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NEW Dolce Vita - 7 Leather Cauzzie Strappy Sandals

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NEW Dolce Vita - 7 Leather Cauzzie Strappy SandalsNWT

BRAND NEW - 7 - Runs true to size - Comfortable - Natural Leather - Perfect Condition - Tassles, Embroidery, Beading, Braided leather.
Seller Discount: 5% off 2+ Bundle
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
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hopehanawayThese are adorable!! Will you be posting any clothes to sell? You have great taste in shoes, I'm dying to see your clothes.
Jul 04 07:30PM
hollyannaereeI'm not going to do clothes on here because I think their shipping is too high :/
Jul 04 07:49PM
biancajettWill you be putting up accessories like hats and scarfs ? And bags ?
Jul 04 08:29PM
hollyannaereeMaybe bags I don't wear hats or scarves lol
Jul 04 09:51PM
joyce313Cute! But not my size :( Holly, are you going to sell handbags? If so, when?
Jul 04 10:39PM
hollyannaereeAs I go through my stuff when I can
Jul 04 10:53PM
vmoran15What is the best you can do? I really love them!
Jul 05 12:40PM
waynesgirlThese are really cute! Holly, maybe you could do a bundle of clothes together in one batch...? Say, a couple shirts together, etc to save on shipping? Just an idea.
Jul 05 07:01PM
hollyannaereeI'm not going to be selling clothes because the only thing that's worth it to sell on here is shoes and bags. Shoes would cost about this much to send. Poshmark is in charge of the shipping fees etc that has nothing to do with my end. The issue with doing a bundle also is not everyone likes the same things so the items that are bundled they may not want. This $7 is reasonable for shoes that's how much it would cost if I sent them independently.
Jul 05 07:07PM
dixiedelight<3 these wish they were a size 8.5 :(
Jul 10 08:36AM
roobishimmerI love these heels but I'm a 7.5 - 8 do you think it will fit.? :(
Jul 22 12:07AM
gracehuynhHolly you can always use PayPal to ship your clothes! That way you can choose a lower shipping price. Just like put in your description box that you can pay through PayPal with a lower shipping rate whenever you decide to post a listing with clothes. :3
Aug 02 12:21PM
fashionguru10Very cute, not my size :/
Aug 09 11:59PM
anahigonzalez24Hmmm... I'll give you ten dollars the most .
Aug 10 12:35AM
trendychicBest price?
Aug 17 02:04PM
hollyannaeree@anahigonzalez24 no need to come on here and waste ppls time with comments like that. The shoes are full leather with leather soles, brand new, good brand - feel free to look them up. Idk why ppl leave comments just to be a b
Aug 20 05:06AM
bestrongHi Holly, I really like these. I am 6.5. Do you think they could fit?
Aug 26 12:17PM
hollyannaeree@bestrong I'm not sure I take a 6.5-7 but consider myself a true 7 - I wear 6.5-7 in Christian Louboutin and a 6.5 in Ann Taylor perfect pumps if that helps you at all. But I do consider myself a true 7 and these fit me perfectly
Aug 26 05:57PM
bestrongThanks Holly. Let me think about it. I do wear Ann Taylor shoes and pumps. I'm between 6.5 and 7. I think they might fit me. :)
Aug 27 08:56AM
tianaWould you consider a trade for a burgundy pair of CL pumps?
Sep 16 08:27PM
tianaThe price value for my CL's are a steal at $55
Sep 16 08:28PM
monteskidsToo cute! Just wish I could walk in heels. Lol!
Sep 21 10:22PM
lexielozetteDo they still have these at target?I would buy them from you but I'm a size 9
Sep 24 08:55PM
hollyannaeree@lexielozette these are not from target they are from karmaloop - dolce vita did a collab with them a while back - not these shoes these are just straight dolce vita
Sep 26 11:03AM
juzvon@hollyannaeree Hi will u be willing to lower for $25. I will buy right now. 😎
Sep 30 01:17PM
hollyannaeree@juzvon I'd rather keep them then sell them for $20 which is what I'd make after fees - Please be reasonable - the offer is ridiculous these are brand new - dolce vita (not dolce vita for target) full leather shoe (even sole)
Oct 01 10:49PM
juzvon@hollyannaeree No Prob
Oct 01 10:52PM
morganenealAre these still for sell? I am super interested in these & could possibly make a purchase if you are willing to wait until Nov. 1? Could you do $45? Thanks!
Oct 25 07:38PM
hollyannaeree@morganeneal yes they are still for sale :) I could wait till Nov. 1st - but I'd prefer not to lower the price any more since I am already taking such a huge price cut (poshmark takes 20% and these are brand new full leather - its gets to a point where you might as well keep them ya know?) let me know if you are still interested
Oct 26 11:13PM
fabi_pachecot23I would love to see some size 9 in here :(
Nov 03 06:54AM
hollyannaeree@fabi_pachecot23 well I don't wear size 9 so you probably won't be seeing any unless I stumble across some shoes on sale - I've only done that once though - these are things from my personal closest I'm not running a store ya know? : /
Nov 03 07:14AM
fabi_pachecot23Oh ok I see. Thank you anyway :)
Nov 03 07:16AM
hollyannaeree@fabi_pachecot23 not a problem
Nov 03 07:21AM
melissa90xoxoOmg if only I wore a 7! These are amazing!
Nov 03 10:51PM
apple2caramelholly! how high is it?
Nov 17 06:01AM
tonya616@hollyannaeree you have a beautiful collection. Don't let the jealous haters get to you. I am a shoe expert and can tell everyone that these are a steal! Also, I can attest to the fact that these are THE Dolce Vitas, not the Target ones! They are gorgeous! I would snatch these up in a second if I weren't sick right now and not able to wear shoes or anything but sweats. Boo!
Nov 27 11:29AM
tonya616@hollyannaeree I have the same philosophy on the clothes on here. I do have a few clothes but it hurst my heart to sell them for nothing. I sold a Tory Burch top today for 32$ them take the 20% and my heart starts to bleed. Do you sell your clothes anywhere else? I'd be interested in looking into somewhere else for my really good stuff. You can always email me too.
Nov 27 12:00PM
hollyannaeree@tonya616 heyy I just checked this listing - thanks so much for your comment! No I try not to really sell clothes on here because of the fees and all that plus I notice for clothes and what not people are really cheap on here. If I have something new with tags or it's like a jacket I'll list it here but otherwise just shoes and accessories
Jan 01 07:31PM
fefe00How high is the heel! I love these
Jan 14 12:28PM
fefe00I want these!! I don't get paid till fri though but I wanna buy them.. Could u reserve them for me??
Jan 16 07:55AM
palekaikoArg i wish these were my size :(
Jan 30 05:24PM
aubreydpHey there 😉 Come check out my closet! It's all like new and under $25! 👌
Jan 31 05:52PM
juzvon@hollyannaeree Hi, It's been 4 days since I purchased shoes. Would you be able to mail them soon. Thx
Feb 23 06:47PM
hollyannaeree@juzvon they haw already been scheduled to be picked up (just as an FYI the time frame has been a reasonable one)
Feb 23 07:50PM

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