@michyc87 thanks for sharing!
Mar 07 11:29PM
17thandirving@kim354 thanks for sharing!
Mar 12 07:04PM
17thandirving@valscloset thanks for sharing!
Mar 24 04:37PM
17thandirving@erikame thanks for the shares!
Mar 31 08:53PM
Mar 31 08:55PM
17thandirving@arcamblin thanks for the like! Price is negotiable :)
May 04 11:11AM
arcamblinAre there any pockets on the outside?
May 04 02:32PM
arcamblinDoesn't look like there's a zipper. Is it just open on top?
May 04 02:33PM
17thandirving@arcamblin it doesn't have a zipper, but a very strong magnetic closure. There are no pockets on the outside, but there are two cell phone sized pockets on the inside, as well as a zipper pocket behind them.
May 04 03:31PM
excreationsThis is gorgeous!
May 29 10:09PM
17thandirving@excreations thank you!
May 29 10:21PM
17thandirving@lamoon thanks for sharing!
Jun 01 11:29PM
shoogal82Aargh! I was fixing up my follow list and I clicked you in error! You know I'm your fan👋
Jun 04 03:26PM
17thandirving@pm_editor thank you so much!
Jun 05 03:04PM
17thandirving@keeka thanks for sharing!
Jun 14 09:27PM
17thandirving@quillingqueen thanks for sharing!
Jun 16 08:42AM
17thandirving@shoogal82 I know you're a busy lady but thank you thank you for the host picks! The party was amazing - so many new things in my likes now! 😘😘😘
Jul 12 08:47PM
shoogal82Whew! I did it! Lol! Yayyyyyy!
Jul 12 09:00PM
17thandirving@shoogal82 you killed it! Is your little iPad finger cramping?!?
Jul 12 09:10PM
shoogal82Lol! Omg! Look at my thank you posting. Someone is already whining to me that she's sad because I didn't host pick her. So much guilt trip. Ay yay yay!
Jul 12 09:11PM
17thandirving@shoogal82 omg, really?! You did a beautiful job. It goes really fast, and once you host one you know!! Some people will always find something to complain about.
Jul 12 09:16PM
shoogal82Insane. The host can't obviously pick everyone! Wow. I'm speechless.
Jul 12 09:17PM
17thandirving@shoogal82 brush it totally can't!
Jul 12 09:18PM
shoogal82Yes, I shall. Thanks Lauren!!!
Jul 12 09:20PM
17thandirving@janetso thanks for sharing!
Jul 26 06:06PM
17thandirving@treasures01rose thanks for the likes! Let me know if you would like me to bundle them for you!
Aug 11 07:27PM
17thandirving@katallison thanks for sharing!
Aug 12 08:28PM
Aug 19 07:09AM
17thandirving@hoffcyn thanks for sharing!!
Aug 21 06:08PM
hoffcynYour welcome! :) absolutely love the bag!
Aug 21 06:11PM
17thandirving@hoffcyn thanks, me too! Unfortunately I just don't get many chances to carry it, working from home.
Aug 21 06:13PM
17thandirving@shoogal82 this one is one year tomorrow!!!
Aug 23 06:31PM
shoogal82Shut up!
Aug 23 07:04PM
Sep 05 07:34AM
Sep 05 08:15AM
meunice33Shared again for good measure 😜
Sep 05 03:27PM
agad04@17thandirving if u go to $100 plz let me know.
Sep 05 10:44PM
17thandirving@agad04 sorry, I don't plan to. I would rather keep it.
Sep 06 07:11AM
Sep 06 07:53AM
shoogal82Shared 💄👗👜👠 Let's sell this baby!!! @meunice33 I need your sharing power!
Sep 07 08:39AM
17thandirving@shoogal82 @meunice33 thanks ladies!! 😘😘😘
Sep 07 08:45AM
17thandirving@kristysalindo thanks for sharing!
Sep 07 08:45AM
Sep 07 05:51PM
17thandirving@shoogal82 😘😘😘😘😘
Sep 07 05:51PM
shoogal82This is so pretty! Needs a new home!
Sep 07 05:53PM
17thandirving@shoogal82 I am STUNNED it's still's getting more likes but no takers. Except people asking me to lower it to a ridiculously low price 😡
Sep 07 05:55PM
shoogal82Great condition too! Ok. Maybe this & my wallet will elope!!!! 👯
Sep 07 05:58PM
17thandirving@gretchenjustine thanks for sharing!!
Sep 07 06:28PM
Sep 08 11:12AM
Sep 10 01:17PM
Sep 11 05:29AM
Sep 15 04:45PM
Sep 21 07:38AM
meunice33🔲🔳▪C'est magnifique, mais oui, trés chic! Congratulations! Your item was chosen as a HOST PICK for tonight's CITY CHIC party by @meunice33 ▪🔳🔲 9.30.13 Thanks for being a CHIC POSHER and following the Poshmark Guidelines!!! 🎉
Sep 30 07:02PM
cellestineCongrats on Host Picks. 🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉
Sep 30 07:05PM
maggie_pie@17thandirving Congrats on the HP! :)
Sep 30 08:04PM
splendeurCongrats on your 🎉🎊HP🎊🎉!!!!!
