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Adorable bow accent pumps

Bow wrapped booties-brand new never worn!! Has side zip and platform for extra support and comfort. So cute in person! More of a light pink blush color.
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
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luxelogicNot my size, but so cute!
Aug 07 04:38PM
anathaly18@luxelogic thank you! You have really amazing things btw!
Aug 07 04:41PM
queeneofshoesWhat brand are these?
Aug 10 10:47AM
queeneofshoes@anathaly18 ?
Aug 10 12:00PM
anathaly18@queenofshoes Charlotte Russe
Aug 10 12:05PM
katiefrankI love love love these shoes 😍😍 but not my size πŸ˜”
Aug 10 01:47PM
anathaly18@katiefrank my little sister has these in a 6, would you be interested?
Aug 10 02:26PM
anathaly18@katiefrank they only come in whole sizes so 6 fits a 6.5
Aug 10 02:27PM
katiefrankI like the shoes, but I don't see myself wearing them a whole lot, so I don't want to buy them then not wear them
Aug 10 06:24PM
anathaly18@katiefrank thats understandable :) I know the feeling lol if you change your mind let me know. I'd personally wear hem with skinny jeans and a blazer or cute tank or a skirt for a dressier look!
Aug 10 06:29PM
babey_simbaAre these true to size .?
Aug 12 02:59PM
anathaly18@babey_simba I'm usually a 7.5 or 8 in pumps and sized down in these because there are no half sizes and the 8s were a little loose. I think it depends on the person really.
Aug 12 03:10PM
babey_simbaOh I really love these but I'm a 6
Aug 12 03:11PM
anathaly18@babey_simba my little sister has these in a 6 if you're interested?
Aug 12 03:13PM
babey_simbaI'm interested but it pricey since I'm also paying for shipping
Aug 12 03:15PM
anathaly18@babey_simba via PayPal I can offer free shipping!
Aug 12 03:23PM
babey_simbaWell I get paid Friday , I'll get back to you on that but I really want these
Aug 12 03:25PM
anathaly18@babey_simba ok let me know! I haven't listed her size 6s yet but if you really want them I won't and wait for your payment on Friday?
Aug 12 03:27PM
babey_simbaThanks .! There both the same color .?
Aug 12 03:28PM
anathaly18@babey_simba yes they are :)
Aug 12 03:31PM
Aug 19 02:32PM
ary_22can you model them please!
Aug 19 02:40PM
anathaly18@ary_22 will do :) do you want to see them with jeans or bare leg? Lol
Aug 19 02:42PM
ary_22hmm.. can you do both please!
Aug 19 02:44PM
anathaly18@ary_22 sure thing, will tag you tonight when I take them and upload.
Aug 19 03:02PM
ary_22ok thank you :)
Aug 19 03:03PM
missoregonSuper cute wish they were my size!
Aug 19 06:51PM
anathaly18@missoregon thanks! what size are you? My little sister is selling her pair too
Aug 19 06:54PM
missoregonI'm a size 8
Aug 19 06:57PM
anathaly18@missoregon aww sorry she has them in a 6! I had the 8s but they were too big.
Aug 19 07:00PM
anathaly18@ary_22 is there an email I can send the pictures to? I've reached my limit on here (4 photos max) thanks!
Aug 19 09:54PM
ary_22yeah sure,
Aug 19 10:00PM
dnfrye@anathaly18 are these still available!? If so are you willing to go down at all? 😁
Aug 20 01:38PM
anathaly18@dnfrye would you be interested in free shipping? Let me know what works for you
Aug 20 02:13PM
dnfryeI buy all my shoes from Charlette Russe and pay a lot less then $50 on new shoes. That's why I was asking.
Aug 20 03:51PM
anathaly18@dnfrye some are $45 which these were. Plus tax it came to $50 and I'm not including the shipping cost I paid. I have Charlotte russe shoes I've paid $10 for all the way to $50.
Aug 20 03:54PM
dnfrye@anathaly18 I just found them for $32.50 + tax brand new.. I'll buy them from you if you will be that.
Aug 20 04:17PM
anathaly18@dnfrye if I will beat that price? Or be that as in match it?
Aug 20 04:24PM
dnfrye@anathaly18 beat it
Aug 20 04:28PM
anathaly18@dnfrye no I'm sorry, I would like to get back close to what I paid for. Charlotte russe keeps reselling this shoe for several seasons now and I paid more than what they're priced at now. But if you buy them at that price then better for you! They're super cute and look great on.
Aug 20 06:33PM
Aug 20 06:56PM
anathaly18@jeszica999 not at this time but thank you!
Aug 20 07:02PM
beanerbossWish these were my size!
Aug 20 08:26PM
4sqsuper cute but not my size so I shared for some lucky lady to snap up
Aug 22 07:18AM
anathaly18@4aq aww thanks so sweet of you!
Aug 22 07:30AM
anathaly18@4sq ^^^^^ :)
Aug 22 07:31AM
anathaly18@4sq what size are you? These only come in whole sizes and I wear a 7.5. The 8 was too big so I sized down.
Aug 22 10:58AM
headHow would these fit a 7.5?!?! Love these!
