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Antiqued gold tone bracelet

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    Antiqued gold tone bracelet

    Decked out with gun metal grey and white rhinestones, antique gold metal studs and chain. Stretch bracelet.
    Seller Discount: 30% off 2+ Bundle
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    rainelove@fashionableeme Thanks for the share sweetie!! 😊
    Jul 31 06:09PM
    fashionableemeWelcome!! So cute!
    Jul 31 06:10PM
    rainelove@ajn1027 thank u 😊
    Aug 02 07:18PM
    raineloveThanks for the like @nicole_b 😊
    Aug 04 09:41PM
    lnhardy96Awww! I wish these were silver!!
    Aug 10 08:49AM
    rainelove@Inhardy96 aww sorry hun! I did have one in silver but someone else purchased it already 😁
    Aug 10 08:52AM
    lnhardy96Let me know if when you get a silver one!
    Aug 10 10:19AM
    rainelove@lnhardy96 ok let you know if I find one! Btw tricky with the name girl! Lol I'm like Why isn't get name popping up?? But it's a lowercase 'L' instead of an i.😒
    Aug 10 10:27AM
    rainelove*her not get darn autocorrect 😒
    Aug 10 10:30AM
    lnhardy96Lol i know! Ugh. My its supposed to represent Lauren but heyy cant change it now!
    Aug 10 11:24AM
    rainelove@2haute thanks for following and thanks for the likes!☺
    Aug 10 11:43AM
    Aug 10 11:55AM
    Aug 12 02:30PM
    rainelove@f33bi3 thanks for following and all the likes! Would you like to do a bracelet bundle?☺
    Aug 13 06:49PM
    sludyWould you take any less? :)
    Aug 15 06:24PM
    rainelove@sludy would you wanna bundle it with any of my other items?
    Aug 15 06:26PM
    rainelove@sludy by itself I can do $12 in a bundle I can do $10☺
    Aug 15 06:27PM
    lqoksBest price if i buy tonight ?
    Aug 15 07:01PM
    rainelove@lqoks did you wanna bundle or did you just want this?
    Aug 15 07:11PM
    lqoksJust this
    Aug 15 07:17PM
    raineloveOk @lqoks if you buy right now $10
    Aug 15 07:22PM
    sludy@rainelove let me see if there is anything else I could use to bundle with! :)
    Aug 16 07:06AM
    rainelove@sludy sure ☺
    Aug 16 09:28AM
    rainelove@elalaine thanks for the share!☺
    Aug 20 10:24AM
    raineloveThanks @missxtine17
    Aug 26 01:03PM
    lnhardy96Find a silver yet? /:
    Aug 27 07:42AM
    rainelove@lnhardy96 I'm working on it girly! Lol
    Aug 27 08:05AM
    lnhardy96Ok! Let me know! :)
    Aug 27 09:49AM
    lnhardy96When you do, can you tag & reserve it for me. Ill buy asap
    Aug 27 10:03AM
    rainelove@lnhardy96 you got it beb!😉
    Aug 27 10:20AM
    rainelove@micheleyhardy wanna bundiddle?😉
    Sep 15 09:50AM
    rainelove@lnhardy96 hi! Would you be interested in a gunmetal silver version of this?
    Sep 19 08:59PM
    lnhardy96Sure, can you post a pic
    Sep 20 01:33AM
    rainelove@lnhardy96 were u still interested in the shiny silver version of this?
    Sep 28 01:35PM
    lnhardy96Not atm, later in october closer to the event!!
    Sep 28 01:39PM
    rainelove@lnhardy96 which even Halloween?
    Sep 28 01:41PM
    raineloveI mean event lol
    Sep 28 01:41PM
    lnhardy96Oh lol no i have a dance thingy coming up soon
    Sep 28 01:41PM
    rainelove@lnhardy96 oh sweet!
    Sep 28 01:42PM
    rainelove@joycefattineg want this?
    Oct 09 05:05PM
    rainelove@piecesofjen thought I'd tag you just in case. Same design as silver. But I'll still let you know if I can get a silver one.
    Feb 07 04:06AM
    rainelove@peacocknrobin hello! This bracelet has been shipped out already. I already contacted @poshmark with an attached photo of the package. Please let me know if you have any issues if you do not receive the package in a timely manner. Thank you!
    Aug 16 10:45AM

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