Oct 01 12:35AM
Oct 10 05:22AM
17thandirving@vdsmay thanks for sharing!
Oct 28 06:44PM
mandeetaylorDoes this have feet on the bottom? Does it fit over your shoulder comfortably?
Nov 08 04:23PM
17thandirving@mandeetaylor it doesn't have metal feet, but it has built in raised patent leather feet that keep the canvas portion off the ground. I added a 4th photo so that you can take a look. It fits very comfortably over my shoulder, even with a jacket. The handle drop is 6.5" so it sits perfectly underneath my arm...not too high or low. Hope that helps! Let me know if I can answer any other questions - happy to do so.
Nov 08 04:30PM
mandeetaylorThanks so much. Gorgeous! I've had it in my likes forever. I can't believe it hasn't sold! Any flexibility in price or are you firm at $150?
Nov 08 04:37PM
17thandirving@mandeetaylor thank you! If I didn't work from home, and not need so many bags, I would keep! I started it at $195, since I bought it for full retail at $365. I've lowered several times, so I'm pretty firm at $150.
Nov 08 04:44PM
mandeetaylor...fully understand... Well. I'm finally gonna take it off your hands :)!
Nov 08 04:46PM
17thandirving@mandeetaylor you made my day! You will truly love it! I will get it in the mail to you tomorrow.
Nov 08 05:08PM
17thandirving@shoogal82 @meunice33 1 year, 3 months later!! Thanks for all the shares on this one, ladies! Couldn't have done it without you! 😘
Nov 08 05:21PM
shoogal82OMG!!!! @17thandirving WE need to celebrate! @meunice33 👯👯👯👯
Nov 08 05:25PM
meunice33Yes!!! Wish I were there to celebrate with you both! One day! 👯✨ Yay, share team!!! @17thandirving @shoogal82
Nov 08 05:27PM
shoogal82OK. I need your magic @17thandirving @meunice33 Help me sell my Prada bundle & Burberry Trench! 👯👯👯
Nov 08 05:30PM
17thandirving@meunice33 @shoogal82 😘😘😘😘👯👯👯💕
Nov 08 05:32PM
meunice33Ok, share team -- my Coach crossbody and my orange MK! @17thandirving @shoogal82 We will get everything sold! 👍💕👯✨
Nov 08 05:51PM
shoogal82Yes!!! Let's go team! Lol! @meunice33 @17thandirving
Nov 08 05:52PM
17thandirving@meunice33 I always share those! I'll keep doing it. Still can't believe they're still around.
Nov 08 05:52PM
cjtang@17thandirving Congrats!! Love when amazing items find new homes 😁
Nov 09 01:36AM
17thandirving@cjtang thank you!! I'm excited too. I just hate seeing wonderful pieces go to waste in my own closet!
Nov 09 07:25AM
17thandirving@mandeetaylor dropped it off today, so it's on the way! Can't wait for you to get it...I just know you'll 💗 it!! 😘
Nov 09 06:13PM
mandeetaylorThank you! Can't wait to get it. My mom already asked to borrow it haha I'll let you know when I get it!
Nov 09 06:17PM
17thandirving@mandeetaylor hah! So funny you said that - was talking to MY mom on the way to the post office and she said "darn! I wanted that one!" It's so classic and versatile, I'm happy to send it to someone that will use it 😊 it's in a giant box with looooots of tissue paper to protect it!
Nov 09 06:24PM
mandeetaylorReceived and love. Thanks so much- love all the packaging details. Small silver sharpie mark in the inside though that stinks. But I really appreciate it.
Nov 12 03:47PM
17thandirving@mandeetaylor really? Oh my goodness, I am terribly, terribly sorry. I carried this one once and don't recall having that in there, and I always triple check my items. I don't know how I missed it. I completely understand if you want to return it.
Nov 12 04:08PM
17thandirving@mandeetaylor I see you accepted the item. I'm happy to offer you a better deal on anything else in my closet, if you're ever interested. That offer stands whenever! I don't want you to be unhappy AT ALL.
Nov 12 04:09PM
mandeetaylor@17thandirving no no I love it. It's in the interior. I thought it was a sample thing like they do with Tjmaxx or something but it was a weird spot to do it. Either way it's fine. Thanks again
Nov 12 04:11PM
17thandirving@mandeetaylor it wouldn't be that...I purchased at Cole Haan at Phipps in Atlanta when I loved there. Thanks for understanding and I still hope you enjoy it!
Nov 12 04:28PM

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