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Sheer chiffon top - bundle listing

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    Sheer chiffon top - bundle listing

    Chiffon shirt featuring chest pockets. Button closures, cut longer at the back. Loose fit. 21.5" length. I only have medium. This listing is for medium. Bundle with cross necklace $14 and bracelet $12in matte gold = $51
    Seller Discount: 10% off 2+ Bundle
    $5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
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    marissasclosetDo u have another color of this its super cute and been looking for one of these in white or any other color!!(:
    Jun 08 02:37PM
    marissasclosetAnd size S
    Jun 08 02:40PM
    walkinwondrland@marissacloset sorry babe, I only have a small in the royal blue . You can see it sold in my listings. I do have the neon yellow small but there is a small 1 polka dot discoloration on the left pocket. Returning it to manufacturer. If you want it I can do a deep discount. I think after wash, the stain could come off.
    Jun 08 03:22PM
    walkinwondrland@marissascloset : please see above reply
    Jun 08 03:22PM
    marissasclosetOh.. Ok then it's ok
    Jun 08 04:39PM
    laurens_closetNo size small left?
    Jun 08 08:36PM
    walkinwondrland@laures_closet please see my above reply to the above customer. Thank you :)
    Jun 08 08:40PM
    laurens_closetSo what price are you offering the stained small shirt at?
    Jun 08 08:46PM
    laurens_closetOoh...$27 with shipping is too much for a stained shirt. Thanks anyway girl! I'll keep checking your listings!
    Jun 08 09:25PM
    walkinwondrland@laurens_closet yeah, it's just that $7 shipping doesn't come to me. I get only $16 after 20% poshmark commission. At the most I can do $15 for that top. If you still don't want, no worries. It just might be better to return to manufacturer. Yes, please check my other listings and feel free to ask any question :)
    Jun 08 09:37PM
    laurens_closetNo prob! Thanks girl!!
    Jun 08 10:42PM
    hoodbabydollOooo do you have lrg?
    Jun 09 10:18AM
    walkinwondrland@smileyface this color will gorgeous on you. I have it and have gotten a ton of compliments. It a great summer color, totally on trend.
    Jun 29 12:52PM
    ckinleeyyI wanna buy this
    Jul 06 07:26PM
    walkinwondrland@ckinleeyy yes, you can :)) do you want me to bundle with the other color?
    Jul 06 07:28PM
    rania7234Is this shirt true to size?!?
    Jul 12 08:12PM
    walkinwondrland@rania7234 it tends to run more petite sizing. If you don't mind, what's your bust size 34/c d 36 c d ... and I can help you better.
    Jul 12 08:30PM
    rania7234Lol I wear a size 34A lol would that fit or would it be loose?!?
    Jul 12 08:40PM
    walkinwondrland@rania7234 I m a 32b and I have the small and it's fits normal, since it's not meant to be tight. Medium should fit u the same since the s/m/l is an inch difference all round.
    Jul 12 08:50PM
    rania7234Oh lol alright let me think about thanks so much Hun;)
    Jul 12 09:02PM
    walkinwondrland@rania7234 sure :)
    Jul 12 09:16PM
    macbaby23Is that the lowest price you will go?
    Jul 16 02:02AM
    angiandkidsLove this shirt and the color, but concerned with how I could wear a bra with it. And after 3 children I have to wear a bra, lol
    Jul 16 03:49AM
    walkinwondrland@angiandkids haha... I wear a nude bra and it shows just a little of the strap behind. If you don't mind, you can do that. The idea now is to be sheer ;)
    Jul 16 08:13AM
    trishk@walkinwondrland Pretty neon yellow top. How low can u go? Do u trade? If so, take a look at my closet. Something might interest u.
    Jul 19 03:36AM
    walkinwondrland@poshstyle yes, this is the neon top :)
    Jul 27 08:07AM
    poshstyleHow much can you give me this top, the side cross matte gold necklace and bracelet for?
    Jul 27 08:23AM
    walkinwondrland@poshstyle this top has been reduced already so I can't discount further. As for cross bundle, I've been giving $23 for the set. So total is $48. Let me know and I'll bundle yeah :)
    Jul 27 08:47AM
    poshstyle@walkinwondrland sounds good to me!
    Jul 27 09:04AM
    poshstyle@walkinwondrland I'll take that bundle
    Jul 27 12:45PM
    poshstyle@walkinwondrland are you going to bundle this top and the necklace/bracelet set do I can purchase?
    Jul 28 07:19AM
    walkinwondrland@poshstyle I am so sorry I missed your notification. It probably got buried 😔. Thanks for checking back on me. If its all correct, you are ready to go.
    Jul 28 10:06AM
    poshstyleHi @walkinwondrland I haven't received confirmation that my items shipped. I will be leaving for vacation this weekend and wanted the items for my trip. Will they be delivered in time?
    Aug 01 08:58AM
    walkinwondrland@poshstyle it went out last night, usually it should take 3 days to reach you sometimes even earlier. You should get it's tracking details in a few hours I believe. I hope you get it before your vacay so you can enjoy it. Let me know.
    Aug 01 09:15AM
    poshstyleThanks. Will do!
    Aug 01 11:40AM

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