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80/20 color block booties

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80/20 color block booties

Worn once for a Halloween costume. I love these but just don't wear them do to my corporate "uniform" -- finally ready to find them another home. :) 4" heel with a 2" platform
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coralsncognacsThank you for sharing @maria @fashionableeme 😘
Jul 31 11:55PM
sheritaso cute! I wish they were a 9 !
Aug 01 05:48AM
ajatierraWould be perfect for the T-Mobile girl's new look :)
Aug 02 08:53PM
courtneycoutureCould this work for an 8.5, or are they cut true to size?
Aug 03 06:31PM
coralsncognacsSorry for the delay @courtneycouture! I had on thick socks when I wore them for Halloween and they were still comfortable
Aug 10 05:07PM
niecI have been looking for these everywhere! would you be interested in going lower than the asking price?
Aug 13 11:26PM
coralsncognacs@niec What can you offer? I only wore them once and they are in mint condition, so I want to sell at a price in comfortable with. (they're super comfy, btw)
Aug 15 12:49AM
niecoh I can understand that. would $37 be okay?
Aug 15 02:00PM
loveoneI love
Aug 15 03:00PM
coralsncognacs@niec Sure, but only because I know you will wear them well. Reserved for 12 hours xo
Aug 15 09:05PM
niecI'm so sad! unfortunately some silly adult things just came up and I can't purchase these just yet :( I'm so sorry. believe me, I hope they're still around when I can!
Aug 16 05:54AM
Aug 19 04:48PM
arkim77Really like these boots but in an 81/2 don't know if I'd be able to fit them
Aug 23 01:24AM
coralsncognacs@arkim77 I'm an 8 and wore thick socks the one time I wore them if it helps
Aug 29 12:14AM
sweetbriarOh my I need an 8 1/2 where did you get them from?
Aug 30 07:27PM
maxray18@coralsncognacs , is this black or dark gray?
Aug 30 11:13PM
coralsncognacs@maxray18 Theyre black :)
Aug 30 11:48PM
coralsncognacs@sweetbriar a website called 80/20
Aug 30 11:49PM
sweetbriarThere hot thx
Aug 31 04:13AM
chacha101908Omg were did yu get these
Sep 01 12:55AM
coralsncognacs@chacha101908 80/20's website 👏☺
Sep 02 08:25AM
fanciface@coralsncognacs Please tell me that you are interested in a trade?
Sep 08 08:03PM
wouldbemollyHi! I forever thought I was an 8 and these days think I'm more like a you have any idea about what they'd be like on my (allegedly smaller) feet? I totally still have size 8 shoes, so I'm thinking it might not make that much of a difference...these are amazing!
Sep 12 08:42PM
coralsncognacsYes I believe they would @wouldbemolly :) thanks for your interest!
Sep 12 09:02PM
coralsncognacsNo sorry @fanciface
Sep 12 09:02PM
fanciface@coralsncognacs - No worries! Thanks!
Sep 12 09:37PM
so4reelCute but not my size 
Sep 16 08:21PM
angydqAre they leather?
Nov 02 09:24PM
ruthginyard4884Omg I love this!!!! Can u hold it til Friday please. I promise to purchase them I'm just waiting for the other stuff I order from someone else. Thx if possible.
Nov 19 12:51AM
Nov 20 10:39AM
coralsncognacsSorry @ruthginyard4884 I don't hold items having done this so many times in the past and not having buyers follow through! xx
Nov 21 02:15PM
ruthginyard4884I totally understand. :) @coralsncognacs
Nov 21 02:56PM
anniebee27These are hot!
Nov 27 05:01PM
Nov 28 03:02PM
coralsncognacsThanks @anniebee27 !
Nov 29 11:10PM
coralsncognacsNo @samsd0ll they are synthetic but very high quality material (kept my feet worn the one time I wore them in October 2011!)
Nov 29 11:11PM
anniebee27Can you post a pic of you wearing them please?
Nov 30 11:30PM
kikikristi@coralsncognacs buy now this moment for $25
Dec 05 06:25PM
foxysuefaceIf there still available on the 26th when I get paid ill buy! They are very cool!
Dec 18 06:56AM
chengrey@coralsncognacs - these still availble??
Jan 04 11:16AM
coralsncognacs@chengrey Yep!
Jan 05 01:02AM
chengrey@coralsncognacs- would u take 25?
Jan 05 05:05AM
coralsncognacs@chengrey I'd take 30, price lowered for you if you're interested. 😊
Jan 05 12:12PM
chengrey@coralsncognacs- thank u!! Just bought em!!
Jan 05 01:09PM
coralsncognacs@chengrey yay! You will love them. Will ship out first thing on Monday! (Post office by my apt is not open on weekends) xx
Jan 05 01:46PM
chengrey@coralsncognacs- No problem and thank u!!
Jan 05 03:37PM
coralsncognacsShipped @chengrey 😊
Jan 08 11:50PM
chengrey@coralsncognacs- awesome!! Thank u!
Jan 08 11:51PM
tanhatboutique@chengrey hey if you for any reason decide to ever resale can you keep me in mind!
Jan 09 01:15PM
chengrey@tanhatboutique- sure will!! If i decide jot to keep them ill sell em for the same price i got em
Jan 09 02:25PM
tanhatboutique@chengrey sounds great!
Jan 09 02:28PM

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