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Balenciaga Small White City Bag

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Balenciaga Small White City Bag

BALENCIAGA SMALL WHITE CITY BAG. Purchased at Neiman Marcus several years ago but in great condition!
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
Authentication: Free above $500
Buyer Protection & Refund Policy
happiehartCan u post a pic of the inside silver tag?
Jul 30 06:13AM
emmequinnYou never mentioned this one!!!
Aug 19 11:34PM
misschief818I just figured you saw it and weren't interested...I also have this bag in the medium size in corn husker blue...but this one is in better condition:) @emmequinn
Aug 20 02:12AM
emmequinnI was looking at this online before I saw this!! I'm not the biggest white fan... But this is cute too!!
Aug 20 08:07AM
emmequinnWhat's the condition like!? I have a bag on hold... Don't know what to do!!!
Aug 20 08:08AM
misschief818Condition of this bag is really great...barely used this! If you want more pics I can text them just let me know!! Will go down in price on this one too @emmequinn
Aug 21 06:40AM
emmequinnThat's up to you!! I mean I'll take it but it will take a little bit to get you the $; I can send some to hold and then pay you in few weeks! What can you price at?
Aug 21 09:30AM
misschief818Text me and we can figure it out:) @emmequinn
Aug 21 09:40AM
jmequemillerIs this bag still available? Can you post more pics? Thanks!
Oct 13 01:34AM
autentica5@misschief818 can you post more pics please?
Oct 19 08:25PM
hannashopperPlease message me if you'll take $500
Dec 19 11:31AM
misschief818If you pay me directly ill take 500 and ship via FedEx overnight...otherwise it will be 700@hannashopper
Dec 28 09:57AM
flippedbygodcan you take a pic holding it ? thanks
Feb 03 09:26AM
thepaulahUp for 500 via pp?
Feb 27 12:05AM
misschief818If you deposit to my bank account directly ill take 500 and ship overnight via FedEx otherwise it will be 700 @thepaulah
Feb 27 07:03AM
thepaulahMore pics please?
Feb 27 08:47AM
aspearin1How about 400 pay pal? Is this authentic? Do you guarantee authentic or I can get my money back?
Feb 28 05:33PM
nakara99Would you consider the trade?
Mar 09 04:08AM
chandra0930Trade for LV?
Mar 16 11:22AM
charlottehgaoIt's white color ?? It's authentic ?? If yes , I can take it for $450 in pp
Apr 23 05:52PM
misschief818Yes it's white and authentic ill take 450 only if u can deposit directly to my wells account- I don't have a Paypal acct now anyway because the fees are ridiculous- let me know @charlottehgao
Apr 23 06:24PM
alliewebsterIs this authentic
May 02 01:21AM
misschief818Yes I bought it at neiman marcus about 5 years ago and have only used it a handful of times @alliewebster
May 02 03:12PM
May 07 03:46PM
misschief818The only one ill trade for us the azure speedy
May 07 04:16PM
misschief818The only one I'd be interested in trading for is the white speedy @lysad116
May 07 04:17PM
lysad116can u take pic of the inside? is this a small? how much do u want for it? Do u do pp?
May 07 04:47PM
akleiHave you sold this yet? Very interested
May 10 07:08AM
misschief818No I haven't sold it yet....@aklei
May 10 07:59AM
noonz@misschief818 lowest?
May 23 04:09PM
misschief818The lowest I can take is 500 and that's only if you can deposit it directly into my bank account, otherwise it will be 700 thanks! @noonz
Jun 04 11:21PM
poloCan u upload more pictures? Or send more pictures to Thanks! It will be the best if u can also take a picture of someone wearing it. Thanks a lot hun. ;)
Jul 07 09:08AM
banshansTrade for louboutins?
Jul 16 03:41PM
kizmitCan you send me a photo of the front and back of the tag? Thanks
Aug 23 07:56PM
kizmitis this still available?
Aug 31 09:40PM
aefellI have the brown checkered speedy, if you would be interested in trading for this! I don't have it posted yet but let me know!!:)