Aug 22 04:11PM
anathaly18@head I'm a 7.5 and these fit perfectly! I had an 8 but it ran big, had to size down.
Aug 22 04:15PM
headI am very interested! I can't do anything til 9.14. Can u pls reserve? I can even post 9.13 if I need.
Aug 22 05:00PM
anathaly18@head that's too long I'm sorry 😣 but if they don't sell by then you will be the first one I tag to buy them! I hope you understand ☺
Aug 22 05:02PM
2sweet2prettyπŸ˜” aww I'm a 6
Aug 25 08:00AM
anathaly18@2sweet2pretty my little sister has a 6 if you'd like them? :) let me know!
Aug 25 08:01AM
dpham212😍😍😍😍 omg. Would u go any lower? Or trade?
Aug 27 05:12PM
anathaly18@dpham212 sorry hun no trades at the moment 😣 and the price is firm on these since they're new and never worn but through PayPal it'd be a cheaper shipping fee 😊 let me know!
Aug 27 05:23PM
dpham212@anathaly18 how much would it be through PayPal?
Aug 27 05:25PM
anathaly18@dpham212 $5 priority shipping
Aug 27 05:28PM
Sep 01 02:26PM
twilightchynaYou know what lol im in love with this pair could you reserve them for me?
Sep 06 09:19AM
anathaly18@twilightchyna of course 😊 until when?
Sep 06 09:36AM
twilightchynaWould it be ok till next friday? Thats when i get my paycheck! :)
Sep 06 09:48AM
anathaly18@twilightchyna sure that's fine, just message me when you're ready!
Sep 06 10:02AM
twilightchynaOh trust me i will =) i love them you have any more shoes like these??
Sep 06 10:05AM
twilightchynaU seem like a really nice person :) u got a fb?
Sep 06 10:35AM
anathaly18@twlightchyna awww thank you!! You're so sweet 😊 yes I do I'm under Amira Nathaly but give me yours as well and I'll add you since my page is private I don't think people can search for me lol.
Sep 06 11:03AM
anathaly18@twilightchyna I keep misspelling your name lol sorry! ^^^^
Sep 06 11:03AM
anathaly18@twilightchyna not specifically like this but I know these came in black as well. I can try and find them for you? I have other pumps and heels listed :)
Sep 06 11:05AM
twilightchynaYea look me up its neiva grijalva chyna is my nickname i have the same pic should be easy to find yea im interested un shoes like this ones and stylettos style lol
Sep 06 11:07AM
anathaly18@twilightchyna ok I'll add you! Do you want them closed toe or open? (peep toe) and what size are you?
Sep 06 11:12AM
twilightchynaIm a 7 or 7 1/2 closed that way i can still use in winter lol
Sep 06 11:40AM
twilightchynaCant wait till next week! I want them already lol
Sep 10 09:20AM
anathaly18@wendybe85 hey Hun! Saw your other message, I'll just tag you in the ones I have a 9.5 or 10 in. Those boots I only had in my size. These I have a 10 since they don't have half sizes.
Sep 13 06:06AM
bjhaneyIf these don't sell, I am in love
Sep 14 09:39PM
anathaly18@jglam you'd be a 6 in these since they didn't come in half sizes and I'm a 7.5 to 8 and had to size down
Sep 15 10:47AM
jglam@anathaly18 babe these are cute! Just can't do bows... :(
Sep 15 10:52AM
anathaly18@jglam aww that's ok! They can be too much sometimes lol 😊
Sep 15 10:54AM
jglam@anathaly18 tag me if you come up with more! :)
Sep 15 10:55AM
twilightchynaHey hun im sorry i didnt paypal today i got busy with the inlaws watching the fight & eating shrimp lol
Sep 15 10:40PM
anathaly18@twilightchyna LOL! It's ok! That sounds like fun 😊 it was date night for me a my bf too so I totally forgot.
Sep 16 02:20AM
twilightchynaHey girl i sent you a message on fb!:)
Sep 25 12:17PM
preslee123So cute but to young to wear heels :)
Sep 25 04:38PM
anathaly18@preslee123 that's the most adorable thing I've ever heard! 😊 how old are you? I couldn't wear heels until I was 14 lol
Sep 25 04:41PM
preslee123@anathaly18 I'm 10 but I won't those so bad I to young and tall :)
Sep 26 01:51PM
bebatinkWhat's the lowest you will go on these?
Oct 09 09:43PM
anathaly18@bebatink $40 would be my lowest 😊
Oct 10 04:50AM
jerseygirl0703@anathaly18 I'd grab these in a heart beat if they were my size!!!!!!!!!
Oct 10 09:39PM
jerseygirl0703I think I'd need an 8 in this idk;/ I'm never a 7!
Oct 12 07:34PM
anathaly18@jerseygirl0703 girl neither am I lol!! But they don't come in half sizes so I had to size down because in the 8s my foot was slipping around.
