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Brand New Top-Sider Navy Shoes - price reduction!

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Brand New Top-Sider Navy Shoes - price reduction!

Still in box, never worn. No returns no trades.
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
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dearestvanemy@simplyxclassic trade? :)
Aug 30 03:45AM
simplyxclassic@dearestvanemy sorry no trades
Sep 12 05:04PM
angieee1024What color are these? Do they run true to soze?
Oct 02 07:33PM
simplyxclassic@angieee1024 it's a denim blue color. I would say it runs 7 1/2 - 8. I'm an 8 and I like how these fit me... Not tight but snug. The 8 fit me fine but I just prefer snug on tennis shoes Bc they tend to loosen up. Hope that helps.
Oct 02 07:45PM
Oct 29 01:14AM
kimbbwould you consider 50 :)?
Dec 13 12:57AM
simplyxclassic@kimbb let's meet in the middle and say 55?
Dec 13 09:34AM
kimbbokay deal. you will ship it with the box correct? where did you buy them from? I can buy now once you change the price
Dec 13 09:43AM
kimbbI actually have to step out for a bit right now so I will purchase tonight.
Dec 13 10:02AM
simplyxclassic@kimbb ok let me know tonight and I will change the price for you.
Dec 13 10:10AM
kimbbI'm ready to buy now!
Dec 13 09:54PM
simplyxclassic@kimbb ok ready.
Dec 13 10:18PM
kimbbdo you mind telling me where you bought them from? I'm still buying it regardless. I just wanted to know :)
Dec 13 10:25PM
kimbbit would not go through. would you take 50? I probably don't have enough in my card
Dec 13 10:31PM
simplyxclassic@kimbb these were purchased from jcrew. 50 is too low for brand new sperrys. I bought them for way more.
Dec 13 10:47PM
kimbbit's just that it's not letting me buy them with my debit card :(
Dec 13 10:50PM
kimbbi had to use my sister's card. finally got it to work. :) please ship with the box!
Dec 14 12:49AM
simplyxclassic@kimbb tracking says it was delivered on 12/16. Please change status.
Dec 19 10:20AM
lindz325@simplyxclassic I'm in love with your closet!
Jan 02 06:13PM

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