Sep 10 06:58PM
Dec 31 12:19AM
asloveusCan I have it?
Mar 17 07:38PM
misschief818Willing to negotiate on the price a bit for this bag....if you're interested please let me know- thanks!!! @asloveus
Mar 17 07:45PM
sae7787Just wondering if you'd like to trade for my white Chanel bag..? Thanks : )
Mar 19 04:26PM
dmallyxYou said earlier you had the medium size city? Is that for sale ?
Mar 20 04:54PM
misschief818I have the medium city bag in cornhusker blue but it's definitely more worn and weathered than any of my other bags....if you're interested I can send you some pictures so let me know! Thanks for your interest:) @dmallyx
Mar 20 09:29PM
misschief818Sorry no trades hun:) thanks though! @sae7787
Mar 20 09:31PM
dmallyxIf you don't mind , I actually kinda like the aged look of balenciagas so I wouldn't mind taking a look. My email is dmallyx at gmail dot com
Mar 20 09:43PM
misschief818Ok I'll see if I have any pics on my phone, if not then ill get them to u tomorrow when I get home:) @dmallyx
Mar 20 10:05PM
dmallyxThanks !
Mar 20 10:06PM
jul8Any other pics?
Apr 01 03:53PM
Apr 01 10:16PM
lindsay2367Hi! Can you post or email photos of the bales, rivets, and the front and back of the tag? Thanks!
Apr 16 03:56PM
lenugeStill available? I can do thru paypal.
Apr 27 09:48AM
misschief818Yes it's still available....I can send fedex overnight no charge if u buy it in the next few days @lenuge
Apr 29 04:07PM
lenugeOkay I'll let you know then. What's the lowest you can do?
Apr 29 05:11PM
misschief818It really depends on how you pay....if u are definitely using paypal then probably 460, if u deposited the cash into my bank acct then I could go a little lower so let me know what u prefer. Thanks again! @lenuge
Apr 29 05:20PM
vanessachengDoes it have a shoulder strap also?
Apr 30 07:49PM
misschief818Yes it has the shoulder strap- let me know if u have any other questions, thanks! @vanessacheng
May 01 08:24AM
christinecataloCan I see more pics of this bag? I may be interested =)
May 01 10:45PM
chickenpotpieHi! Are you interested in a trade? I have a Tory Burch avail
May 06 07:20PM
rubigoldieLowest through pp?
May 09 06:59AM
misschief818Probably 460 through paypal...let me know if interested I can include fedex overnight shipping-thanks! @rubigoldie
May 09 12:59PM
luxe8teenStill available? Do you have a dustbag, mirror? What will be the lowest? Can you send me more pix inside and out? My eamil: Thanks
Jun 10 12:25AM
kianacTrade? Several items
Jul 17 02:44AM
tmiddendorfTrade? I can bundle :)
Sep 09 07:16PM
abcb222Does it have any flaws at all? Any signs of wear, stains, smells, marks on it or anything?
Sep 10 07:56PM
Sep 17 05:14PM
natalieee22400$ buy now
Nov 29 02:05PM
misstaylorperryhi do you trade?
Dec 20 01:19AM
Jan 11 05:03PM
gmurphy782Trade ?
Feb 14 01:48PM
angel_isabellaIs this still available? Would you post a picture of the inside of the bag?
Mar 06 11:40PM
Mar 26 11:06AM
mitrazIs this still available? Willing to pay 500 direct if so. Also, how long is the shoulder strap?
Apr 07 01:53PM
stigheIs this available?
Apr 08 10:54PM
stigheAre you the original owner of the bag? Ball only did the raised pewter hw in 2003-2004?
Apr 08 10:58PM
dellamooreHi - is this bag even available and if so...would it be possible to have you post a pic of the inside tag? TIA
Apr 20 07:06PM
alca1234Would you trade?
Jun 11 03:51PM
ashley_kimberlyDo u trade?
Jun 26 09:53PM
kizmitI can do $460.00.
Feb 23 12:59PM
shelbyg13Definitely saving up for this ­čśŹ
Mar 02 09:42AM
kellyb72I love your listing honey, please see mine! If you want to trade I am fine with that, but I am only trading at
Mar 25 03:04PM
heatherm93Do you have proof of authenticity?
Jul 03 06:12PM

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