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💢reserved💢Black Michael Kors watch with crystals

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💢reserved💢Black Michael Kors watch with crystals

@susiee MK black acetate watch with crystals. Perfect condition; worn only a few times. Includes original box + extra links for sizing. Purchased at Nordstroms for $275+tax. Price is firm on PM, negotiable via email. Email for pictures/questions.
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brisoko2012100 and I'll give you whatever
Jul 17 05:17PM
lookitsbean@brisoko2012 sorry I didn't see anything for now
Jul 17 05:29PM
brisoko2012I can put in a lot more stuff. I'm just too lazy :) I have an MK BAG brown barely used jewelry and more
Jul 17 05:31PM
brisoko2012Can you email me at
Jul 17 07:39PM
mamiposaTrade+money? Let me know 😉 thanks!!
Jul 17 08:16PM
lookitsbean@mamiposa sorry I didn't see anything
Jul 17 09:32PM
lookitsbean@brisoko2012 sorry I'm not looking to get anymore items, trying to clear out my stuff for now. Thanks though!
Jul 17 09:33PM
Jul 17 09:46PM
Jul 18 07:24AM
sarabrooke97Is this ceramic? I have an almost identical version of your listing. This is a beautiful watch that goes with EveryThing! Really great price too. Don't miss out on this one posh dolls 😘💋😜
Jul 18 07:45AM
brisoko2012Can we do 140? And I'll buy it tomorrow?
Jul 18 08:21AM
lookitsbean@brisoko2012 I can accept $140+shipping for this via pp. let me know if youre interested and I'll reserve it for you
Jul 18 09:33AM
lookitsbean@sarabrooke97 thank you! I love it too but need money right now since I've been shopping too much! Love your other watch btw!
Jul 18 09:34AM
sarabrooke97Thanks kitten❤😜💋
Jul 18 09:50AM
brisoko2012Would you go cheaper via email
Jul 18 10:25AM
lookitsbean@brisoko2012 sorry firm on $140 via email
Jul 18 10:38AM
baguk918Trade + cash?
Jul 18 04:58PM
brisoko2012Can you hold this until later tomorrow or Friday morning. I'll be ready to buy it then
Jul 18 05:05PM
lookitsbean@baguk918 I didn't see anything I want for now :)
Jul 18 06:04PM
lookitsbean@brisoko2012 will you be paying through pm or email?
Jul 18 06:04PM
brisoko2012How do I pay through email
Jul 18 06:44PM
lookitsbeanI emailed you if youre still interested
Jul 19 11:18AM
melissafurdyn@lookitsbean LOVE this watch!! 💜💜💜
Jul 19 03:13PM
lookitsbean@melissafurdyn thank you! 😊 it's still available if you're interested
Jul 19 03:14PM
melissafurdyn@lookitsbean What size shoe do you wear? I have super cute Kate Spade flats I am able to trade + $$ in interested....
Jul 19 03:20PM
blazeCould I trade you anything plus cash?
Jul 19 07:16PM
lookitsbean@melissafurdyn @blaze sorry I'm not looking to trade right now. Thank you though :)
Jul 19 08:03PM
jadesimpaucoI have the same watch & bracelet ❤❤❤ who ever purchases this will love it 👍👍👍
Jul 19 11:10PM
lookitsbean@jadesimpauco thanks!!
Jul 19 11:12PM
pocketacesStill available?
Jul 19 11:57PM
lookitsbean@pocketaces yes it is :)
Jul 20 12:03AM
sexyitaliabebeHi I'd the wrist ceramic or rubber?
Jul 20 02:52AM
lookitsbean@sexyitaliabebe neither. The wrist band is black acetate with a stainless steel case :)
Jul 20 02:55AM
sexyitaliabebeOh is that like plastic? Thanks for your response, could u please look at my items and see if u would possibly trade for anything at all, even partially? If ur interested in anything, let me know & I'll email u 💗
Jul 20 02:58AM
lookitsbean@sexyitaliabebe thanks! Yes it's a plastic material. I'm not looking to trade at the moment since I am looking for specific items. :) thank you though
Jul 20 03:04AM
Jul 20 03:07AM
blazeWould you do 120 via pp I'd pay today!
Jul 20 04:42AM
lookitsbean@blaze sorry that's too low. $147?
Jul 20 09:11AM
laurenkathryn@lookitsbean trade? Lmk:)
Jul 20 09:28AM
mznbtwenWould u be willing to trade? I have a mk handbag for the same price!
Jul 20 09:31AM
blazeNidstroms had it at their anniversary sale today and I decided I liked the weight of the ceramic but thanks!!!
Jul 20 12:21PM
lookitsbean@mznbtwen @laurenkathryn sorry I'm not looking to trade at the moment, thanks though! :) @blaze ooh I didn't see this during their anniversary sale, but you should def get the ceramic :)
Jul 21 01:02AM
alisa425I really love this watch I would love to trade but I am sure you aren't trading lol but was worth a try
Jul 21 06:43PM
lookitsbean@alisa425 I'm always open to trade, but for now I'm looking for specific items and for this watch I'm looking to trade for only another Mk watch. Thanks though! Price is negotiable via email :)
Jul 21 06:45PM
lyssajenkinsI so wish I could get this! Loooooove!
Jul 21 07:47PM
annayeeCan you email me more pics? Is it the bracelet and watch?
Jul 23 12:28PM
lookitsbean@annayee it's just the watch, I'll post more pics soon for you
Jul 23 01:27PM
annayeeIs this a light flimsy material? I like heavy watches
Jul 23 01:28PM
lookitsbean@annayee the wrist band itself is a acetate plastic material that is sturdy and the face is made of steel so it's quite heavy
Jul 23 01:38PM
annayeeOkay great! I'm going to keep it in mind! It's gorgeous!
Jul 23 01:58PM
laurenkathryn@lookitsbean trade?
Jul 23 04:15PM
annayeeCan you reserve this for me? I've been eyeing it and I really love it! I'll purchase by Monday! If you can't I understand completely! I'll just keep checking!
Jul 24 08:32PM
lookitsbean@annayee I had someone email me regarding this watch yday so it's on reserve for them til Sat. If it doesn't go through I'll tag you and reserve it for Monday :)
Jul 24 09:52PM
annayeeOkay. Please lmk if it doesn't go through. 😊
Jul 24 10:40PM
jmcfa015What's the lowest your willing to go?
Jul 27 01:03PM
lookitsbean@susiee it's this one
Jul 28 12:51AM
susiee@lookitsbean I'm intrested if you still are :)
Jul 28 12:56AM
lookitsbean@susiee can you measure your wrist so I can tell if it'll fit me cause I saw you don't have the extra links. :)
Jul 28 12:57AM
susiee@lookitsbean let me look for a ruler haha or count the links
Jul 28 12:59AM
lookitsbean@susiee ok thanks :)
Jul 28 12:59AM
susiee@lookitsbean 15 links
Jul 28 01:01AM
Jul 28 01:16AM
lookitsbean@susiee thanks! I'll ship it out Monday morning since I'm working this weekend :)
Jul 28 01:19AM
susiee@lookitsbean ok no problem! :)
Jul 28 01:21AM

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