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⛔RESERVED⛔"Notty" Nude Pumps

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⛔RESERVED⛔"Notty" Nude Pumps

[RESERVED for @kzab213] Bought these a few months ago and have realized they're a tad too snug. Maybe worn twice, so cute and timeless. Comes with original box.
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Jul 27 02:21PM
wbjagichAre these still available?
Aug 11 10:15PM
kateo@wbjagich yes they are
Aug 11 10:40PM
wbjagichWell, if you're interested, I'd like to trade for them! Not sure if you've traded before but I can explain how!
Aug 11 10:42PM
reny1Are these shoes still available?
Aug 15 06:47PM
kateo@reny1 yes they are!
Aug 15 06:48PM
desireelI'm a 6.5 do they run?
Aug 24 11:31AM
kateo@desireel pretty true to size. I'm usually a 7.5 and I can barely squeeze my feet into them.
Aug 24 11:34AM
mommyabeeyoLove these? Let me know if you're willing to trade. Take a look at my closet. I'm even willing to trade more than your $35 asking price.
Aug 26 04:21PM
valeriesCan I get a photo of the back of the heels and bottoms for wear ? Thanks 😊
Sep 16 03:08PM
daniellaWhere did you get these?! I must have them!
Sep 18 07:52PM
kzab213Just wondering how tall these are? Thanks!
Oct 01 06:48PM
kateo@kzab213 they're 4in, with no platform.
Oct 04 11:48AM
kzab213Do you have any photos of the bottoms? Thanks!
Oct 13 02:30PM
kateo@kzab213 I will take some photos as soon as I can! Sorry!
Oct 13 02:31PM
kzab213Whenever is fine. Thanks!
Oct 13 03:23PM
kzab213Or maybe you can email me the photos? Kchan213@gmail. Thanks!
Oct 16 05:20PM
kateo@kzab213 OMG sorry it took so long. Here's a pic of the bottoms. The lighting is a little low, so I can take another tomorrow.
Oct 16 08:04PM
kzab213No worries! Is this the lowest price. Thanks!
Oct 16 08:32PM
kateo@kzab213 I'm always open to hearing offers
Oct 16 08:46PM
Oct 17 03:10PM
kateo@kzab213 I could do that ;) changing the listing now...
Oct 17 09:33PM
kateo@kzab213 all done 😀
Oct 17 09:50PM
kzab213Sorry I just saw this! Not on here often. I know it's annoying but would you mind if I paid at the end of the month? If you get another buyer go for it! But otherwise I really am going to buy!
Oct 18 05:29PM
urbanhippyHi! Im a size 7 but have wide feet. Are these narrow?
Oct 24 07:16PM
kateo@urbanhippy I wouldn't say narrow but they definitely aren't a "wide" size. Sorry, hope that helps. I'm usually a 7.5-8 and I can fit these 7s. They're just too snug for my comfort.
Oct 24 07:33PM
wbjagichWhat's the lowest you'll go?
Oct 24 10:59PM
kzab213Can you still reserve these for me until the end if the month? I'm still very interested!
Oct 25 07:26PM
kateo@kzab213 sure!! Sorry for the late reply!
Oct 25 07:33PM
kzab213No worries! I don't want you to think I'm going to flake out! I really want these!
Oct 25 07:36PM
kzab213I don't suppose you would want to trade? If not, please still hold. Thanks!
Oct 25 07:40PM
kateo@kzab213 sorry, I don't trade. But they're reserved for you! 😉
Oct 25 07:47PM
Oct 25 07:48PM
kzab213Hi, ready to purchase! Thanks again for holding these for me!
Oct 31 06:19PM
kateo@kzab213 there you go!!!
Oct 31 06:40PM
kateo@kzab213 just wanted to let you know I dropped off the shoes at the post office today
Nov 02 10:43AM
kzab213Can't wait to get them!
Nov 02 04:39PM
kzab213Just want to say I love these! Perfectly packaged and shipped quickly!
Nov 08 08:19PM
saranakamura:( So sad I missed out on these!
Feb 12 10:07PM

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