Oct 12 07:36PM
jerseygirl0703@anathaly18 I always noticed that w Charlotte russe heels that's y I have none lol. R they real Tight
Oct 12 07:40PM
anathaly18@jerseygirl0703 yeah they're sizing is so off! Do you have wide feet or toes? LOL my foot isn't like super thin or anything and they feel fine. And the platform makes them extra comfy which is always a plus because I hate buying "dinner" shoes (the ones you can only wear from the car to dinner and back because of the pain)
Oct 12 07:49PM
jerseygirl0703@anathaly18 I love them So much I love ankle straps. My feet r normal I just feel my toes would Be hitting front lol in the past I've tried their patent leather pumps before. N eight was huge and seven was tight so idk bc I 😍😍😍😍these
Oct 12 07:58PM
anathaly18@jerseygirl0703 you could always return them to me! I'll accept that 😊 I wouldn't want you to be stuck with something that doesn't fit
Oct 12 08:14PM
beccababii123Are these true to size?
Oct 12 08:38PM
beccababii123Trade? :)
Oct 12 08:39PM
anathaly18@beccababii123 I can't trade now sorry but I'm a 7.5 and these fit.
Oct 12 08:55PM
Oct 16 08:41AM
anathaly18@marysimm ^^^^^^ no trades
Oct 16 08:43AM
anathaly18@allyxooo I'm a true 7.5 and these fit. I had to size down
Oct 17 03:57PM
Oct 17 04:11PM
Nov 10 07:18AM
anathaly18@moongoddess024 😊 thanks for all the likes hun! Are you interested in any of the items?
Nov 10 07:50AM
jmejia817Omg These are so cute😍 to bad there not my size :(
Nov 14 09:12PM
twilightchynaAmira?!! Im bck atleast during the nights lol glad to c u still have these girl omg how long has it been!
Nov 14 11:06PM
anathaly18@twilightchyna hey girlie!!!! I'm glad you're back 😊 it's been over a month! But I still have these :)
Nov 15 12:13AM
gettumgirl@anathaly18 ...leather????
Nov 18 03:48AM
stacyilalaMy local store have these for clearance at $20 but they dont have my size. I am a 6. Lmk if ur sis can pm that. They are really cute.
Nov 18 04:41AM
anathaly18@gettumgirl not real leather........
Nov 18 06:46AM
anathaly18@stacyilala I'll ask her
Nov 18 06:47AM
gettumgirl@anathaly18 ...but really cutie!!!!
Nov 18 06:48AM
anathaly18@gettumgirl thanks! It's too bad I never wore them
Nov 18 07:01AM
twilightchynaYea i know i finally got internet at home so im back!!
Nov 24 08:28AM
mizz1cookieLove will they fit a 7.5
Nov 27 07:10PM
anathaly18@mizz1cookie yup! I'm a true 7.5 and had to size down to these.
Nov 27 07:14PM
mizz1cookieThey are cute but I can't spend rt now
Nov 27 07:15PM
mae_valdezWhat's the heel height?
Dec 02 09:06PM
anathaly18@mae_valdez 5 inches
Dec 03 05:27AM
Dec 03 08:56AM
anathaly18@emilyheller I don't trade. Sorry!
Dec 03 09:46AM
tiffany_bWill these fit a 7.5??
Dec 09 02:37PM
anathaly18@tiffany_b yup! I'm a true 7.5 and these are perfect. They didn't have half sizes so I had to size down, the 8 was too big.
Dec 09 02:38PM
quirkyaloneSooooo cute. 😍
Dec 09 07:31PM
twinkelstaarInterested in trading?! If you are take a look at my closet! πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ˜ƒ
Dec 09 08:57PM
Dec 21 10:54PM
anathaly18@disneybb I'll do a parti trade for your pink sweatshirt
Dec 22 06:04AM
disneybbOhhh no thanks looking for full!:(
Dec 22 06:22AM
disneybbIve added more things so take a look !:(
Dec 23 08:58PM
Jan 04 01:48AM
anathaly18@onlyway2go no trades
Jan 04 06:07AM
jerseygirl0703Please save these lol they're so hot on u !
Jan 06 05:57PM
anathaly18@jerseygirl0703 LOL! You're too sweet 😘 but theyre just sitting there!
Jan 06 06:12PM
bitterswtmissesWould you consider a trade?
Jan 09 02:23PM
loankim28Would u do 30??
Jan 12 12:35PM
anathaly18@loankim28 if you buy now, yes! 😊
Jan 12 12:41PM
loankim28And this would fit an 8 right? Can you change the price?
Jan 12 04:08PM
loankim28I mean 7.5
Jan 12 04:09PM
anathaly18@loankim28 yup! I'm a 7.5 and had to size ok. Ok I'm changing now
Jan 12 04:43PM
Jan 12 04:47PM
anathaly18@loankim28 thank you!! I'll ship out first thing Monday morning 😊 enjoy
Jan 12 04:49PM
loankim28Thanks Hun! Can't wait 😁
Jan 12 04:55PM
loankim28Love the shoes!!! Thank u
Jan 18 09:24AM
anathaly18@loankim28 awww yay! Enjoy hun 😊
Jan 18 09:26AM
anathaly18@loankim28 awww yay! Enjoy hun 😊
Jan 18 09:29AM

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